feeddo+gmail (take 2)

People did not really like the first feeddo+email integration….So here is take 2. This time, we have integrated feeddo with gmail and you can now send email directly from within feeddo. The integration includes integration with the gmail address book so if you have your contacts defined in gmail, you will be able to benefit from auto-completion.

Here is a screenshot of what the integration looks like:

feeddo + gmail integration
Now that the foundation is in place, you should expect a lot more in this direction in the next 2-4 weeks.
(Special thanks to Orjan for his input!)
Note: you need version 0.7.145 to be able to benefit from this.

Author: @feedly

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4 thoughts on “feeddo+gmail (take 2)”

  1. Great; another nice idea would be (the way roud) : when i’m on Gmail and writing/receiving a mail to/from a blogger, the interface displays automaticly his last post, so that i’m aware of what he just wrote.

  2. There is no integration with Gmail from Feedly, however, it only allows for the Email client used, which, when I’m at work, I don’t want to use Outlook, but person Gmail instead. Thank you

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