Hurricane Electric Power Outage – RESOLVED

HE Fail

Feedly experienced 24 minutes of unscheduled downtime this morning at 9:33am PST. This was caused by a Hurricane Electric power outage. HE used to be good. But lately, their service quality has really deteriorated. We are trying to get a better understanding of what went wrong and see if they learn from this issue. We are also exploring moving the feedly service to another hosting environment. More on this over the next two weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Post mortem: Grade to Hurricane Electric for handling this situation: F

  • Not a single notification to customers of the power failure and the fact that the machines were rebooted
  • Call to support goes directly to voice mail
  • Email to support resulted in no response back, even 3 hours after the incident
  • Tweets says that techs are working to assist all affected customers is a lie!
  • This is the second time this is happening in 6 weeks!

You can measure how good a company/organization is by how well they manage exceptions: Hurricane Electric offers a mediocre support!

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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Electric Power Outage – RESOLVED”

  1. Yes we are also an HE customer and had another outage:

    Summary of HE Hurricane Electric Outages Fremont 2. 09-25-09 Power Outage. 10-20-09 Air Conditioning Outage. 11-03-09 Power Outage

  2. We too are a customer of HE and had the same experience. No information, no responses to email or phones. They are stone walling us. They don’t seem to care.

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