Configurable Unread Indicator

As part of 2.11.214, feedly chrome now includes an unread indicator

There is a preference knob to allow users to select if the indicator should display a) the number of favorite unread sources, b) the number of sources, c) the number of unread articles or d) hide the indicator altogether.

Special thanks to @thunsaker, aaaafeedlyy and Adam for their feedback during the design and testing of this feature.

Author: @feedly

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25 thoughts on “Configurable Unread Indicator”

  1. I want to disable this feature in order to avoid the distraction it encourages, but the Options button is disabled for me – both in the Extensions window and the context-menu of the feedly icon.

    See screenshots (which includes extension version):

  2. Nice, but can we also have “number of unread favorite articles” ?

    (‘hope this on Firefox too)

  3. Mystified why I am forced to have the icon there at all. In FF it can be removed since the entire toolbar is configurable, but there is no such option in Chrome. I *always* have feedly open in a tab, so the icon is redundant. I like feedly but that icon drives me nuts. I’m sure some people love the icon, but I’d like to see an option to make it disappear.

    1. Agreed, I have Feedly set as my homepage so I really don’t need or want an icon on my toolbar all the time.

    2. Yes! I’m in the same boat. I despise having the icon on my toolbar, it takes up space unnecessarily as I don’t use or need the icon.

      Please allow us chrome users the option to remove the icon.

  4. First of all, … Lots of thank’s an many congrats. Feedly is not only a perfect working RSS feed. It’s also a nice looking magazine. Great!
    Thank’s again.
    Numbering of feeds displayed … is this possible to do? If it isn’t, is it in the near future, mayby next version?
    Best regards

    1. Yeah, this needs sorted. You’re going to have an influx of users and most of those will have been used to an indicator. If there isn’t an indicator available, I won’t be using feedly.

  5. Make sure you have the Feedly Plus Chrome extension for this option to be available, uninstall the other one before switching.

  6. This doesn’t work for me. I’ve used it for a long time then it suddenly just stopped working. The Chrome-option is gone in feedly. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing both feedly beta extension and feedly app. Nothing seems to work.

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