1.0b1.10 share vs. star vs. save for later

Here is the change log for 1.0b1.10

-> fixed Ar.split(“__utma=”)[1] is undefined […/js/10101_feedly_1536.js@393]

-> changed recommend = google reader’s share & saved for later = google reader’s star
see http://getsatisfaction.com/feedly/topics/recommending_star_share
thanks pb30

-> surfaced a global knob to set the default view for all the subscription and categories.
the global value can be overwritten at the feed level.
see http://getsatisfaction.com/feedly/topics/user_default_views_and_marking_items_and_feeds_read
thanks jican, pb30

(you will get the update automatically next type you restart the browser)

Author: @feedly

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