Improving the Explore Page – Obama Inauguration

We are going to try to use a set of specific use cases over the next 6-8 weeks to improve the content and visual layout of the feedly explore page. So if you are a feedly user, how would you improve the Explore page for the Obama Inauguration (aka We will be actively listening over the next 3-4 days and implement the best suggestions.

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4 thoughts on “Improving the Explore Page – Obama Inauguration”

  1. Hi Edwin. Too much text at the top, personnally, i like the regular Feedly HomePage with photos ahead.
    Suggestion 1 : to display matching Obama+my categories (ex : obama+mac, obama+entrepreneurs) so that i’ll know what is been sayed about Inauguration among my fieds of interest.
    suggestion 2 : an interactive game/quizz abour Obama/Inauguration generated by the feeds themselves.

  2. Here are my suggestions.

    1. Do the following for the “In your Sources” section (some may overlap or conflict):

    a. Have it always shown at the top of the explore the page,
    b. Add an unread-only option,
    c. Put articles from favorite feeds first,
    d. Add an alternative sort facility (e.g., most recommended)
    e. Provide a view setting like the category pages have (e.g., magazine or river view)

    2. Make the other material handy, but not take priority over my sources.

    One possibility: links on top to navigate to anchored page sections below “In the News” (containing the msm news headlines), “Social” (containing tweets, etc), “Multimedia” (containing flickr, youtube). Put the “Around the Web” section in the sidebar below the ad. Around the web is likely to be of most consistent interest and most connected with feedly’s organizing principle. The interest in the other items is going to depend on the topic.

    Alternatively, create a tabbed sidebar panel to switch between the different content.

    3. Let me specify a preferred general news source for the New York Times section.


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