Optimizing your feedly experience

Here is a new iteration of the feedly quick start guide:

Q00 | Guided Tour

Heidi Allen has created a short introduction video on how she uses feedly. Short. Informative. Very valuable if you are starting to use feedly.

Q01 | How do I add content to my feedly? There are 5 ways to add content to your feedly. You can:

  • Navigate directly to a website and use the +f or RSS icon which appears in the URL bar,
  • Click on the “add source” link at the top of the page and enter the url of a website or RSS feed
  • Search for the best sources for a topic.
  • Search for magic keyword .bookmarks to get a list of source suggestions based on your bookmarks and history
  • Note: if you are a feedly for chrome user, here is a tutorial on how to configure the Chrome RSS  Subscription Extension for feedly (so that you can easily subscribe to feeds when you are on the go).

Q02 | How to I assign the right view to each source? When you drill down into a source page, you will see a pen icon appear on the top, next to the search box. Clicking on that icon allows you to customize the view and a few other options regarding that feed. Here is an example of me trying to customize “All Things Digital”

Customizing BoomTown
Using the pen icon to customize a source

As you can see, there are multiple view options. Use:

  • “Titles Only” if you are looking for density and productivity
  • “Title and Summary” for the default magazine-like look
  • “Picture Grid” if you want to will a wall of pictures
  • “Video Grid” if you are subscribing to a podcast
  • “Entire Content Inlined” if you want to see the entire content of the articles inlined (useful for comics for example).

There are also some more advanced settings which allow you to influence the sorting and filtering of the feed as well as determine if the article should be inlined in feedly or opened in a separate tab (useful for partial feeds)

Q03 | How can I influence what articles are included in the digest/cover? Feedly  collects the unread articles from the sites you subscribe to, filters the best ones and displays them in the cover and digest page. The filtering is a combination of freshness, how many times it has been shared by feedly/Google Reader users, the time of the day you are accessing your feedly and your personal reading/recommendation pattern. The best ways to influence the filtering are …1) to go to the organize sources page (aka dashboard) and marking the sources you like the best as favorites by clicking on the star next to the source name and …2) to recommend individual articles you find interesting. The more your use feedly, the better the recommendations.

Q04 | How do I define and organize categories? You can thing of categories as sections of your magazine. It is a way to group multiple sources together. Example: Apple category for all the sources which cover different aspects of Apple. Categories are visible both on the navigation bar (new tab) as well as in the digest (each category gets a section in the digest). There are two ways to define categories: …1) when you add a new source, the subscription source allows you to put that new source in an existing category or create a new one. …2) if you go to the organize sources page (aka dashboard), you will be able to use drag and drop to create new categories as well as moving a source from one category to another.

Finally, you change the order of the categories on the navigation bar using drag and drop. This order is important because it is the same as the order in which categories are laid out on the digest.

Q05 | Select Digest or Cover as you default feedly start page? The cover and digest page both offer a magazine-like summary of the best articles available in your feedly. The cover is a more grid-centric view whereas the digest is a more linear view (but offers better grouping). You can try both and see which one resonate best with you. If you end up preferring the cover, you can go in the preferences and make the cover the default feedly start page so that it loads first when you click on the green feedly toolbar icon.

Note: If you are looking for speed and productivity, you should also consider the latest page (or change your category views to titles only).

Q06 | How can I disable the Feedly toolbar which appears at the bottom right of web pages? Yes. Go the preference page, scroll down to the Mini section and set the Enabled? knob to no.


Q07 | Can I access my feedly from multiple machines? Yes. As soon as you login to Google/Feedly, feedly will create a session and sync all you configuration. From that perspective, feedly behaves very much like a website and can be accessed from the multiple computers the same way you can access gmail from multiple computers (independently of which browser you use on each computer).

Q08 | How do I change my twitter and bit.ly configuration? Feedly delegates authentication to the browser (this way you can share access to selective services without having to share the credential for those services). As a result, if you login in the browser to a twitter and bit.ly account, feedly will login to those account as well.

Q09 | Does feedly have keyboard shortcuts? Yes we do. Click ? in feedly to see the list of supported keyboard shortcuts (very much inspired by Google Reader).

