Google Inspiration

Inspiration #1: you will notice an evolution of how we surface actions related to managing article lists (ie share, save for later and mark as read and remove) to be more Google SearchWiki-like.

Inspiration #2: gmail, although a web app, feels very fast and responsive. It motivated us to review and change some of the rendering primitives of streets to try to match the gmail experience. After a couple weeks of performance testing shave out 30-35% of rendering time and CPU usage.

Other changes in 1.2.116:

  • Changed install.rdf to allow support for the firefox 3.1 betas and firefox 3.2 alphas
  • Re-iterated on the feedly+delicious integration to take into account the fact that the latest delicious add-on uses sql-lite as their store

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3 thoughts on “Google Inspiration”

  1. I don’t really like the ‘Mark as Read and Remove’ option. I liked it better when i could mark the post read, but not remove it. And if it’s removed, where does it go? I am not sure about that in Google search results either!

  2. Hi Cynthia, I will share this feedback with the rest of the team and see what we can do.

    Note: articles are only removed from the list until you restart the browser or logout/log back in. Removed articles should still be available in the search (this is a bug I will make sure we address in the next week or so). I will talk to the team about adding a preference so that the article is marked as read but not “removed”.

    Thanks for the feedback

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