Feedly 3.0 Design Series – Tasks

We are soliciting user input regarding some of the feedly 3.0 design decisions. Here are two questions:

Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly? (example: I wish I could more easily share an article once I have reached the bottom of a document, etc…)

Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with but currently doesn’t (example: I wish I could click on an image and share in on Tumblr or Facebook).

Updated on  May 11th, 2010. Wow. Thank you for all the comments: they give us a unique insight into how the service is being used. Even though we might not have time to respond to every single comment this week, we are reading everyone of them and will follow up with a summary post at the end of this week when everyone has had the chance to jump in. *Thanks*.

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334 thoughts on “Feedly 3.0 Design Series – Tasks”

  1. 1.1. Waiting on the Chrome support for the mini widget which will help sharing viewed websites.

    1.2. Be able to watch Youtube videos within Feedly. This used to be possible, but for some reason now, in Chrome, the video will play as such, but if you choose to pause it, instead of pausing playback, youtube url is launched.

    1.3. Share options at top, and bottom of article, would prove useful on longer, bigger articles.

    2.1 Wouldlove to be able to change the theme, colours etc.

      1. I whole-heartedly agree with all these recommendations, and would add Gmail integration within Chrome. Any feedback on when this might be pushed through Edwin?

  2. 1. Changing font size without changing the layout would be the great option for me.

    2. Youtube videos issue, of course.

    3. Search page is hard to use. I would like to see Feedly makes more stress on the search usability.

    1. Yes, on higher resolution monitors it is irritating to try to zoom a page to a legible size only to have the video control interface vanish. Particularly a problem in Chrome.

  3. > Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly?

    1. Navigating without mouse. In particular:

    – remove this irritating bug that when I open preview of some article, then press arrow-down key, the preview is closed

    – remove the same problem which happens sometimes during normal reading

    – provide *and document in help* shortcut keys to navigate between groups and blogs (for example, key which jumps to “sources” and let me pick one of those without clicking)

    2) Marking current page as read (add shortcut key, preferably Shift-a to mimick GReader)
    – mark current page as read
    – go back from single blog to it’s containing category

    3) Changing subscription (moving to another category)

    > Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with but currently doesn’t

    1) Integrate ReadItLater or provide it’s own alternative. I mean some button which opens random item from those I starred (= marked to read later)

    2) Help me classify sources (just like feedly does reasonably good job with suggesting subscribtions via “you might also like”, it could suggest me which category should I put some blog to, also, it could offer some suggestions how could I reorganize my sources to group them better)

    3) Filter feeds (= some subset of yahoo pipes?). Use case: let me skip posts automatically generated by delicious or imported from twitter.

      1. Yes, I use gg very often. But I meant sth different (sorry, maybe I did not explain it properly) – navigation to related items which are displayed in the right column.

      1. You’ve probably already thought about this, but can’t you use openAuth to get permissions to our Google Reader instead of forcing the user to login every time for the cookie? It would be a one time step.

  4. I wish an article could be saved to Instapaper without opening a new tab in my browser. More like the Read Later bookmarklet.

  5. I wish I could view all the related articles in the same time. For example, 15 of my feeds post about the new iPhone 4G : I wish I could view all the 15 articles in the same page (with thumbnails) instead of reading them when I click on each feed.
    I could image a new menu next to Digest/Cover/etc, grouping articles by subject, and so marking all the “Gizmodo’s iPhone articles” as read in one click.
    (I hope I’m understandable ^^)


      1. The lack of this feature has always bugged me. Seeing 20 articles about the same thing is annoying. I t would be awesome if they were grouped together

  6. I wish the mark as read no longer had to options to mark what is a day old or month old and just marked all of it read.

  7. I’d like a shortcut key for adding sources, i.e. a shortcut for the ‘+f’ icon in the location bar.

  8. (1)

    1. Share icons (GMail, twitter, etc.) accessible within preview (would make it simpler to quote and send)

    2. Mark feeds as read from within the “At a glance” view by clicking on unread count, as elsewhere, would make it simpler to catch up after holiday.

    3. Configurable buttons on the mini widget (make it easier to share to del.icio.us or posterous instead of facebook)

    Pull in my twitter/facebook friend list to make it easier to direct a tweet (or dm) to one person

  9. @Ketmo I like the suggestion, maybe a menu where you could favourite a keyword alongside your favourite feeds, so all items marked “iPhone” or “election” bubbled in to one place.

    Would also like a “suppress” list if that came about, so I could ignore “f1” mentions if I missed the race, or ignore “Bieber” posts, and optionally view the suppressed posts or just mark them automatically read.

