Support for Google Apps/Hosted Email Accts and more…

As part of 1.2.288, we pushed out two additional preference knob.

The first one is to let you lock the layout grid into a specific mode (narrow, medium, wide, auto) – thanks to Don Park for that suggestion.

Picture 10

The second is to configure feedly to use a Google Apps Gmail account when you share articles using Gmail – thanks Paul and Ken

Feedly and Google Apps

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5 thoughts on “Support for Google Apps/Hosted Email Accts and more…”

  1. 1. Thank you for the ability to lock my grid layout. I’ve locked it on “medium” since I am still sentimentally attached to the top menu (for now). Going forward, hopefully we will see increased cohesion in the look/content of the top menu vs. the left menu?

    2. I think the gray wood “flooring” background looks really nice! I hope others feel the same way.

  2. What’s the difference between automatically adjust to window and optimized for 1280px+ ?

  3. Super, Edwin. :-)

    BTW, it seems unofficial Google Reader API recently changed it’s JSON output. See my post at GetSatisfaction for details.

  4. The gmail integration seems to be flaky. I often get “can’t email email at this time”. I have a feeling that this might be because I have multiple gmail accounts. But it does seem to always default to my default gmail account as it populates my contacts.

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