Feedly Keyboard Shortcuts
Feedly Keyboard Shortcuts

Q10 | How does the integration with Google Reader work? Feedly offers two way sync with Google Reader: Articles you read in read in Feedly will be marked as read in Google Reader, articles you save in feedly will be starred in Google Reader, articles you share in feedly will be shared in feedly. And vice versa. When you add a feed to feedly it will be automatically added to Google Reader. If you add a feed to Google Reader, it will appear in feedly next time you restart the browser.

Q11 | How can I add twitter to my feedly? Visit http://www.twitter.com. Login to twitter and then reload the feedly page. You will see a twitter widget added to your feedly cover and digest pages. You will also see a karma page which describes how people react to the content you tweet from feedly.

Q12 | Can I import an OPML file into feedly? Not directly but there is a work around: You can import the OPML in Google Reader and then restart the browser for feedly to sync back.

Q13 | What browsers do feedly support? We offer feedly for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (beta).

Q14 | Where should I report bugs and enhancement suggestions? http://www.getsatisfaction.com/feedly is out support forum. We try to answer to most posts in less than 24 hours.

Q15 | Can I control the location of the navigation (top versus side)? By default, the navigation bar will automatically position on the top or on the left based on the width of the browser window – narrow window = top, wide window = left. If you prefer on place over the other, you can in the preferences manually define if the bar should be at the top or on the left.

Q16 | How can I get product update information? If you are a twitter user, you can follow @feedly for twitter for tips and product update information. We also provide weekly updates regarding our progress on our blog.

This tutorial is a work in progress. If you have a question which is not addressed here, please post it in the comment and we will try to address it promptly.

Note 1: if you are a video wizard and have created a video tutorial around your feedly experience, please let us know and we will link it here.
Note 2: if you have translated this page to another language, again please let us know and we will be happy to link it here.

Great Feedly 2.8+ Reviews:

Author: @feedly

Read more. Know more.

140 thoughts on “Optimizing your feedly experience”

  1. The “shitft+v” shortcut is fine, but “v” does not work over here. How come ? Anyone has an explanation ? Thanks!

  2. Fastest ever article and response time – already fully impressed by Feedly from first luck; i expected to be directed to an exisiting article, not have a new one written ;)

    I’ve now sorted out the dashboard, checked favourites, and fiddled around with the views. Ta!

  3. cool, i didn’t know about the hotkey features.
    I like gg :D

    1 ways to optimize our blog experience:
    The text of your blog begins right after the browser corner o.ô

    btw the smiley in the upper right corner is funny =)

  4. Bravo pour le concept ,j’ai utilisé de nombreux agrégateurs RSS et finalement pour un usage immédiat rapide et de préclassement, je n’ai pas trouvé mieux.

  5. This is very very handy. Thanks.

    Typo: “generate a lit of articles” shouldn’t that be “a lot”? (although my English teacher Mom would say not to use “a lot”).

  6. was wondering if there’s a way to stop the “Welcome. Build your feedly by importing your favorite sources: ” panel from showing up everytime i go to the site for the first time each session? thanks.

    otherwise, great great tool and good luck with it.

  7. Thanks, now it feels much better. It would be even better when you guys add the ability to tag the articles.

  8. I’ve used Feedly for some months and it’s grown to be a tool I use every day (and recently more than once/day). This tutorial helps me be more effective with my time in Feedly. Thanks

  9. Feedly is a great tool. Thanks! A little question : how do you rename a category ? I try shift and clic but it do not work.

  10. Just discovered Feedly and loving it! Great tool. : )
    I’m always searching for graphics and design resources so if you think you can help me on that, subscribe and add me as a friend!

  11. It’s a very great tools I use since several month. But I couldn’t share by e-mail. there is always a bug… It’s only on my laptop or it’s a general bug ?


    1. Geemik. Sorry for the delay. If you have a gmail account and it uses the same id as your Google reader account, you should be able to send email from feedly. If not, it must be a bug (in which case it would be really great if you could create a bug on getsatisfaction/feedly).

  12. I want to import my Netvibes account with the welcome wizard but it keeps telling me to login to Netvibes first, although I am logged in! I’ve tried again and again many times and it still isn’t working. What am I not doing right?

  13. Could you please stop changing the way my start page is displayed? I really appreciate the work you do but I had just gotten my “Latest” feedly start page the way I wanted it. I checked it this morning and it was fine. This afternoon it’s completely different.

