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One of the first pieces of feedback we received when we launched beta 1 was to extend feedly’s search capabilities. Paul was the first to raise this issue but many more requested a similar feature. We chewed on the idea for a few weeks, experimenting will multiple approaches. We will over the next two weeks push out some of the proof of concepts and listen to what people think.

The first proof of concept is integration with Google Search. Here is an example: when you go on Google and search for iphone 3G, you have the option to see the feedly search results for iphone 3G:

This approach tries to add a pinch of personalization and social filtering to the search experience. Personalization because feedly uses Google Reader to search on all your favorite sources and takes into account your reading patterns and the favorite metadata to sort the results. Social filtering because feedly uses the recommendation and annotation behavior of your friends and friends of friends to pick which are the most relevant articles.

Note 1: feedly currently focuses only on articles and recommendations behavior which are 7 days old or less.

Note 2: a side effect of this is that when you click on +f and subscribe to a source in feedly, you are really configuring a personal search engine.

Note 3: finally this will feature will be all the more interesting that we fix the problem related to finding and adding friends.

You can experiment with this in version 1.0b4.25 (simply click on disable to turn it off, you can re-enable it later on if you want through more > preferences).

What do you think? Would you like to have a similar Friendfeed and/or Summize overlay?

(Thanks to Paul for getting that thread going!)

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10 thoughts on “feedly+google search experiment”

  1. Great way to approach the problem! Serendipity is one of the benefits of all these social technologies, and this is a good way to increase the chance of seeing your social network at work in something you do all the time.

  2. Hi dep,

    for minor version upgrades (also known as patches), feedly automatically applies the patches each time you restart the browser. minor = 1.0b4.XX -> 1.0b4.YY.

    for major version upgrades, feedly leverages the firefox update mechanism. major = 1.XX -> 1.YY

    If you are already running 1.0b4.something, you should try to play with the search by restarting your browser.

  3. Hi – are there any tickets open for a “Search your own feeds”, meaning: “Possibility for a user to search an index of his/her subscribed feed articles in an attempted to a) find an article that has been read or b) to get the a ‘user subscribed feed’ search results”.

    Example: I have a category of food feeds (NYTimes, FoodNetwork, SmittenKitchen, etc…) and I to search: Feedly User -> Feeds (All) -> Food -> search: “corn” – which brings back all food articles with “corn” in their index (asking Google what “Index” means). Possible? Thanks.

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