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We had a growth spike in Japan over the last two weeks: Japan is now #3 in terms of feedly users. Welcome to all the Japanese feedly users. We hope to have a localized Japanese version of feedly available by the end of this year.

Feedly Japan - November 6th 2009
Feedly Japan - November 6th 2009

Special thanks to LifeHacker Japan for their feedly review and the avalanche of tweets it generated.

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3 thoughts on “Feedly Japan”

  1. I love feedly! I was a bit depressed when I found out that NewsGator was going to close and that I would have to switch to Google Reader…but feedly is just so much more better than NetNewsWire! Thank you so much for all of your diligent and hard work!

    A fan from Tokyo

  2. Since 2009 you were unable even to show text properly in any language other than english. Even todays android version just show boxes instead of titles

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