Feedly iPhone – Prototype 7 – Quick Tour

We have been working on feedly mobile for a few months now. After a few iterations, we have reached a design which we felt had an interesting mix of fun, simplicity and speed in it. It is now time to open the door and let the community in. Here is a one minute overview of what we call “feedly iPhone prototype 7”.

In this intro video (youtube version), you will see:

  1. how to swipe through the feedly digest
  2. how to drill down into a specific article
  3. how to recommend/share an article
  4. how to tweet an article
  5. how to mark an article as read and hide it (swiping the card to the top)
  6. how to use the home option to select a specific category and feed

Although we use the same building blocks under the hood, the user experience is very different from the main feedly experience: our core design goals were/are simplicity and performance. We also wanted to make sure that we could build something that would work equally well on Android and Palm Pre.


a) we will be actively listening to the community feedback: what you like, what you do not like, what seemed un-intuitive, what you feel is necessary but missing, etc…

b) we will pick the top 5 requests and trying to integrate them into the next iteration “prototype 8”.

c) if the initial feedback is positive, we will work towards giving you access to a live beta around March 15th


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170 thoughts on “Feedly iPhone – Prototype 7 – Quick Tour”

  1. Is there going to be any list options? only see some articles title. I love the slide to move from an article to another, but it should have a list feature too In my opinion to let you scroll to a specific article instead of sliding trough all of them. Having a lots of feed, it would take me forever to browse. Overall, its a pretty damn nice job guys! It looks sexy!! Can’t wait to try this out on my Android HTC Hero! :)

    1. Hi Rick. We are going to listen and see what the community has to say regarding list views. We understand the productivity gains of lists but they come at the cost of complexifying the experience. One of the benefit of having a single metaphor is that after a few hours, you do not have to think about the navigation anymore (something that will be easier to communicate once you get the chance to kick the tires and swipe through a few articles).

      1. I wouldn’t mind the absence of list view if I could choose how the list is sorted (oldest to newest, etc), see how many unread items there are, and have the option to “mark as read” after swiping through the item.

        All in all this looks like a nice start!

        1. Michael: We will try to weave in latest/oldest. The home page will include an unread count/indicator. Swiping a card towards the top will mark that article as read and automatically display the next one.

      2. I personally think a list view is essential. Certain feeds update very quickly and have a low ratio of things you actually want to read compared to the overall flow of posts. If I’m trying to get through a site like this, just scrolling through page by page is going to be far too tiresome to even bother.

      3. have you seen the Wired magazine for iPad? It’s unreal. I’d love it if we could use a similar layout for feedly. ie: landscape view offers an overview of all rss feeds and where you’ve read within each. i dont want feedly to copy this, but i think it complements the easy scroll idea you’ve put forward and combines some sort of list option too

  2. I looks very swish. :)
    Will there be a Cover or Latest Articles – style page? That’s one of my favourite features of Feedly, having highlights from my many feeds pulled onto one page.

  3. Well since you’re making an Android version, can you guys use the Account Manager in 2.0 to load our Google accounts from so that you don’t have to ask us for our username and password (so the experience stays the same as desktop Feedly).

  4. Yeah, very slick. Like Rick, I wonder about speed in swiping through everything. How about tilting to landscape mode brings up a different sort of swiping system that speeds things up? Maybe even a cover-flow-esque system would be faster than one full page at a time.

    I’d also like to be able to select text in an article to tweet, like the feedly web app does… well, sort of… it still doesn’t work on Chrome for Mac. ;) And will those one-word tweet comments be customizable?

    I assume read articles on the iPhone app sync with the web app….

    I’m wondering how more than 5 categories and/or more than 20 sources per category will be handled….

    Hmm… can’t think of anything else right now. Can’t wait to try it out!


    1. Grey. Thanks for the good feedback.

      1) Yes. There is an opportunity to do something different in landscape mode and minimize the complexity of an alternative navigation model.

      2) Yes. When you select some text a contextual menu will appear to allow user to tweet or buzz that snippet and may be more.

      3) Yes. Feedly Mobile and Feedly Desktop will transparently sync.

      4) 5 categories/20 sources was a trade-off to make navigating to a source a single click operation. It will be interest to see what people think of that constraint.

      1. 4) Yeah, I wouldn’t personally have a problem with the 20 sources, but 5 categories might be. I’d at least need to be able to choose which 5 to display on the navigation page. Maybe in the web-app settings?


