Adding “Next” to Feedly Mini

Yesterday, while listening to how people were reacting to the release of the preview of feedly mini, we ran into this comment from Chuck:

Adding Next to Feedly Mini

We immediately felt in love with the idea of having a next button on mini, a feature which would let you tour through the *best* content available in your feedly (or Google Reader) [a kind of cross-over between the Google Reader Next bookmarklet and StumbleUpon). We discussed it at our team meeting last night and decided to implement it. As a result we are pushing out as part of patch 1.2.146 a next extension to the feedly mini bar.

Feedly Mini with Next

If you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think!

Update: Special thanks to Phil suggesting this feature in his initial review of feedly mini

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5 thoughts on “Adding “Next” to Feedly Mini”

  1. Wow! I blogged about this! I was guessing that was what the next button was for, but I’m glad you added it so quickly!

    “In fact, you could probably use these two technologies together! In theory, if you use the next bookmarklet, Feedly Mini will pop up on each article, allowing additional options. Nice! You can find the next bookmarklet in the goodies tab of Google Reader’s settings area.”

  2. Yeah, thanks for mentioning me, but credit where it’s due: I got the idea from Phil’s piece on, and was commenting on it on FF after sharing it there.

  3. Yikes. I just realized my first post sounded like I was hurt or something. What I really meant was, “Wow, that’s awesome! I even blogged about it!”


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