Invitation to the Feedly Chrome Preview Program

Update – Nov 24th, 2009: feedly for chrome has now publicly launched. see for more information.

Based on popular demand, we are getting ready to push out a preview of feedly for Google Chrome. If you are an early adopter and would like to test drive the preview, please follow @feedly_chrome. We will start giving out invitations next week.

Feedly for Chrome (Alpha)

Please follow the @feedly_chrome twitter account or send us an email to if you would like to receive an invitation to the preview program. The first batch of invitation will go out next week.

Author: @feedly

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52 thoughts on “Invitation to the Feedly Chrome Preview Program”

  1. Extensions are really coming together for Chrome lately. XMarks, LastPass and now Feedly. Game, set and match.

  2. Awesome, this is great news. Feedly was the thing I missed most after switching from Firefox. Now I’ll have speed, minimalist interface, and an awesome rss reading experience!

  3. The only reason i’m still on the fox is because of the feedly plugin, now we have this on chrome, babush firefox. :) now i’m ready to experience the WEB :)

  4. Once I got the developers version to take over from the regular version, I was able to install and it is working like a dream. Thanks – this makes for a very compelling combination to switch from FFox.

  5. can hardly wait. Feedly for Safari does quite a good job.. and now i started using Chrome on my mac – would love to see feedly on it.

  6. So, I haven’t heard a peep about Feedly for Chrome. HAve the invites been sent out yet? I’m ready to try it!

  7. Thank you for the invite! Awesome to have Feedly on Chrome as well now.

    I found a (minor) bug, where do we send bug reports?

  8. Now that the official developer preview of chrome is out, I’m one step closer to switching from Firefox. So now an invite would be nice :)

    1. Hi Kat. Two things: 1) we just pushed out a new version of the feedly.crx file. 2) please make sure that you are running the Google Chrome *dev channel* (feedly will not install on previous versions)

    1. Now that Chrome is officially out of “beta”, would the team take the time to rveiew the build details in order to let it install and run on Windows 2000 ? Surely it’s not like Chromium essentially /needs/ some XP feature absent from 2k, rather the tools, compilers options etc. may need to be checked for options so it complies for 2k. Maybe some limited changes to the code itself are in order too, I would hope not vey many. Please don’t play MS’s accomplices, don’t help bury a perfectly usable OS.

  9. I like Feedly, is very useful and organized!

    But I don’t know what is the extension for, since only launch the feedly web, like a bookmark… can someone explain me? =S

    1. Hi Armstrong. Good question. The answer is a little bit complicated. In a nutshell, the page generated by the server is an empty shell. The extension in the browser gathers content and services and generates the content of the magazine in real-time. This allows us to scale better and provide more seamless integration with services like google reader, twitter, etc. Hope this helps.

  10. Love it! Even more, I would love to be able to “like” Google Reader items as well as share them. Like I said, lovin’ it!

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