Polishing some rough edges (1.2.291)

We just pushed out 1.2.291 to polish some of the rough edges reported during the last week or so.

Change log:

  • Fixed 401 Friendfeed integration error non english users
  • Added a preference knob to customize the background image
  • Added favorites to the list of start page preference options
  • Fixed layout bug forcing the right column down for some of the users.

More polish and bug fixes over the next few days.

Author: @feedly

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2 thoughts on “Polishing some rough edges (1.2.291)”

  1. Small bug: when sidebars are visible, articles with long titles will have their shortcut icons cut off (e.g. thumbs up, mark as read buttons). You then have to click the article title in order to access these buttons.

    Article titles should be truncated at X characters.

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