          1. So what if we want to look at items in other categories than the top five in our list? The way that I sort my categories, the smallest are at the top and the meatier articles (which are the ones I prefer) are at the bottom – saving the best for last if you will. If the software doesn’t give the option to choose the categories it’s really not going to provide the experience I would want out of an iPhone version. I have a dozen or so categories configured and always browse by category. I understand that you want to preserve simplicity, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of productivity (IMHO).

            My suggestions/requests:
            1) Browse by category (all categories available in a list format)
            2) In the category browse mode, option to have entire content inlined and scroll vertically rather than horizontally. A similar read option as the desktop version (marking read after looking at it for a certain duration) could be implemented.

            All that being said, I’m glad to see that the iPhone version is almost upon us!

            1. Hi Stephen. Thanks for the feedback.

              Re: the category selector. Yes. We are doing to look into that and try to make sure that we have a design which adapts in the case the user has more than 5 categories/20 sources.

              Regarding expanded list support, there are two issues: 1) performance wise it is very hard for the mobile browsers to display large chunks of HTML 2) Google Reader offers a really good list based experience so our focus has been to drill down into an alternative direction and see if we can innovate buy providing a card+swipe based experience.

              Have you tried Google Reader Mobile?

  5. Oh! And Instapaper support! :)

    While we’re at it, e-mailing articles and/or selected text would be nice. (Thinking of e-mailing to Posterous here….) But that might start mucking things up too much…..


  6. So wait – we can’t start using it yet?! I really like the simplicity of it all – perfect for iPhone usage. The home option is great.

    I really like the idea of swipe down to share – and then to be able to choose delicious, instapaper, twitter, buzz – or maybe even be able to have one setup as your default so you don’t have to choose.

    But please…let us play with this quickly!

      1. Hi Edwin, super exited about this; will there be some kind of signup for the beta? Or if web-based, will there be a mailing list for a beta url?

  7. Edwin,

    Looks good. I’m on a G1, so I look forward to the Android version.

    I’d suggest an option to suppress the image placeholders for the mobile version. Looks nice for a start, but when screen space is at a premium it would be nice to be able to maximize content.


    1. Hi Phil. Agreed. We want over time to include in the design cards which include 3-4 titles. The challenge we need to address is sharing/tweeting because we need to find a way for the user to refine the context. On the todo list. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. It looks very slick. I’m ready for it.

    When scrolling through articles, it didn’t look like there was any indication as to where you are within the app–e.g., what category and/or feed you were in. It would be nice to have something that reminds/reassures you that you are scrolling through all items, or a category, or a specific feed.

  9. Where is the save for later button?

    Any way to scroll through multiple article titles and expanding the ones that are of interest?

    1. Hi Cy: yes. save for later is something we will be adding as we march towards the beta. Re: scrolling through multiple articles and expanding the ones that are of interest (also known as list support), it is not clear yet. See previous comment regarding wanting to have a simple/unified navigation model.

  10. this looks AWESOME!

    I know it sounds like a dumb question but I just want to make sure – this is a native app, not a web app right?

    Also agree with posters above asking for instapaper support and alternative landscape nav modes.

    Can’t wait for the beta.

  11. Looks cool, but (and this is a big BUT)… I get about 5000 article per day. Swiping would be impossible. Swiping through 5,000 article would take a couple of hours (and that is just to interact with the app, not actually reading the articles).

    A list, or better yet, a summary view (that you can very quickly scroll through, would be preferred.

    1. Hi Thomas.

      Agreed. But (and this is a small but :-)).

      Our expectation is that people will be using the feedly iphone when they have 5 minutes to spare so our approach was to 1) use our filtering technology to reduce the 5000 potential article into the 40-70 which might be the most interesting (what you call summary) and then let you have a relaxed/fun experience scanning through that subset.

      I understand that this is a tradeoff and that some people will prefer to scan as fast as possible through 100s of articles but that is not the mode we are focusing on and I think that it would be hard to address both modes (unless we find a way to use orientation to separate the two navigation model).

      Will continue to think about that. Thanks for the feedback.

  12. there are only two things needed for a RSS app… one is speed of two-way google syncing… and two is off-line caching.

    1. hi imbojay.

      the current implementation is of feedly mobile is based on the same 2-way sync’ing the main feedly interface benefits from.

      caching is on the list bug we are not sure if it will be included in v1 or in one of the follow up releases.

