[Out] New Feedly Cover

The second most requested feature of the community input survey was “Continue effort around better filtering and richer layout logic”. Today we are pushing out as part of patch 1.2.302 a prototype of the next iteration of the feedly cover. It focuses on better filtering and more density. Here is what it looks like:

New Cover

If the community feedback is positive, this page will be promoted to replace both the cover and the expose pages (we will keep a preference knob for people to keep the existing cover if they prefer that layout).

What to try it now?
Restart firefox and visit http://www.feedly.com/home#expo

Design Review
1. better or worse?
2. are there things you think that the existing cover and expose do better that this new iteration
3. are there modules that you would like us to try to integrate into this page?
4. any other suggestions?

Looking forward to your input. Have a great week end!

Update – Saturday June 20th
Thank you to the 100+ people who provided feedback both here and on twitter. We address the top 3 issues/requests as part of patch 1.2.304:
1) the ability to inline articles in the page,
2) an option to include a twitter column (see preferences)
3) better support of the 1024 layout.
Given the positive feedback, we promoted “expo” to the main cover page so that every user get the chance to kick the tires and give us more feedback. Note: there is a preference knob to change the layout back to the preview grid layout if you liked that layout better. Thanks again for all the feedback!!

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68 thoughts on “[Out] New Feedly Cover”

  1. How does it look when you expand one item ?

    That’s the main thing I dislike with current: items expand in very narrow column which makes it not very usable unless the headline and the first 50 words are sufficient.

    I’d add “mark as read and remove” little crosses to mark stuff as read when the headline is sufficient.

    1. Good question. The new direction we are taking is is that the cover is a higher density summary of the digest. Something you can quickly glance at. So if you have only a minute of two and want to pick and read one article, the cover is the tool. If you have 5-10 minutes and want to scroll through more content, the digest is a better tool. Makes sense?

  2. Although cover is a great addition, Digest still remains my favorite page. I just discovered that I can track stocks (Google Finance) also on the Digest. Awesome.
    Themes is the next step??
    Good Luck.

  3. I like the idea of having increased density on the cover. But, I don’t like having the title link go directly to the source site. I would like it to open up the full post within Feedly.

    Also, can you have more posts under each one of your folders? How about extending the page down farther and including 4-5 posts under each folder?

    1. Agreed. We are looking at ways to allow inlining but it is going to take a couple more weeks for us to pull that off. Given that neither the cover, nor the expose allow inlining of articles, we though we would first push out the new layout and they improve it with inlining support.

  4. Dusty : “I like the idea of having increased density on the cover. But, I don’t like having the title link go directly to the source site.”

    I agree. This is strange that cover page is not launching articles in feedly but open original pages instead.

  5. It’s an improvement, there are more categories. My cover page is usually 70% empty. Even with this new design, and with 40 unread articles from 6 categories and 14 sources, a third of it is still empty

    The expose page looks cleaner and is easier to scan through imo. I don’t like that the titles in on cover page are bolded.

    I guess I’m just not an fan of the cover page in general, I never use it. I use latest in magazine format the most, then favourites, (titles only), and then expose. Sometimes digest, but never cover.

    I do wish there could be a twitter module on both the cover and latest pages though.

  6. Hi, Nice cover…

     I love the broad detail in there and it certainly tempts me to move from the digest view. Sure there is a lot that can be changed but the only thing that I want to point out now is that it doesn’t look great in 1024 mode. See this screenshot

    1. Thanks. Yes. I should have highlighted that: the current prototype is designed to only work in the full wide mode. More work is needed to make it fit in 1024 (medium) and narrow modes.

  7. It is only thing which is not displayed correctly in 1024px

    It should be really easy fix to move these number a little bit to the left :)

  8. I like the idea you guys are trying to get at. But it is really crowded. I am not asking for a lot of white space since I understand the type of interface this needs to be. However, with the 4 column, each listing can only display 3 words horizontally and becomes incredibly hard to scan.

    Just my 2 cents.

      1. Hi Edwin,

        Thanks for the quick response.

        Actually, the screenshot looks the same as the 4-col prototype that I was commenting on. Am I missing something?

        1. The only difference that I can see is that the images have been shifted down slightly so that they appear below the title (when the title is long enough).

          I suppose that does slightly improve the scannability of the page and, intuitively (to me), feels like the more logical place to position images.

          1. o! For me, I usually scan by feed category. So the way this page is designed, I have to scan down each column which takes a lot of time.

            However, I might not be the right person to ask since I never use the Cover page (always find it too hard to scan). I love love love the Digest page which is usually where I start from.

          2. Thanks. We went back and forth on the location of the picture. No solution seemed to be really much better than the other. We are going to continue to work on scan-ability over the next 2 weeks.

  9. I like it, but I still woul like to see RSS and Twitter feeds side by side… and how about mail boxes? Is it something very far from the initial scope?

  10. The cover looks better than before, but I don’t like to navigate to original post on clicking the title of a post – it should open up inside feedly.

    Good job.

  11. Looks great. I’m so impressed by your dedication to a free project. I wish I could be so focused.!

  12. Like Fabiano, I like the Twitter search (and other explore) sections of the expose page (the stuff in the right-hand column), so I hope something like this will be added to the new cover (or somewhere else) before it replaces expose.

    Other than that, the cover looks nice.

    Oh, and yes, the share/fave/read buttons on the cover page would be nice, too, as would the ability to read the content inline. Without these two features, I’m still not sure I’d use the cover page.

  13. Great to see continued improvements, however, I would like to make a suggestion to improve even further.

    The options list down the left hand side, would it be possible to either hightlight these, or make them look like buttons.

    Also, the other clickables, like Mark Read, Refresh, and Favorite, make these more prominent too.?

  14. I like it, definitely an improvement, props to the team. I’m saying this with no superlatives here, feedly has changed the way I browse the web. It’s my homepage and my personal newspaper in the morning :) Thank you and keep up the great work!

  15. Oh and by the way I hope to see a mobile version of feedly and if so please make it compatible with Android :)

  16. The topics are not well organized making better use of the available space and the image for one of my feeds was broken. It’s not there yet. Keep on with the good work, and get inspired by the New Yorker or maybe introduce themes so people can adjust it to their liking.

  17. Thanks for letting us use it, too. Much better for at-a-glance browsing of my favorites. Right now my browser homepage is the digest, and I’d like to have tabs open up to digest and cover, and this puts a lock on that.

  18. I really like the new design – it looks good and you find the information faster – but it is not suitable at all for my eeepc 7″ screen. I have to scroll all the time – a different option for small screens would be perfect!

  19. I dont like this layout, categories should still be up, i find it hard to use in the left. Plus takes much space and theres a problem with resizing my browser…

  20. I’m not seeing it. When clicking on the cover, I get this error:

    [Mark as read] [Refresh] [Change layout and filtering]
    [error] failed to render cover page because TypeError — b is undefined […/js/10101_feedly_2709.js@1529]

    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks for reporting this bug. We will try to get it fixed today. – Update: we were able to reproduce this. It seems to happen when there are no unread articles in your feedly. We fixes the issue. The fix will be in the next patch we will push out on Monday.

  21. Hi, I’m new at feedly and I dont know if you can do this or not, but I’d like categories and favourite sources not to dissapear from the main page when I’ve read all the articles on it (I refer not to the entire articles from the sources, but just to source’s name and logo.

    Anyway congratulations for the project and sorry for my english :P

  22. My cover decided to use a folder which kept a lot of Google Alerts and one other similar folder. It makes my cover look like the want ads in a newspaper. How do I change the folder it loads for a cover?

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