Based on popular demand, as part of 1.2.251, feedly uses bitly as its default URL shortener. If you have a bitly account and firefox is logged in, feedly will use your bitly account so that you can monitor the click-through information on the generated links. If not, the generic feedly account will be used. In the long run, we are still planing to implement statistics as part of feedly to reduce the number of logins (important for the iphone and TV experiences) but this small change will buy us the time to do things right.


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2 thoughts on “feedly+bitly”

  1. Thanks for adding bitly. I am logged in bitly and when I ttry to tweet a link feedly uses the generic bitly account. logged out from bitly and feedly and re logged in and its still not working for me.
    do I have to set something on feedly for it to use my bitly account to shorten the links?.

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