  13. hi,
    i use a lot feedly, and a have an android:
    does an android version will be available? soon? when?

    keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Mathieue: our goal is to release the iphone, nexus one and palm pre at the same time. We are in the process of getting our hands on some testing devices to be able to deliver on this promise.

  14. I really liked the “home” page. Layout. I agree that offline caching is a must-have, especially if you wish to reach users on iPod Touch handsets. The ability to move quickly, seamlessly, and logically between hierarchy levels (categories, feeds, articles) would help set this project apart from other feed readers in the app store. Looking forward to a live beta!

  15. Very cool. I want one. I will pay. I evangelise feedly wherever I can. And now almost available on the toilet. Really happy with that.

  16. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love Feedly, it’s finally given me a way to use all my feeds. But I think the video proves right my lingering suspicion that phones just aren’t the right platform for any feed reader. Readers need time and space to be used properly, and one or both of these is likely to be absent from anybody’s experience on a phone. I hope to be proved wrong, but I suspect iPad development might be a better use of your time than iPhone.

    1. John: I must admit that I was a skeptic at first and this is why it took us so long to explore this space. You are right the the iPad is an ideal format and we will be offering feedly on iPad as soon as it is available but the phone has the advantage of being always with you and being ultra simple. It will be interesting to see if you change your mind once you get the chance to play with the beta.

  17. I love what you have so far and can’t wait to try it first-hand. However, my biggest concern is what happened to the “cover” and “digest” views? I think you’ve already perfected the challenge of portraying a huge amount of content in a manner that is pleasing and underwhelming. Why not simply mobilize those views or in the very least, pleeeeease include them as staples to the category view. You could even make the landscape view of the cover (and/or digest) nothing but the images from the articles you currently show on the cover-view. The images could even have a watermark in the top-left corner of the RSS feeds logo (when available) and the user could just touch the photo to get to the article. How cool would that be?

    1. Hi Chris. The cover/digest views are still there. The difference is that instead of seeing them in a grid format, you swipe through them. Any chance we could get a sketch of what you are suggesting?

      1. I made two quick mock-ups (with Pixlr) of what I was thinking about; they can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/ckmetz/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCIHsvqqf5J-VxQE#. The first image is my thought on a digest or cover view. It would be a vertically (and horizontally?) scrolling grid of images. The second image is a popup image that you’d see when the you tapped an image from the first view. Near identical to what you’re already using. (Also you would have a red “x” in the top right corner for closing this popup, but I forgot to add it).

  18. Do you have a price set for it? I’m hoping for free (like anyone else), but are you planning something? Like a free version with some ads, and a premium one without the ads.

    1. Hi Joe. We have not set a price yet. If we are able to cover the cost and not cripple the experience, we will try to go with a free + ads option. If not, we are exploring creating a “feedly plus” offering which would include mobile and ipad support and would be a yearly subscription like flickr. Or both as you are suggesting.

      1. Nice, thanks for the response. Also take into consideration that paid webOS apps are only available in the US right now, and are heading to Europe later, but it’s unknown if they’ll be available anywhere else soon.

        I’m interested in a webOS device myself, but I’m not from US or Europe, and love Feedly, so… Would gladly pay for a premium version later though.

  19. I love the way it is looking right now, personally a save button for reading later will be fantastic..

    Now regarding the list and cover menu issues for reading articles…

    Have you considered a creating 2 apps? The first one based on the structure you are following right now and the other for “power users” willing to see many articles at once.

    It will be the same app with a twist like Shazam and RED Shazam.

    1. great suggestion, but sounds like a “premium” version for V 2.0, with a free inc ads and/or paid no ads version to start. my requests to aggregate with everyone else: 1) Share, by Twitter, email, Delicious etc – and love the swipe down suggestion to activate sharing (initial Twitter share is great for V1.0) 2) Read Later 3) Read Offline 4) auto-sync. One suggestion for the 5 categories x 20 feeds…couldn’t you just have more categories and have the page scroll down to see further categories? or page? and would be great to have some way to prioritise the categories/feeds for the iPhone, other than the web app orientation…a simple tick list would work.

      Personally I can’t wait! And I would happily pay for the app.

  20. This looks very good. Some suggestions I do second, e.g. list or cover view, Posterous and Instapaper integration all would be great. Check out what Mashable and RWW have done with iPhone Apps. might have some useful features to look at.