      1. Today it’s back the to the way I like it! With the subscription and category listings on the right side.

        Yes, it was the new iteration I did not like.
        Yesterday only the categories were listed, on the left, and when you opened a category, all the subscriptions and articles were mixed together.

        Don’t know what caused it to change back but I am so happy it’s back to “normal”.

        I totally love feedly. I think it has revolutionized the way we look at the web!

        Thanks Edwin!

  14. I can’t get feedly to update after I add a feed through google reader. What’s the deal?

    1. other problems… sometimes my tags disappear on the left side. never seemed to have that problem before with the top bar.

      1. yeah this is getting annoying… now lost two tags in left side menu but they are still working via google reader.

      2. ok figured it out i think. when marking items read now from a tag or category, it removes that category from the left side menu, and leaves no link to read the whole category short of going to the dashboard.

        is this supposed to happen? am i doing something wrong?

        also, is there a better place to report bugs?

      1. thanks yeah i realize that now it’s not a bug but a feature haha! no worries. i’ll get some more time with this and i’m sure i’ll get used to it.


  15. hi. feedly is awesome. kudos to your team!

    how can i get feedly to show me only today’s feeds by default. what i mean is that any category or feed should be composed of only updates from that particular day if i wish so. this would simplify my life, so i can focus better on latest news and posts without distractions.

    may be if the preferences could include an option to toggle between the current format and a today’s date only format, it would be awesome. then all news on my digest or cover page will be as i want it.

  16. How can I set up a search of my interest and get notice? for instance, I want to receive news of football and more precisely from Ronaldo, can I get this done?

  17. I get following error on my Cover page:


    [error] failed to render cover page because TypeError — this.pageModel.categories[n] is undefined […/js/10101_feedly_2717.js@1076]

    Can’t see a help page anywhere, so I’m posting it here.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. This must be a bug. We will try to reproduce it today and fix is as part of the next patch we will be pushing out. We will let you know as soon as the fix is out

  18. Hi guys
    Really liking feedly, one thing I kind of would like is a panic button, whereby I can just hit it and all items will be marked as read. Any chance of this as a feature?

  19. I am trying to get started with feedly and I can’t find the tutorial, I get redirected to this blog which has tips but not step by step tutorial that I can find. I found some on youtube but the video quality is to poor to follow. I can hear instruction but it doesn.t match what I see on my screen. For example, there is no black navigation bar at the top of my screen. On my dashboard page there is no choice for “spring cleaning”.??

  20. I’d suggest putting the “share, save, mark as read” boxes to the left of text so that it’s easier to mark them as you scroll down the list. The width of text lines varies and having these boxes at the end makes this process a bit slower.

    Other than that, great job!

  21. I want to know how to disable this start up page opening in a new tab whenever i open this browser..that would be bloody handy.

    1. Adam. This sounds like a bug. Can you please try to install the latest version available on http://www.feedly.com? If the problem continues, can you please create a ticket on http://www.getsatisfaction.com/feedly so that we learn more about the problem you are seeing and fix the problem?

      (The startup page should only be run the first time you install feedly. When is it run, it sets a preference in Firefox so that we know that it is run and it does not keep on pop-ing up. For some reason, it seems that he preference is not being set in your case)

  22. Hey all,
    Is there any way to export feedly urls? What is something happens to your plugin and you need to reinstall it?


    1. Hi Tibby. Feedly stores all its configuration information/state in the cloud so that easily re-install and access it from multiple machine. It should just transparently work. If you see a different behavior, than you are running into a bug.

  23. Is it possible to mark feeds as unread, or to change the preferences in a way that not the unread, but the newest articles apear in cover or digest? Because I marked my feeds as read, the cover, latest and digest pages are empty. Why read articles disapear?
    Anyway, it is my favourit plugin in firefox ever… thanx for makeing it

  24. I just installed Feedly. It’s kind of scary how much it seems to know about me right out of the box. My Twitter ID, all my blog subscriptions and folders from GoogleReader. Don’t get me wrong, I was worried that I’d have to resubscribe to the about 200 blogs I follow … I was just a bit surprised.

    So now that I got it installed, I’m completely lost in how it presents the data and how to navigate to what I’m looking for. I clicked on the tutorial link at the top of the page, but this is not basic enough.

