Introducing Feedly Expose

A large number of users have been asking for better filtering, more density and better integration with the real-time web. As part of patch 1.2.294, we are pushing out the first iteration of a new feature called the feedly Expose. Here is what it looks like:

Feedly Expose
Feedly Expose

The first column gives you a summary of the latest tweets from the people you are following on twitter as well as the mentions of your user name.

The second column gives you the list of the latest articles from your favorite sources. You can personalize expose to replace the favorite column with the latest articles another category if you want to.

The third column shows you the list of the articles in your feedly which have been the most shared by other feedly + Google Reader users.

The forth column is what we call track. It allows you to track the latest tweets, friendfeed conversations and blog posts for a given keyword. You can personalize the keyword. By default, feedly will pick one of the twitter trending keywords.

This is just the first iteration. We are currently looking at ways to allow users to mark articles as read or share them without having to open them and adapt the UI to the medium and narrow layout. Please let us know if there are other things you would like to see integrated in the next iteration of this concept.

Special thanks to @ldubost, @glerouge and @seanmcbride for their valuable input during their design process.

Author: @feedly

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Feedly Expose”

  1. Hi, first I want to thank you for the work you’re done :)

    A good thing, in my opinion, is having a little, or a full, preview of the articles in the latest/favorites column when the user hover the title of an article.

    Bonne continuation !
    Cheers from France.

  2. Can I just say that I like the concept, but I think there are too many ‘unrelated’ things going on on the same page.

    Can I suggest that there is a separate page for ‘Tracking’ twitter, Friendfeed, delicious or feeds within Feedly by keywords (more than one keyword please or what’s the point).

    Perhaps the Karma page can be enhanced with twitter mentions as well as RT stats. Along with the click stats this would become your Twitter Expose of sorts as I’m sure we would all like to know what is happening to our tweets after they have been sent,

    The ‘Most Shared’ column would make more sense on a page with top recommenders, friends I might like, friends with similar feeds to me, explore friends by feeds or keywords. What would be amazing would be the ability to pick from a down list of either my feeds or my categories and be able to see suggested friends with the ability to explore them (inline).

    I feel that currently expose is not a page I would use regularly as my only interest would be in the ‘Most Shared’ column. The track a category column I don’t understand as it is just an overview of one feed (perhaps I am missing the point on that one) and my favourites I can view easily using the navigation on the side.

    I love what you are doing and I look forward to these iterations. Thanks for giving users a chance to contribute.


  3. I like the concept of having a page I can look at while viewing my twitter feed, as well as having a “most shared” category. This helps me see what others find interesting.

    Not sure about having my favorites on the same page, as I view “digest” most often in list form. Just my preference is all. Others may prefer this.

    Thanks for the update and keep it up!

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