  21. Well, the 5 category/20 source limit would be a problem if we can’t choose which one for sure. I do have 10 categories. 248 sources.. loll :-$
    Actually, I understand the size can be an issue for this List thing, but could you maybe, display sorta list, a group by day, or hours, or group of hours (like every 12hours..) just so we can get through all those articles quickly if we spotted an article 2days ago and havn’t Starred it. I dont mind if you don’t present all the articles from the last 3months, but.. at least a week maybe? Would be really great.. looking forward to this beta!!! :) Thanks!!

  22. Looks great – my only concern is how would the product handle a user with a lot of feeds and tabs. There should be some kind of dashboard home screen that would make it easier for guys like me…

  23. this looks terrific!
    please don’t water down the great experience by throwing in lists. there are tons of good rss readers for every platform that excel at lists – i’m using feedly on the desktop because it keeps those lists away from me.
    otherwise, i like the »swipe down to share« idea!
    this could also help minimize the space taken up by the background graphics: swipe down to show those little buttons.

    looking forward to the release!

  24. Please include – “mark as read” function on separate blog titles. Also performance of having lots of subscribtions. A lot of iphone feed apps are really slow on this.

    Thanks, i will look forward to the release!

  25. Hurray! I can’t wait to see Feedly for mobile go live. You’ve created an awesome RSS reader for web, now go change the mobile phone universe, please.

  26. very cool-echo @Vegard’s point. iPhone has suffered for far too long without a visual, interactive newsreader. if done right (iPhone, iPad, Adobe Air?), this app is worth paying for

  27. This is thrilling news… finally, a slick RSS reader option for my iPhone! How can I get in on the beta testing?

  28. Edwin, this is looking great. Excellent job on the simple and effective design.

    I would say Instapaper integration would be a big addition as I think a lot of users couple the two together.

  29. This will look oh.so.pretty on my Android Nexus One.

    I hope to see the Android version available the same time as the iPhone app.

  30. I started to read through the comments, but too many, so sorry if I’m repeating:
    1) Overall, I love it.
    2) Ditto to major concerns about the 5×4 home screen. If I only followed 20 blogs I wouldn’t need a reader. I have dozens of folders full of hundreds of sites, some for news, some for work, some for fun, and there’s no way I would ever use this app if I couldn’t access them all. A list of folders would be a minimal solution, but can’t you have drill down menus? For example, a 5 x 4 grid of my top 20 folders, color coded for those w/ new items, and clicking on them opens up that “folder” to show which blogs have new items. I can then choose to “read all” which would send me to the digest type view, or open an individual blog to read those articles. Man, that would be great.
    3) Would prefer r-to-l swipe mark as read and go to next, with swipe up to save or mark as unread.
    4) Instapaper integration would be AWESOME
    5) Where’s star/save for later?

  31. A list view is a must for me. The mark you need to hit with me is something like NewsRack. There needs to be a list view that I can quickly scan titles in, mark for publish, mark for followup, and delete (mark read) My feed-reading is a 2-3 step process. I scan titles, pick out what interests me and then drill deeper.

    That said, I like the idea of accessing that initial ‘mark-read’ pass via a landscape mode, so that it’s very obvious as to how you access the different modes.

  32. looks awesome… i hv been a fan of feedly right from the start…earlier used it with FF, now using with Chrome.. looking fwd to use it with iphone.. awesome…now i can chuck my rss app in iphone.. and keep feedly everywhere…

    it would be thrilling to see a beta release version, or much sooner an initial version…

  33. This looks like a very good start!
    I like the look of it and the fact it doesn’t precisely replicate the desktop version is a wise design move.
    If I were to push for one thing it would be offline mode – I’ve experimented on my Android phone with offline webpages (gathered using WGET) and they’re so useful… much as mobile coverage improves it will for the foreseeably future have so many areas where it’s seriously limited or not available at all. I quite like how Spotify works with the offline (ie obvious change of interface and certain clearly non-offlineable functions disabled), although it often struggles on through bad coverage when it should realise coverage has dropped off. You won’t have quite this dilema I suspect apart from perhaps in how the app approaches trying to gather new content for offline (i.e. don’t desperately keep trying to get pages if there’s v little network coverage)

  34. Can we get it sooner? March 15th is only two weeks away, but this seems so much better than Google Reader for iPhone.

  35. I am a die hard fan of feedly. I have gotten hundreds of friend using feedly! The best news reader I can find. I have been waiting for it to come out on the iPhone. I would love to help you test it!

