Digest Experiments – patch 1.2.226

We are thinking about doing some changes to the digest and pushed out a preview of what those changes could look like in patch 1.2.226. (Note: we added 2 preference knobs to cancel those changes if you hate the new version and want to opt out of the experiment.)


Change Log

  • We temporarely retired the Amazon module. We will only put it back if we can make sure that the module understan geo-localization and offer more targetted recommendations.
  • We removed the main list of categories and subscriptions: based on some user testing we did last week that module was redundant with the main navigation bar at the top and the featured sources module. A few user found it also a little overwhelming (If you want it back, there is a preference knob to reactivate it).
  • We added a Twitter module which shows you the most recent tweets generated by the people you are following. If you click on any link on that module, mini will automatically activate on the landing website and make it easy to reply or re-tweet that tweet. If you are not a twitter user or not logged into a twitter account, the twitter module will not activate.
  • We improved the performance of the digest: by caching more effectively the list of articles you have saved for later, we were able to reduce by 60% the total load time of the digest page.
  • We killed once and for the third party cookie issue by allowing users to define a set of cookie exceptions for feedly.com, google.com, twitter.com, friendfeed.com and twitter.com
  • Finally, we were able to reproduce and fix the bug preventing some of the users from tweeting articles. It was related to the twitter session timing out. You should not experience any problem tweeting from feedly anymore.
  • Update – as part of patch 1.2.228 – we are also experimenting with moving the picture to the right and making them slightly smaller.

We pushed out a prototype of these changes as part of patch 1.2.226. If you get a chance to kick the tires, please let us know if you think it is a step in the right direction or not.


jmbolivar: @feedly Don’t like it at all. Wouldn’t be better leaving users to arrange stuff to their liking? I’d like to see my categories back :-(. Answer: There are 2 preference knobs (Digest Source List and Twitter Gallery) in patch 1.2.227 which allow you to disable the twitter module and enable the list of categories+feeds back. Even we decide to go ahead with the change or a variation of the change, we will keep those preference options so that user have the choice/control. Here is a screenshot:

new preference knobs

Author: @feedly

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2 thoughts on “Digest Experiments – patch 1.2.226”

  1. Here’s some feedback:

    The Amazon module is not missed. It always seemed to take up too much room at the top
    Overall load-time of the Digest page is much improved
    I think the Twitter module would be much more useful if it showed a list of links ordered by popularity – similar to Retweetist or TweetMeme – rather than just my 10 most recent tweets from people I follow
    Removing the main list of categories from the Digest page seems like a step backwards – the element was useful to quickly get to unread items that aren’t in your Featured Sources – and I’d still like to see a feature that lets me view all of my sources ordered by unread count

  2. Thanks Nathan. Will look into link mining the tweeter stream and sorry for the delay regarding the sorting strategy – for what it is worth, your post inspired how we peek the feeds which are in the featured box.

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