New in Feedly 2.0a.010

Today, we pushed out version 2.0b. Here is a quick change log:

  • Fixed login issue which resulted in some users having to login twice before they could access their feedly (see bug report)
  • Fixed rendering issue when the number of unread articles is low (see bug report)
  • Fixed rendering exception for users have 5 categories (see bug report)
  • New iteration of the feedly cover:  better filtering thanks to the integration with new Google Reader like feature, video section, twitter digest section, karma section, google finance section. Faster/incremental load time (see screenshot below)
  • New iteration of the user shared item page: integration with Google Profile, better display of notes, integration with new Google Reader follow feature (see screenshot)
  • Started to re-organize code base to support Feedly for Safari, Feedy for Chrome and Feedly Web

Here is a screenshot of what the new cover looks like:

Feedly Cover in 2.0a.010
Feedly Cover in 2.0a.010

Special thanks and kudos to the Google Reader team for releasing likes and asymmetric follow.

Author: @feedly

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14 thoughts on “New in Feedly 2.0a.010”

  1. Just added the add-on now and still experienced problems with the logon process. Disabled for now but will definitely be giving this a run as it looks like a good thing.


  2. I love the new cover and really like that how you’ve incorporated twitter in. I only really wish I could see more then 2 articles under each category (even just 3-5 would be awesome). And I don’t think that 1st column on the left provides that much value – would prefer the screen real estate went to more articles.

    I really like the twitter gallery for the individual category pages – I think it’s just pulling tweets on related keywords, is that right? But so how are the keywords I entered under preferences for Twitter Gallery used?

    1. Wow you are good! Yes this is still pre-alpha. Give us one more week and we will have an alpha out. If you are a hacker type and are not scared to walk in a construction zone, you can try to manually change the file and add a base element with href=”″ . *just a proof of concept*

      1. Yeah, now its loading. I used /production/latest/ in baseURL and some png wasn’t quite right. Till now, in safari, only keyboard shortcuts aren’t working and twitter #trendtopics in twitter sidebar are calling base url instead of feedly query.

        By the way, nice concept…!

        1. Thanks. Yes…latest are actually not really the latest :-)

          There are still some rough edges around back button support, gmail integration. The code is 95% the same as the code running in firefox so we should be able to make it stable soon. Please let us know if you run into other issues.

          1. Update: we just pushed out patch 2.0a.016. Next time you restart firefox, the safari.htm file will be updated to a new version which should have a fix to the image issue. Back and email are still not implemented yet though.

  3. Lately, I’ve been dividing my time quite equally between cover and digest view. This way, I discovered there’s a special spot to allow viewing one picture from a RSS feed. I’m trying to get this to work with my Flickr-account, but all I’m getting is a blank square indicating where the picture should go. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks for the details. Access friends feed is a known issue because that RSS feed is authenticated and we currently do not support authenticated RSS feeds. We are going to try to do something specific to support flickr in the next iteration of the cover/digest. Please give us 2 more weeks.

      Subscribing to flickr tags should already be supported.

  4. “The code is 95% the same as the code running in firefox so we should be able to make it stable soon. Please let us know if you run into other issues.” Yah thats true.

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