New Video/Audio Player (2.x.101)

Better Video Player Request

Today Anthony suggested that we should replace/enhance the current audio and video player in feedly. So we did it. As part of 2.x.101, we are releasing a new player with a new skin (for both the audio and video players). Here is what the new video player looks like:

New Iteration of the Feedly Video Player

Better controls. Nicer. Full screen support. If you want to try it out, make sure that you are running 2.x.101 and they try to look at the Tekzilla feed for example.

Thank you for the feedback Anthony!

Author: @feedly

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15 thoughts on “New Video/Audio Player (2.x.101)”

  1. oh and REMOVE THE STRETCHING…it isn’t needed or useful and it just cuts off the edges of videos. If it’s required for some crazy reason, use the “uniform” option.

    I love the extension but the staff support is atrocious.

    1. Ouch. Sorry. Despite our best efforts, some requests fall through the cracks. I apologize for that. Thanks for the stretching versus uniform hint – will be fixed in the 2.x.105 patch.

      One suggestion: to improve the probability that things do not fall through the cracks please post your suggestions on getsatisfaction/feedly (it is a little easier for us to manage then the twitter stream).

      1. Actually nothing at all slipped through the cracks. I had 3 different conversations with @feedly regarding upgrading the video player and how stupid it is to block fullscreen. Our conversations even went to DMs. I also sent a DM to @feedly about it once a week. So no nothing slipped through unless the women who runs the twitter account purposely ignored me and only said she would tell the devs to appease me and get me to shut up. I don’t think that is the case but that is the only way anything could have slipped through.

    1. No response to what? (If you have suggestions to improve the product, we will try our best to listen. If instead you decide to behave like a jerk, do not expect us to respond. Live is too short to waist energy on stupid things like these)

  2. Well when I responded to your comment of saying the typical jargon of “fall through the cracks” showing how not only did that not happen it would be impossible considering I was quite persistent and consistent.

    Being a Jerk would be to not reply with a simple apology or well anything.

    I am not being a jerk in any fashion as everything I said is justified by being ignored once…and being ignored again here. I’m sure you guys have an auto-notify setup for your WordPress anytime someone comments on any blog post. So I patiently waited a week before I responded again…and then 2 more weeks for the next one. So instead of insulting me for posting my justified comments you could just say “I’m sorry we screwed up” and let it be at that.

    It was the “fall through the cracks” comment that coerced my response as that was something quite shocking to me when I keep asking for it. I could understand had I said it once and never mentioned it again but a dozen times? Kind of hard to swallow that one.

    1. I am confused. My initial response was: “Ouch. Sorry. Despite our best efforts, some requests fall through the cracks. I apologize for that”. What I meant was 1) I am sorry and 2) despite working very long days (it is 11:00pm on my side of the world), we are not able to keep track of everything that needs to be done (despite people doing the right thing and being persistent) and those things we are not able to keep track of fall through the cracks. Let’s please close this discussion and focus on things that can add value to the product.

  3. I actually don’t care anymore as I was simply replying to the lack of response. Whether it fell through the cracks or not it doesn’t even matter it was the lack of caring to even respond is what forced my comments. However to alleviate the situation…I do not care if you respond or not this time and I still love the extension its just your (customer) support needs work. EVEN if I was being a total arse with yelling and cursing the proper response is to ignore the obscenities, apologize and wish me a good day. Maybe one day you will realize your errors.

    1. “The customer support needs work”. Sure: we are a 6 person startup serving 100,000+ active users.

      “apologize and wish me a good day”. If you look at my first response. This is what I did. Because despite what you think, we really care.

      Anyway. I appologize. We will try to do better in the future.

  4. I admit I was quite agitated in the beginning but I let it go and was just replying due to no response. Wow only 6 people? Had I known I wouldn’t have been as agitated. Although I do still think I was justified in my agitation but as I showed on the GetSatisfaction for Feedly that I am not just a complainer…I also contribute. :)

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