    I’m not ready to optimize yet. First I need to grok the basics of Feedly. Things like what do the icons in the tool bar do? What’s with the “Featured Sources” and who decided to feature these? Same for the “Hot Topics” … hot topics where, why and who says so?

    Okay, now that’s off my chest I’m going to actually read this tutorial (even if I feel like I’m dropping into a foreign planet) and see if I can get with the program.



    1. Hi Rob. We are always looking for ideas on how to improve the welcome experience so thank you for the candid/detailed feedback.

      Regarding your first point, feedly is built on top of twitter and google reader. The security and access control are managed by the browser so if you log out of google reader or twitter, feedly will no longer be able to access those services.

      Regarding the content you are seeing, the foundation is based on the category and sources you have defined in Google Reader. You should see those folders appears the left or the top depending on the width of your window. If you click on any of those categories, you should be able to see the content published by the sources contained in that category.

      When you open an article, you should be able to see the content of that article + conversations on friendfeed for that article. Feedly also include some sharing tools which make tweeting articles easier.

      The main value of feedly is the cover and digest page. In those pages, we try to offer you a daily summary of the best content based on your personal preferences and recommendations from other feedly users.

      Regarding featured sources, it is a subset of your sources based on your reading patterns, the freshness, the number of unread count. You have great control on what sources are featured through the “favorite” status you can attach to source (see blog post for more information).

      I hope this helps clarify a little bit. Please let us know if you have any other questions/suggestions.

  25. Thanks for the quick response. You guys are pioneering a new paradigm.

    “You can recognize the pioneers … they’re the ones with arrows in their backs.” –anon

    I’ve read the tutorial and, in spite of my fears, was quit clear and understandable. Now that I have a whole day using Feedly, I have a question and some feedback.

    1. Where do I get help? When I click on the Community link I expected to find a forum. Instead I find your Twitter page. Okay, maybe I’m stuck in my ways but … I really don’t understand how Twitter can help me. There’s not even a field to ask a question. The only place I feel I can turn to is the comment section in this blog post. Perhaps that’s enough but … consider something more. Twitter is too shallow at 160 characters and … well … I just don’t get it yet.

    2. I subscribed to a new blog a few minutes ago. I used the Feedly “Add Source” feature. The blog showed up immediately in the (I don’t know what you call it) exclusive mode. That is the page that shows the current entries for a single blog. Next I wanted to put it into the correct category. I didn’t find a way to do that on the “exclusive” page so I went to the dashboard to see if I could do it there. But the new entry is nowhere to be found. I expected to see it in the uncategorized section, but it isn’t there or in any other section. I went to GoogleReader to see if you added it there. After refresh … no luck. Even looked in the Manage Subscriptions section. Nada. Bug? Did I do it wrong?

    I guess I’ll use GoogleReader to subscribe to it and see what happens.

    I haven’t found the cover or digest to be that compelling but I think it’s too early to tell … after only one day. I’m going to keep using them to see if they grow on me.

    Thanks for innovating so I don’t have to:)



  26. Here’s an entry in your Twitter feed I found interesting:

    “@lesliecampisi but we are always listening (here+getsatisfaction): If more people find it too intrusive, we can change to an opt-in model”

    Find what “too intrusive”? How the heck can Twitter be useful this way? I’m not going to hover over it and read every message as it goes by.

    I just don’t get the attraction or the value.



  27. I recall there being a screensaver mode – could not find that in the latest version. Would it be possible to run the screen saver mode in a full screen way similar to the FoxSaver extension. I find it a useful way to have the latest news being “presented” to me (it formats the text in large font and displays image feeds in full screen) – very cool when connected to a large screen display/TV.

  28. Hi Rajesh. Feedly 1.0 had indeed a screensaver. We killed is as part of our effort to make feedly leaner. We might create a new iteration of it at some point…we have just been swamped with feature requests and it is hard to prioritize. Thanks for stopping by. -Edwin

  29. i’m in love with Feedly !!!!
    thank you for this article !
    going to check Tip #7 – Feedly + Ubiquity – sounds very useful !

  30. Feedly is a dream come true. Everyday I spend at least two hours reading all my RSS feeds in Outlook. Feedly just made it so easy and attractive. Long live Feedly !!!

