Feedly 2.0 Last Mile: Polish

We are getting to the last phase of the 2.0 release: The code is complete and we are now focusing on getting as many bugs and performance issues out. For the next 10 days, we will be monitoring actively getsatisfaction and twitter so if you run into any error, bug or performance issue, please create a new issue or simply let @feedly know and we will take it from there. Every fix matters and will help us get the software ready for the 2.0 scale up.

You can get the 2.0 release candidate from here.

Thank you and have a great week end!

Author: @feedly

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3 thoughts on “Feedly 2.0 Last Mile: Polish”

  1. Is the version number in firefox after installing the release candidate supposed to remain 1.2? It doesn’t seem like anything is different.

  2. Yes. the release candidate is labeled as 1.2.XXX to allows us to patch it over the next few days as people report issues. Once the bug count is down to zero, we will promote the number to 2.0 and push it to mozilla. Thanks and have a good week end.

  3. Hey Edwin –

    I know how Feedly piggybacks on Firefox for accounts logging but it still puzzles me when I get started (just reinstalled Feedly after a few months hiatus). Not sure if this is possible but it might be worth listing under Preferences all the accounts that Feedly successfully managed to contact and with what usernames (ex: Logged in Yahoo as: user1@yahoo.com, Logged in Google as: u1@gmail.com, etc.). Similarly, the other integrations such as Twitter are not clear to me: I am asked to provide a username but not a password?

    Bottom line: it might be good to unveil some of the magic that takes place under the cover ;-)

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