Better latest page. Better hide action (2.x.217)

We just pushed out 2.x.217. It includes a slightly enhanced version of the latest page/title only view (fav icon, more consistent grid support). One of the features people have been asking for is alignment of the “mark as read and hide” icon (as well as making it more visible). After trying a few things, we decided to leverage the fav icon as the “hide” handle because 1) it is more colorful and 2) it is aligned so you can perform N hides without having to move the mouse.

Here is what it looks like:

When you hover on any fav icon, it changes to show the hide icon:

Not super explicit but might solve the usability concerns people had raised without adding complexity to the design/impacting readability.

Have a great week end!

Note: if you use Feedly+Chrome, 2.12.217 also includes some additional eye candy in the cover page.

Updated: We pushed an update to address James’ request to be able to easily scan the list. In 2.x.218, articles which have 2 or more recommendations are highlighted in blue.

Update: Based on popular demand, in 2.x.219, we are bringing back the icons to share, save and hide articles:

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16 thoughts on “Better latest page. Better hide action (2.x.217)”

  1. Can there be an option added in the preferences to go back to the old “latest” view? All I use on feedly is the latest tab, but this new layout is completely unusable for me. I relied on the lines highlighted in blue from the popular ones to be able to quickly scan through the list and click on the ones I wanted to see. Without this it takes way too much time to look over the list. Please either add the blue bars back or give an option for this.

    1. Hi James. Thanks for the feedback. I can see how not having the highlight could be a step back. I think that we should be able to integrate the notion of highlight in the new design. Will talk to the team about it tonight and will keep you posted.

    2. Update: we just pushed out 2.x.218. In that version, we highlight in the latest view any article which are 2 or more recommendations. This should address your “I want to be able to scan” request.

  2. This new structure is very painful ! Like James said, it’s completly unusabled :(

    I loved the “mark as read and hide” button to hide feeds without showing the entire article or without clicking on it. Now we need to click on the source and it’s not very visible if you don’t follow this blog.

    Please go back to the old feature ^^

    1. Maxime. One question. Now that you know that clicking on the fav icon will hide the article, why is the new design painful? Do you see no value in being able to repeatly hide without moving the mouse?

      1. I was also be able to hide the latest news by clicking on the button ;)

        Now I can’t directly save or share the interesting articles without view the entire content… Buttons on the right were perfect !

        1. Yeah that read & hide was really cool. Now you have to minimize BEFORE you can click on the favicon (that click on the favicon is not very obvious too)

  3. Nice updates guys, I REALLY love the changes, specially the unread count in Chrome.

    Now… I use the Picture Grid view for the webcomics I follow, and I like to see all the comics (not unreads only), but is hard to see which one are reads or unreads in just a glance.

    I hope you guys can do something about it. You really rock with all the feedback and those quick responses.

  4. Great update guys, but I like Maxine, would like to be able to share feed/news article without having to preview it to do so.

    1. Micky. Thanks for the feedback. Do you often share based on the title, without looking at the content of the article? (we could read the action icons but the repetition adds a lot of clutter and would like to only go down that path if there are no alternatives).

  5. Why is my “Latest” view different this morning? It’s showing excerpts from the articles, when before it only showed headlines. Now it’s much harder to scan the headlines. I don’t want to have to scroll down the page to see all the headlines. I don’t see where I can set it back to the old way in Preferences. Just headlines only, please – the way it used to be!

    1. Hello Ellen. If you click on the pen icon at the top of the latest page, you should be able to select the “title only” view and be back to the previous more compact experience.

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