  36. I like swipe up gesture, but I would much prefer the action send it to Instapaper instead of mark as read. It would make sense to me to mark as read automatically when moving to the next article.

    It definitely looks exciting. I can’t wait to try it out!

  37. Please get this app released ASAP. I NEED feedly on the go. I’m imaging it on an iPad as I type this comment. ;)

    On a tangentially related note, do you support other URL shorteners beyond bit.ly? I ask because while I’ve used bit.ly for nearly a year, it’s suddenly become unusable for me, which seriously impairs my use of feedly. Anytime I try to tweet, feedly will sit for awhile until bit.ly fails to respond & then feedly switches to its own bit.ly account. I’d love to use cli.gs or another service. Is that supported?

  38. Looks great. I personally find the standard RSS client interfaces just too cluttered; I can see Feedly finally making RSS feeds feel like an easier way to access content rather than an overwhelming deluge.

    Role on the beta :)

  39. I love feedldly and I can not wait using it on the iPhone.

    My biggest wish: bringing feedmanagement and twittermanagement togehther. I use hootsuite heavily with multiple accounts and it would be great to get the following scenario: selecting tweet out via hootsuite from feedly. This would offer all the great stuff like account selection and scheduling on top of the great feedly stuff.

  40. nice loks great one improvement i think would make it 10X better.
    have a home/start up screen with a layout that it is on the website.
    you know like the front cover of a newspaper kind of look

  41. I love it! I can’t wait to play with it. I will have more comments after the hands on. For now, it is just as slick and easy as I would expect from your Feedly geniuses!


  42. That’s fantastic! I do have some comments:
    if you are going to work with orientatiens, will you ad a button somewhere to lock the orientation. It shouldn’t be everywhere (like on every article but in a settings-menu or something like that)
    I also think it would be cool if you could change the background in any color you want (like in the pcversion)
    maybe it would be nice if you could support read it later? For me it would be the perfect integration.
    and maybe because some people ask for a list view, maybe you could show a kind of ‘popup’ with a list view if you shake your phone.

    feedly is really great, keep going, it’s the best!

  43. I’ve been using “Reeder” since 3months to read my Google Reader account.
    But I totally love Feedly while being static.
    The problem with smartphone is that the bandwith is pretty low, and when you have many sources you have to wait a lot before reading…I think one of the good option could be to choose wether you want to load the whole update or only the today or 3 hours old updates.
    Cheers a Good Luck !

  44. I am super excited and extremely willing to pay for this, provided there’s a way to zoom out a bit and see more than one article at once (so you can scroll through faster) and offline caching. I commute via tube, so being able to read the morning news on my phone would be amazing.

    1. Please ignore me! I just had a proper read-through and saw that my question was more or less already answered in previous comments. Can’t wait to try it out :)

  45. Great, Fantastic. TOO SLOW!
    Release it soon or people will start to loose interest and pick up many of the other RSS readers for iphone. Or even just make their own…

    1. I’ve used other RSS readers on the iPhone and honestly the only one that is worth using isn’t even an app, it is mobile Google Reader.

      They have time to make this the best that it can be.

  46. Good initial concept, but why is so much space wasted around the border on what looks like a desktop wallpaper? Navigation or sharing buttons could fit there. Or you could simply expand the content farther and fit more of it on screen at once. It looks pretty, but it seems really wasteful.

  47. I would like to have an option to view a list of the articles and the touch one that I want to look at. For me that would make it faster to go through them since I don’t read every article posted under a feed.

  48. It looks fantastic so far. However, I would have to agree with Mathew. I have so many feeds that it’s essential to be able to view a list of articles to choose from. I can only imagine what the iPad version is going to be like!

  49. would love an option to save for later with Instapaper, otherwise would not buy or download

  50. Hmm. Interesting idea, but I love my desktop feedly and I’m afraid I’ll end up being disappointed with it on a phone screen. I have a lot of feeds and I’m not sure that anything other than a list will work well on a phone screen. I hope you’ll prove me wrong, though. :)

    What versions of Android will be supported? There are still a lot of folks on 1.5 and 1.6, but I’ve only heard you mention N1, which makes me think you’re talking about 2.0. Also, any plans for an Android widget? Look at some of the HTC widgets used for text messages and email for inspiration. Most of them provide “swipeable” stacks, but you can also go into list mode.

