The New Friendfeed Search is Delicious

Today, friendfeed is pushing out a new version of their search, allowing users and third party applications (like feedly) much more flexibility and granularity. More signal. Less noise. Well done. This is going ot put a lot of pressure on Twitter and Facebook and re-enforces the core friendfeed differentiation: open-in and open-out.

New Friendfeed Search

Kudos to the friendfeed team!

Update: Here are some interesting sample queries from Robert Scoble [1] and [2].
Update: Here is a great article from Read Write Web. I like the term Social Media Intelligence.

Author: @feedly

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3 thoughts on “The New Friendfeed Search is Delicious”

  1. This is an awesome use of of the new friendfeed search, one of the best I’ve seen yet. I’m trying to integrate friendfeed into all my sites but I’m starting to realize that feedly might be a better way to share news about the work I’m trying to do. Great job guys!

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