Feedly Nitro – Instant Cover Load

As part of 2.x.174, we are pushing out a completely new version of the feedly recommendation engine (codebase Nitro). Nitro focuses on better integration with Google Reader Magic, performance and better curation/filtering. The results: The cover loads instantly and showcases better content.

Covered powered by Nitro

You can try nitro now by installing the latest version of feedly from www.feedly.com

Special thanks to the Google Reader team!

Author: @feedly

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4 thoughts on “Feedly Nitro – Instant Cover Load”

  1. the problem of Feedly with me that the interface is so cluttered. i just want 2 things navigation on the left (with icons preferred), the stream of feeds, so i would appreciated if Feedly developers just made a very simple clutter free interface for people like simplicity. “the best interface isn’t when you don’t know what to add, its when you don’t know what to remove “.

    another thing, the “save for later (aka star)” should be different things as its so confusing for me as Google Reader guy.

    also the “mark as read and hide” button is no use. when i stand on a feed for 0.5 sec it already tag it as read.

    so here are the points of focus:
    * a more clean UI divided into 2 section, navigation and streams.
    * better understandable icons that its representing what it does, and close to Google reader.
    * remove duplicated settings and functionality.

    i didn’t mention this before as there was a-lot of effort noticed before to add the extension for chrome, but i think its the time now get going, and thanks you guys for you effort, and i hope one day you’d be the best.

    1. Hi Seif,
      What you describe makes sense: some people are looking for a productive, clutter free, email-like interface. Google Reader does that really well. We do not try to compete with that. We focus instead on creating an experience for the people who enjoy a more fun/magazine-like experience. So you are probably best served by starting with the Google Reader interface and asking the GR team to add/modify it to better serve your needs. Thanks for the detailed feedback.

  2. Seif,
    If I get where you’re getting a; if so, don’t forget about the overly-discreet pencil symbol near the search box. feedly offers more flexibility in displaying feed content, especially cramming more content on one screen for blogs like tumblr.

    Titles only, and Entire Content Inline on feedly the closest to google Reader’s Titles and Expanded view styles.

  3. i don’t like Google Reader in the first place, but the points i mentioned before was good at Google Reader that made me stick with it, no matter how many times i try to go somewhere else.

    i didn’t say that Feedly is bad and i didn’t say that i want to just throw features away. i was simply asking to have the option to be simple, and clear the confusion of the buttons.

    anyway, i hope someday that i will find Feedly satisfy my needs.

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