Heartbeat (September 07)

September just went by. Time seems to accelerate! Here is a status update regarding feeddo:


We invited 30 additional users (the total is now 54 – aka number of seeded users). 54% of them are active – ie use feeddo at least twice a week. 75% of the active users us feeddo every day. The % of active users and % of daily users are our heartbeat. Our goal is to increase the number of seeded while maintaining the % of active > 30% and % of daily > 50%.

We also collected during the month of September a lot of feedback (both positive and negative). So we are back in the tranches working on a new iteration which will try to address some of the biggest issues ( including the inability to configure a category or a feed so that the user that read and scan articles at the same time). We are also trying to re-enforce the aspects people seem to like most: speed and simplicity of the user interface.

So thank you to our early users for their great feedback. More on the new iteration next week!

Author: @feedly

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4 thoughts on “Heartbeat (September 07)”

  1. Hey Edwin,

    i just love the tight integration with mozilla. Using google reader as backend is great too, because it allows for a backup solution when feeddo as a problem.

    This is going to rock.

  2. Hey (2nd instance)

    I just found a problem in 0.7.25. A lot of feeds display nothing but “undefined”. The javascript console contains:

    [feeddo][error]failed to GET ‘http://www.google.com/reader/atom/feed%2Fhttp%3A%2F%2Ffeeds.feedburner.com%2FCasualtek?n=10&ck=1191401912809’ with content type: text/xml because null — Component returned failure code: 0x805e000a [nsIXMLHttpRequest.open] at line number 130

    I think you should add a “report problem” item in the “others” menu that would allow to report issues in context.

  3. Erwan,
    This is an interesting bug because I am able to preview the same feed on my machine (using both a french and english version of Firefox). I did some additional search on Google and bumped into http://forum.jswelt.de/serverseitige-programmierung/38642-ajax-error-component-returned-failure-code-0x805e000a-nsixmlhttprequest-open.html

    My german is rotten but it seems that in that specific case, the issue was related to AdBlokerPlus. Would you happen to have AdBlockerPlus or a similar Firefox extension running on your machine?

  4. Update: had the opportunity to troubleshoot this with Erwan this morning. He indeed has Ad Blocker Plus installed.

    The way to work around this problem is to add feeddo in the white list by adding the following rule:
    in the whitelist patterns

    Will add this to the Feeddo FAQ and will try to trap this exception in the code and display the right error message.

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