Home Improvements: mark as read and configurable list size

Mark Page As Read

Yes @eethann. Patch 1.2.151 adds a mark page as read option to the homepage. We also added a knob to allow users to set the size of the list: the goal is to allow power users (like @corvida) to increase the size from the default Small (about 20 articles) to Medium (about 40 articles) or to Large (about 80 articles) and be able to scan through a larger amount of information without having to refresh the page. Not sure it will full address the need of people who use RSS as an inbox but it was easy to implement so it was worth a try.

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5 thoughts on “Home Improvements: mark as read and configurable list size”

  1. It would be ideal, too, to have a keyboard shortcut to mark all articles as read. For example, after I click on the icon to mark articles read, I can use the “r” shortcut to refresh. It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to mark articles as read, too. Is that possible?

    1. Totally agree.
      Feel also that the “mark all as read” button should be placed in double below of all feads > wher your eyes look yet to !

      I use mostly the Cardboard presentation – and when I have too many information too read or no time enough it would be useful to be able to “””mark as read – all previous items””” until the one where the button stays.

      I believe if you add this you’ll make me usefully happy and many other people too. Also you’ll stay one more step in front of others


  2. can we have mark as unread option for each post? i feel this option is ideal and available in google reader

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