Thanks to the hard work of Merlin, feeddo is getting better at keyboard navigation. Here is a picture of the shortcut help (click on ? to display it).

feeddo keyboard shortcuts

I am personally not much of a keyboard user but my favorite shortcut is gg: it allows you to search for a category or feed and jump directly to the right page. Very nice!

(Inspired by Google Reader with which we tried to remain as compatible as possible).

Author: @feedly

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3 thoughts on “keyboard++”

  1. One keyboard shortcut combo that I really like in Google Reader is the ‘o’ key opening and closing articles, and ‘n’ and ‘p’ to go through them, without opening. I have a few feeds (like scoble’s link blog, or freakanomics) that cover so many topics, and it’s nice to be able to quickly move around through them.

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