Twitter Quotes aka #Q (2.x.104)

As part of 2.x.104, we slightly improved the feedly+twitter integration, introducing twitter quotes (also known as #Q). When you are reading an article, you can highlight and tweet quotes you find interesting. Here is what it looks like:

Twitter Quotes

As you can see, when you highlight some text, a contextual menu automatically appear. One of the actions in that menu is Tweet, allowing you to easily share quotes on twitter in 2 clicks.


As a convention, we are prefixing twitter quotes with #Q so that over time people can do interesting things using the search engine (you are welcome to create your own convention).

Similarly, if you are on a web page and use select some text before you click on the tweet action on feedly mini, you will see a similar behavior.

This is the first of a long series of features we will be releasing in November and December around the theme “Make sharing easier”.

Looking forward to your feedback!

PS 1: the behavior of the translate feature was inspired by a presentation from @azaaza regarding “more personal browsers”.

PS2: These feature are available now in the 2.x.104 version of feedly for firefox and will be available in the 0.8 version of feedly for chrome which should go out next week.

Author: @feedly

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  1. Hi, I’m a great fun of Feedly. It’s very nice to hear that it is constantly evolving and getting new features.

    I’d like to Feedly works on newset build of Firefox (3.7a1pre), but what is more important to Feedly support SeaMonkey 2. There is now feed reader for SeaMonkey 2, now.

    I manage to install Feedly under SeaMonkey 2, but it doesn’t work even after switching user-agent to Firefox 3.5.4 (which is full compatible with SeaMonkey 2.0).

    I’m wandering if support for SeaMonkey could be one of Feedly’s goals. Sorry for posting it hear, but hope to get some answers here on at my e-mail.

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  4. First the positive aspect:It looks and feels amazing, including the themes.What I don’t like:After the “Popular” page you removed the second page I used most frequently, the “Cover” page. This page gave me a perfect overview over important posts from my all my categories because of its excellent layout. The new “My Feedly” page takes me just about forever to scroll down to the end on my 13″ MacBook. Not good for a quick overview at all.You seemed to concentrate a lot on the “Essentials” feature. If I wanted to read preselected news, then I would read a newspaper. So that’s exactly the opposite of what feedly should be about in my oppinion. Feedly should be all about personalized news. Features like “Cover” and “Popular” were what made feedly so useful and unique for me. This and its great layout and style (which you definitly did improve!). If you want to help people find new sources the “Popular” and “You Might Also Like” feature would be sufficient.And why on earth did you remove the option to view all posts of a category sorted by their date? Apart from the few featured posts, they are all sorted by sources. With about 15 to 20 sources per category it takes ages just to scroll down to see posts from all sources. Well, there is still grid view, but I prefer this view only for photo feeds. I’m sorry to say that without this simple feature it makes feedly just a good looking Google Reader theme, because I have to click (or scroll) through all of my sources one after the other, in contrast to the customized “news channels” I had before, that didn’t care from which of my sources a post was.What I also do miss is to be able to quickly remove posts without reading them. In categories with fewer posts per week there often are posts that I know I’m never going to read, but because I don’t read them they stay in there for weeks an clutter my pages.As a longtime and everyday feedly user I’m far from giving up on feedly, but I want to express my concern about some features missing, that I consider core functionality. Besides, did I mention that the new feedly looks great?

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