Feedly 3 Roadmap Finalized

Here is a short summary of the awesome feedback we collected regarding the feedly 3.0 roadmap:

  • feedly mobile (iphone, android, palm pre) [90 votes]
  • better filtering (do not allow sources publishing 10s of articles a day with lots of sharing to take over the cover and dashboard) [81 votes]
  • ability to change the color scheme (ie skin support) [51 votes]
  • more control over how things get marked as read – see Phil’s comment [42 votes]
  • ability to tag articles [45 votes]
  • more views options [45 votes]
  • offer feedly mini on Google Chrome [35 votes]
  • better content/source discovery (ie showcase content from sources which we think you might like) [28 votes]
  • better integration with facebook (ie ability to read content shared by friends and more integrated sharing) [25 votes]
  • improve performance [22 votes]
  • ability to annotate articles and share those annotations on twitter. [21 votes]
  • see number of unread feeds in the chrome icon – see aaaafeedlyy’s comment [16 votes – Implemented]
  • simplify the feed subscription process (specially in Chrome) – see Chris’ comment [15 votes]
  • simplify the design of the digest and the cover [12 votes]
  • better integration with Google Buzz (ie view all buzz entries not only the Google Reader+Feedly ones) [12 votes]
  • better integration with Google Alerts [10 votes]
  • re-design the welcome process for non-google reader user (more control, better organization) [8 votes]
  • better integration with digg (ie ability to digg an article, ability to read digg comments in feedly) [5 votes]

There are also a couple of interesting suggestions we are going to explore in more detail going forward:

  • Feedly TV (see Emile’s comment)
  • Ability to save searches (see John A’s comment)
  • Include hide and sharing options at the bottom of the page (see Karla’s comment)

Next: we are going to pick the top two items (mobile and better filtering) and iterate on them. Stay tuned.

Special thanks to the 400+ people who participated to the creation of the roadmap!

Author: @feedly

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27 thoughts on “Feedly 3 Roadmap Finalized”

    1. Hi Jonathan. The gdgt team mentioned in their podcast last week that RIM is working on integrating a webkit-based browser into future blackberry. We will look into support Blackberry as soon as that is shipping.

  1. Feedly TV could be done by creating a Boxee application.

    I would also suggest the Wii for Feedly TV but that would require that Feedly is hosted online either as a Opera widget or a website.

  2. When I read about the idea of adding unread count to chromes feedly icon I hoped to get it for FF, too. Would be great!

    1. There is a safari version

      umm one thing I’d like to see is a “recently read” tab for those times we read something and moved on and then realized we ought to share it. Or an easier one-click button when viewing a source to view all instead of having to go through the menus to do that.

  3. I think Feedly TV is a great idea. Ever since I’ve started using Feedly I like to use RSS feeds on Hulu and embed the new uploads right into Feedly, to bypass the hulu queue and have it ready for me right with the rest of my news whenever I want. This also can be done with most major networks that allow embedding of videos from their own site. The problems only being that I can’t navigate through the rest of my news while watching the embedded video, and if I resize the browser, it stops the video and starts it all over. If that was fixed, and maybe the ability to make some playlist, I would use feedly a TON for videos.

  4. I think the most Obvious important feature Feedly needs is one Gmail has: Filters (or smart folders, or saved search results; it’s all the same concept). In other words, show me, from my subscribed feeds, ONLY those items that match certain criteria.

  5. I don’t know when is planned the 3.0 release…
    but about the mobile feature you’re just getting late and way behind the competition…
    Tired of waiting for feedly, I switched to Reeder+ReadItLater on Iphone and it does the trick !
    You should consider staging releases for Mobile, because users will find other apps meanwhile !

  6. I like very much your extension. But it’s not fully compatible with Chrome 4.1 or 5, on my netbook. Chrome rarely freezes. With your extension installed, it freezes too many times. Generally when I launch Chrome. If I uninstall this extension, no more problem with any version of Chrome. I know it’s the case of lot of Chrome extensions. That’s why I use very few extensions and rely on old good bookmarklets.

    1. This is the perfect westbie for anyone who wishes to find out about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject which has been discussed for a long time. Great stuff, just wonderful!

  7. Yeah same here on the Blackberrry but I’d love to see a Feedly app for this platform, that way more BB’s would have access to Feedly and this Viigo domination would end, charge for it on the BB people would pay for a great amazing Feedly BB app with a tweeting option integrated with Twitter for Blackberry. Feedly for Blackberry has the potentional of becoming a super app. Well integrated into the BB OS would be outstanding. Cheers

  8. Some of these things are already implemented, right? For example, Mini on Google Chrome. Whatever, thank you for this fantastic extension, it has made my RSS experience really great!

  9. These features are very nice and I’m looking forward to having the ability to tag articles. But, please can you improve integration with multiple Gmail accounts with the multiple sign-in feature? It’s not great at the moment. I have two Google accounts, one for work and one for personal. I use Reader for both, and Feedly always gets confused when I am signed in to both accounts, and shows me the feed for the default account even when I sign out and try to sign in using my other account. I can only get Feedly to show feeds on my other account if I sign out of the default Google account. So annoying.

  10. Also, while I’m here, the Facebook integration could use some improvement. I have one Facebook account, but I’d like the ability to filter out the personal stuff from friends and just show the stuff for work, such as Treehouse group posts, status updates from WordPress Beginner, etc. So, private groups, Facebook pages, etc as well as regular posts from colleagues and other associates.

    Excellent work so far! ;-)

  11. So, no real browser support? Only plugins? I use opera and I have no intent to use chrome just for feedly.

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