feedly+tumblr (take I and II)

A few users have been asking for feedly+tumblr integration so here it is. In 1.0b3.29, the action bar includes an option to re-blog your annotations to your tumblr.

Here is a 2-min video describing the integration

Vodpod videos no longer available.
(access directly on Vimeo)

This is the first iteration. If you are a feedly and tumblr user and have suggestions on how to improve the integration, we are listening.

Update: Very sorry 1.0b3.29 had a bug. The tumblr unit test was included in the build, creating a new test post to your tumblr account each time you restart the browser. Sorry for the inconvenience. This bug has been fixed in 1.0b3.30

Update: Sorry 1.0b3.30 had a bug too. The link to the source was broken in some cases! Fixed in 1.0b3.31

Update: As you can see in the comment of this post, Steph came back with some additonal feedback on how to simplify the integration. So we did iteration 2 and added both Steph’s “quick quote” suggestion and adrian’s tags support suggestion. Here is a quick video of what the “quick quote” looks like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
(access directly on Vimeo)

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8 thoughts on “feedly+tumblr (take I and II)”

  1. Edwin, thanks so much for listening and making this happen! Is it possible to make Feedly post to Tumblr as a quote? Sometimes I really just want to select a few paragraphs and post them to my Tumblr without any comment — and Tumblr gives quotes a specific format. If you look at http://steph.tumblr.com you’ll see some. This is what I was trying to say about the difference between “annotate” and “highlight”. Often, I don’t have much to add to what the original author says (aside from highlighting this or that paragraph) and feedly forces me to add a comment.

    Come to think of it, maybe this is a job for the Tumblr bookmarklet rather than feedly? I could use the Tumblr bookmarklet inside feedly to do that, only it isn’t intelligent enough to know what the original source URL is — maybe feedly could help it with that?

  2. Is quote === the vitamin b6 example you have on your website? if so, may be the right solution is:
    1) you highlight a snippet of text
    2) the annotation popup appears
    3) there is a tumblr action next to the highlight and search.
    4) you click on the tumblr action and a quote is created in your tumblr, no questions asked.

    We can keep the tumblr re-blog for the cases there people want to add their thoughts and select multiple snippets?

    Would that be satisfactory?

  3. Two things:

    a) I didn’t realise until now that feedly doesn’t show embedded videos at least in some situations. You had said in your post, “Here is a 2-min video…” However I was reading your post in feedly and there was no video! I was about to comment on that but when I read your post on WordPress I got to see the post in its full form. Now it begs the question, what videos in posts have I been missing?

    b) The feedly-tumblr integration seems to work well. One thing that would be nice is the ability to add tags. The tumblr community is finally starting to use tags and I tag all my posts. Being able to post to tumblr directly from feedly is great but I then have to go to tumblr to tag my post which is annoying. All you need to do is support a an arbitrary string of tags and set them.

  4. @Adrian:
    For the video. We rely on the filtering done by Google Reader. The reason you do not see the video inlined is most likely that vimeo has not made it into the “safe” embeddable flash component on the Google side yet.

    For the tags: yes. this is a good suggestion. will try to integrate it into the iteration #2 of the feedly+tumblr integration.

    Thanks for taking the time to submit those suggestions.

  5. Ok. in 1.0b3.32, we re-iterated on the integration. *if* you are logged in to tumblr, if you highlight a snippet of text, you should see a new “Create tumblr quote” action. Click on it and feedly will create a quote and posts it to your tumblr account.

    We also implemented adrian’s suggestion around allowing tag support in the tumblr reblog action.

  6. Is it possible to make the images that we annotate in feedly be uploaded to Tumblr servers?
    Now when I annotate some text and images, the images is still on the original source servers when they are posted to my Tumblr site. Many sources don’t like that.

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