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Getting a lot of questions regarding keyboard shortcuts. Although they are a little hidden, feedly has some existing support for keyboard shortcuts. Press ? to see the list. Here is a screenshot:

Although I am personally not a keyboard person, my favorite is gg: a simple way to search and navigate around sources and categories:

Note: One of the members of our team is a big quicksilver fan so expect to see more in this area (as well as better integration with the searchbox so that less technically savvy people can also benefit from some of these features)

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  1. The “v” shortcut is a great add. Would it be possible to make it configurable to open in either the foreground (as it does now) or a background tab? A lot of folks like to let it load and then switch to it, esp. those of us on slower machines.

  2. Google Reader has this feature which allows users to jump to the next/previous blog by holding “Shift” + “J.” Would love to see this feature added into Feedly.

  3. short cut n is working great but would love to see it scroll and next feed always goes to top. (currently it is just going down in timeline view and after that just next page directly)

  4. I really would like a short key to open articles in a background tab. I normally browse through the articles first and open articles, that I want to read, in the background to read them later.
    ‘i’ would be a nice key for that since it’s close to the other important keys ‘o’, ‘p’, ‘n’, ‘j’ and ‘k’.

  5. As one of the Google Reader exodus, a keyboard shortcut to mark all as read (in the open group) would be great (GR uses Shift-a for that).

  6. yeah +1 for background opening, even control-click on the open link doesn’t always work (keep returning me to one of the previously opened tabs for some reason)

  7. Shortcuts are not working for me. Does anyone else have this problem? I can show the commands with “?” but that’s it.

  8. Hello there
    What with all the google reader people (like me) who are going to flock to you, I’d like to request a google reader keyboard compatiblity mode option.

    1 day in and enjoying your site!

  9. +1 for background opening of tabs. I know you guys are SLAMMED right now, but that’s the one feature that will make Feedly my go-to. Thanks for keeping the spirit of Reader alive guys.

  10. yep, I also use the chrome app which means “v” opens in background on Google Reader. Just switched to Feedly today, must admit I’m very impressed, and the transition from Google was seamless.

  11. Google Reader makes it easy to move from one folder to next (Shift-N), and back (Shift-P) and make-all-read within a group (Shift-A)

    Can these be done on keyboard with Feedly ? Can they be added ? Thanks.

  12. I’ve been using a greasemonkey script (http://bit.ly/92qi1a) that allowed me to remap ‘v’ in google reader to open entries in the background. I’m going to work on getting it functioning in feedly.

  13. Great work guys. Can you make “m” toggle mark read/unread? I used it a lot in Google News to mark something unread as I scanned through. I’d use star on read articles that I knew I’d want to refer back to at some point.

    1. +1.
      I use ‘m’ to toggle unread/read state a lot to keep articles visible after I refresh the feeds.

    2. +1 again for m being a toggle for read/unread. i don’t really do the ‘save for later’ thing. i prefer just to keep it unread.

  14. Hey guys … one more Google Reader convert here. Another vote for Shift+A to mark all as read, as well as Shift+w to mark everything in the list prior to the current position as read (something that Reader Plus extension was doing for me)

  15. Google reader has a “go to next article and open it” shortcut by pressing SPACEBAR; any chance you could add this as a feature? pressing “N” and then ENTER to open articles can get annoying. Thanks!

  16. OH, oh! And allow me to order the feeds inside a category. I’m still deciding on a couple of different RSS readers and you guys are soooo close! LOL

  17. I really want to see you replace the “T for Tweet” with “T for Tag”. Instead, use “Shift+T for Tweet” and “Shift+F for Facebook”.

  18. Another vote for equivalents of Shift+n, Shift+o, Shift+p shortcuts from Reader. Please, please. Those were very useful.

    1. Must have been a hick-up somewhere. It did it for about 10 minutes, but now it is back to normal. Strange.

  19. half of the shortcuts listed are not available in Chrome view of feedl (for example “n” for next feed)….

  20. half of the shortcuts listed are not available in Chrome view of feedl (for example “n” for next feed)….

  21. ugh! I was enjoying J for next and hitting SPACEBAR to scroll down into a long article. I see that @Rob asked for SPACEBAR to do what J does. Now, how to advance a screen at a time inside a long article?

  22. t for tags, please! And, crucially: once the tag window opens we should be able to start typing to select existing tags, or create a new one.

  23. Another request for t for tags! Also, would like to be able to type into a tag window to select an existing tag.

    Would also like to see m to toggle mark read/unread.

  24. Mark As Read
    Mark items before/after current as read
    Mark as read past items on scroll

    Mark items before As Read: ctrl + alt + y
    Mark items after As Read: shift + y

  25. Hi,

    Can you make the list of shortcuts available as a pdf?

    Also, how about a shortcut to add an article to Pocket or at least allow users to click an icon to add to Pocket while in list view rather than having to open up an article. Big thanks.

  26. The ‘V’ shortcut doesn’t work for me either in Safari :( I guess this has something to do with a pop-up blocker, no?

  27. i would actually prefer ‘Y’ as the shortcut to open the link, rather than ‘V’. my left hand’s index finger rests on ‘J’ and my middle finger rests on ‘Y’ naturally.

    or even better, let users custom remap keyboard shortcuts.

  28. T for Tag.. Google Reader was great for tagging, that was the feature I loved the most. I need it in Feedly, I don’t feel alright without it =(

  29. hope one day there is a desktop app. Web is good but i prefer a application on my win 7 . like feedemon (they will not integrate feedly :(

  30. In Google Reader when you pressed Space while browsing a specific category you select Next article and it is marked as read. When the articles of the given category are all read the next Space you press transfers you immediately to the next category with unread articles. Can you please integrate this, because it was the most useful button for me and I didn’t have to use mouse or other key to change categories :(.

  31. instead of ‘M’ for mark as read, the google reader style of ‘M’ as a toggle for read/unread is a needed feature. when skimming multiple feeds, it’s too clumsy to need a mouse click to mark an item unread.

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