I have been wanting to buy Google shares for a long time. After looking at how little progress Microsoft has made over the last four years (see comment regarding MIX keynote) and the big decrease in the stock price, I decided that it was time to take a longer view and buy some GOOG shares. Let’s reflect back on this in 24 months.

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2 thoughts on “GOOG”

  1. My Dear Edwin,
    Are you sure you want to join the ranks of Henry Blodget ( who pretty much told everyone to go buy Google at the peak (see chart for when Google peaked)?

    [I am kidding. It sure looks like its on sale. I would probably not be personally buying here as there is lots of other stock on even bigger sale but its a good long term story. Count me in at $200 though.]

  2. Anshu,
    It seems that might happen sooner rather than later. May be I should have listen to Albert and Michal and wait a few more weeks. Oh well: you live, you learn.
    Have a good week,

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