  51. This is the only app I’m really waiting for. You do such good work. I’m constantly being asked how I come up with such great stuff to post to Twitter and Facebook. If they only knew that having Feedly and Hootsuite open side-by-side allows me to post my whole next day in about an hour.
    The only thing I can think of right now that you might add to Feedly (whichever version) is the ability to schedule your posts to go out at specific later times. About 80% of my total social media posting comes from Feedly, but since I do my reading at night, it goes out via Hootsuite without the #Feedly.

  52. I can’t believe it took me this long to start using feedly. I can’t live without it. Can’t wait for the iphone app. I am using newsrack, but it just doesn’t cut it for me.

  53. I’m very excited!!! On suggestion, I’m not sure if others would agree, but with the volume of feeds I have, I’d actually prefer the feeds to be marked as read as you scroll through and the upflick to keep as unread. It’d be spectacular if a downflick could add to instapaper (or maybe even be some sort of user specified function). I’d love, love, love this!! I’d be happy to pay upwards of $7 for it. Thanks :)
    Please keep it as slick and simple as it’s looking now!!

  54. Hi again, I saw the earlier posts requesting a list view. I’m less for a list view. I’ll go on my pc if I need heavy work. I’d prefer keeping the simplicity. Perhaps rather than some list view with titles, a sleeker function cold be to just have filters. In fact, I think that the flip screen that you showed would be a good way to introduce filtering functionality (it could flip over to show favorites only, or specify folders). This would be fantastic! I’d prefer this use of the flip over page to ay sort of new tagging system. I hope this makes sense.
    I really think this app could kick butt and be the gold standard!! Thanks!
    Please, please retain the slickness. I’d rather have a simple layout than one that is more complicated. Perhaps a simple layout can be retained with added functionality and customization a part of the settings. Most mobile screens just aren’t large enough to accomodate too many bells and whistles.

  55. I imagine people request all sorts of functionality, so I want to argue a little more for instapaper. Instapaper seems to be promoted primarily for it’s ability to task yourself to read an article (which IS very useful), although I’ve discovered that it also functions as a very simple and effective BOOKMARK MANAGER THAT WORKS ACROSS BROWSERS, which is very key for me. Thanks again so much for your work on this app!!

  56. I couldn’t help noticing the absence of what makes feedly different from other readers

    The Front cover style homepage.

    To me this is very important as i can see everything in one glance with pictures! but in feedly 7 there is none of this.

    So PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ………….add it!

  57. Again, it’s brilliant and I can’t wait to use it! But it has been such a long time, when can we expect the feedly app in the app store?

  58. Feedly is my favourite extension for firefox and now chrome. Eagerly waiting for the iPhone app. How can I get the prototype?

  59. Liking the look of this – can’t wait.

    Will it be able to cache info to be read off line (living in London this is essential for the tube).

    If not could it have a button to send it to Read It Later please.

  60. Hi, really hoping that the iphone app comes out soon, I’ve been anxiously waiting for a few months. Any word on this?

  61. Is there a feedly website for mobile web browsers such as Opera on N900 ? example Google Reader has a mobile website.

    I will be glad to know a URL of a mobile site if any exist or request you to try build one, that will be very useful.

    Thanks for Feedly !

  62. Does anybody know when the iPod version will be out? And will it be an app or just a web page?

    1. as per above: if you want to try beta, suggestion is to follow @feedly.
      it will be an app

  63. Is there any way, even through the web browser, that I can access feedly on my iPad. Seems to be taking some time to release an app for this. To be honest, I haven’t found a good reader app for iPad yet that also syncs to google reader. Am dying for feedly to come out on iPad in any form asap.

  64. I agree w/ comments on list view. Try browsing 500+ items like in the movie. You’ll break a finger ;)

    Can’t wait for the release tho! And uhm, maybe think about an iPad version? :)

    1. Rutger. your are correct. We did a couple of months of testing with this design and the result was: 1) people love the simplicity of the navigation but 2) people do not feel that the interface is dense enough. So we are back on the drawing board, working on a new Prototype 8 iteration. More about that soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  65. I’m a Feedly evangelist, if you will. I tell everyone that subscribes to RSS feeds to check out Feedly. I would love to beta test the Android app and provide feedback. Cheers!

  66. Hi Edwin, if you need a beta tester for the iphone, I’m happy to help out. I keep looking for this, and in the meantime trying out new iphone/ipad RSS readers. Nothing compares to Feedly, though!

  67. Feedly needs to be designed for iPad with the coverpage. Otherwise I would not see any benefit against other crappy feed readers. The coverpage made me a feedly user and nithing else …

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