Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki at his best. He makes it look so easy! There is a lot to learn from this regarding the art of the interview. Steve Balmer is also doing a great job: realist and a *huge* amount of energy and drive.

Related: Here is also a good podcast between Guy Kawasaki and David Winer.

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  1. The moment I read the news I told mlsyef this is cause Google thinks that people changed the way they read news then thought of what happens on my own RSS feeder. I opened my iphone and saw my RSS reader and the number of unread items (1077). Then it took me few more seconds to realise that the way I personally consume news is via my facebook feed, twitter and linkedin.Maybe Google is too obsessed to make Google Plus happen and with the recent facebook changes they want to drive people to their G+ account to read news instead of reader. Maybe they are so sure that people will stick or swap to plus instead of downloading a different RSS reader or simply dont care. In any case this will have the same fortune as Google Buzz. People will write blogs, sign petitions and few months down the line noone will remember. PS, the Google Plus statement is just an assumption I make, not a fact I know for sure.

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