Firefox 3.6. Faster. Lighter.

The Mozilla team released Firefox 3.6 this morning. It is a good news for feedly users because Firefox 3.6 enables Javascript Optimization (aka JIT) for extensions. The result is a lighter/faster feedly experience.

Here is a couple of reactions we spotted on twitter from users using feedly and firefox 3.6:
Firefox 3.6 reaction - I
Firefox 3.6 reaction - II

Thanks for the feedback! If you are a firefox user, you can upgrade to firefox 3.6 here. If you are running feedly 2.8 or 2.9, you can get some extra enhancements by upgrading to feedly 2.x.

Author: @feedly

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One thought on “Firefox 3.6. Faster. Lighter.”

  1. I might be still on FF 3.5.7 because I love my Tab Kit toooo much to jump ship to FF 3.6, but I just switched to feedly 2.x.184 from 2.9.2 on the laptop.

    Don’t know what you folks at feedly tweaked under the bonnet, but this thing is fast.


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