  31. Hi, got the same problem as stated by c0wb0yz in May. The “v” shortcut does not work for me. In gReader it does just fine. Other than that, I just got started on feedly, but it looks great. Thanks & Greets.

  32. Just installed Feedly – goodbye Netvibes!

    A vouple of things that my tiny brain cannot work out.

    1. How to get Amazon and Flickr side modules showing up, even though they are ‘ON’ in preferences.
    2. Unsubscribing isn’t working in Dashboard for me as far as I can see.

    Apart from that – Feedly FTW


  33. Excuse me. I have used Feedly from last week. But i can’t find one features(called “Saved” or “give Star mark”) like Google Reader in Feedly interface.
    Because i need to keep some articles into Saved Folder for keeping reference. Hope someone call help to answer me.

  34. hello,

    i have a friend who has just started using feedly.
    he is ‘following’ me, but I can’t see him.


  35. Greedly is a great addon. Trying to customize it and get in terms with it. Great work.

    I do however have a question. Is it possible to keep read articles from being removed and simply have them stay in (black) color code to show that its read instead of removing it (or only having it on recently read).

    In other words, instead of having the articles disappear from feedly (its still there in google reader and the site obviously) because its been read but just have some sort of archive of read articles within each subscription.

  36. this is to difficult for the normal social computer users and also being a mother of 2 those little eyes are every where and you all don’t have enough child and baby related stuff

  37. Maybe it’s just me….I don’t consider myself a “power user” of the internet but I am usually pretty good at navigating through websites and recent downloads. I am having a hard time figuring out Feely and getting started on a home page. It does not seem intuitive – but I am sure I am missing something (but what?!)

  38. best damn RSS agg. ive seen. really helps slim down on the monotony of the interwebs. the magazine-esque layout rocks my socks. keep up the good work guys! will recommend to every power ‘net user i know.

  39. WOW. This makes staying current with things that are current, very easy. The layout is fantastic.

  40. Hey, I love feedly but would like to request one more feature: could you integrate it with Read-it-Later? It would be awesome to, not need to open a feed into a new tab in order to save the url with RIL.


  41. I LOVE feedly… left Feeddemon for it.

    But, one thing I really miss is the ability (in latest view) to have all the articles marked as read by default. So, if I click on something on the right, all of the articles are marked as read…so, all I have to do is click the next item in the list.

    The way it works now is I have to click the number on the right of the item… or right click and choose mark as read.

  42. I really like Feedly for a few reasons. It has a very pleasant and user-friendly interface. Also I enjoy the way that it syncs with google reader, if for example I am using another computer at the library or college. Also I like that it searches my feeds for my search terms, I have found many interesting stories that I might not have in this way.

    Keep up the good work Feedly!

  43. Great video – excellent instruction! you really should do more of these… I love feedly – i never enjoyed reading feeds before this elegant solution!

  44. pity,I don’t konow why this app can’t be installed in my laptop-lots of Google’s app works perfectly for me now.give me a solution to this problem.thanks

  45. Is there any way to keep Feedly logged in? I get booted out and have to re-login at least once a day.

  46. Is there any way to rename existing categories ?
    Kudos for the addon, lovely app!

  47. It just cant reload shortly and successfully every time when it said its running out. Reload bu also not help . It hv to exit chrome to let it refresh. Hope it can be solved soon! Btw, I think it’s the great rss ever!! cool layout and user-friendly!!

  48. Looks like a comprehensive useful tool. Will update comment after go through the
    bits and pieces.
    Parece a un instrumento útil completo. Actualizará el comentario después de que pasan el
    trozos y pedazos.
    Ressemble à un instrument utile complet. Actualisera le commentaire après que passent le
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  50. Love it!

    Any chance Feedly will someday have an option to throttle its sources?

    That way, after a week of inactivity there isn’t a 300 page magazine to read =)

    Or with sources like Digg, there could be only so many articles taken so you are not overloaded.

  51. Hello, I have feeds in Spanish and there are some posts that the codification doesn’t work well and the accents are showed like this “ó” instead of “ó”.

    It just happens with some feeds. The others show the accents properly.

    How can I fix it? Thank you

    1. Well, in the previous comment appears “ó” and”ó”. It has been generated autamatically. It’s actually “&oacut-e”

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