  10. I wish I could delete a subscription (i.e. an entire blog subscription, rather than simply a post) more easily. Currently, I have to go to “Organize Sources” and then go through my categories until I find the subscription I’d like to unsubscribe from. I’d love to be able to unsubscribe directly from a post from that source.

    Would also like something similar to a “Read Later” feature.

    Thanks for asking.

    1. Hi Clara. Good suggestion. I will talk to the team and see see if we could offer a hover box which would have some additional information about the source as well as an option to unsubscribe. In the meantime, if you right click on a subscription name, you should see a popup with an unsubscribe option.

    2. Maybe implement it like a ‘Don’t like’ button, that decreases the priority of that feed? If a feed has many ‘Don’t likes’ it will be easier to find them in a separate section, or highlighted somehow in de ‘Organize Sources’

  11. would be nice to have share links at bottom too.
    for tumblr the option to share as diiferent types like with their bookmarklet.

  12. 1. Be able to auto-load entire articles in feeds that have truncated content.

    2. Drag a source to another category without having to go to the “organize sources” page.

    3. Have currently playing mp3 play at top of page while continuing to browse other articles.

    1. The first one especially. Or at least, give me the option to set up some sources so that when I click on them, it instantly links me to that page, rather than opening the preview window first and linking from there.

  13. 1)
    I wish I didn’t have to download the software locally, I wish it was a cloud based service. If there was a way to do so, I think it would not only benefit the users, but also you guys considering that you would only have to engineer the website, and not manage support for a bunch of browsers. I’ve noticed that functionality is not the same in one browser as another, and this is unfortunate. So that’s one think I wish.
    2) I wish I could more easily play videos in the Feedly webpage. For some reason I’ll get these flash errors on a lot of videos, and they flat out wont play.
    -That’s all. Thanks for your awesome product and keep up the great work!

    1. +1 For both.
      I am a Safari user and after testing Chrome and firefox I decided they’re both not well enough integrated with OS X. Yet I’d still like to have an equally well updated feedly experience which is at this moment impossible.

      On the 2nd: youtube players don’t always work correctly, the feature I miss a lot on youtube player is full-screen.

  14. 1.1: Marking things as read which I have already read, without disappearing them. (The X button is really destructive!)

    1.2: Recovering items I have marked as read and hidden. (Is that even possible right now?). And Undo button for such things would fix it for me.

    2: I wish Feedly did something clever for displaying articles that have images wider than its fixed width. (Right now the images and the text end up overflowing the container and they get cut off).

  15. 1) Share an Image on Tumblr
    2) See a Note on top of a shared article, that I’m seeing it because xY shared it (it always confuses me)
    3) See Comments (if available) not just in the “Open”-View, but in the inline full content too.

  16. 1) Offline usage. There is no need for extension, if it does not deliver it.
    2) Dich the need for Google RSS, use Firefox to aggregate it. Decentralisation is the key.
    3) Use Magic Sorting – if article is read more than 2 second, mark it good. I have lot of feeds and it would be great if articles i just swipe over for moment wouldent be counted as good. Thisway sorting would work better (cause i read all articles). Also note, that asking to mark content as read is very bad (reading 3K articles per week, swiping through 10K)

    1. 2) I disagree actually, please don’t do that, or make it optional at least. The ability to sync through Reader to all my devices is one of the primary reasons for using Feedly for me. In fact, if it stopped syncing, I would not be able to use it any more, as keeping my phone and and my desktop in sync would become a hassle. I like to handle things once on the device of my choice and have those actions mirrored throughout.

  17. I wish there was an easier way to see full articles from feeds that only include the first few sentences. Now I can click preview, which works ok, but if somehow you could show it in the same element as the other content, not in a pop-up, that would be so awesome!

    Thanks for asking!

  18. When you mark all your feeds as read that feedly automaticly takes you to your next list of feeds or whatever
    When there are large images in the feed, the buttons for rating and saving disappear and the text doesn’t break of right anymore. So for images a max-width property would, I think, help
    the magic sorting that sala says would also be great!

    1. This would be nice, there are some articles you run into that you wish you could just read later, offline, or some time later and share with a friend even if the original source may have vanished into the maze of tubes that is the internet.

  19. Q2
    1. share a single article with a specific user or group
    2. ignore content: mosy annoying task is to repetetively delete articles about arguments I do not care
    3. suggest useful content from some source

    In general, point 2 and 3 should be summarized:
    I follow a lot of source and I need help to ignore content I do not care (point 2) but also suggest article from source I barely follow but I care the argument.

    My vision is that I have to tell feedly some source I totally follow, other I follow less, some topic I am interested and other I do not care. Feeldy should present me pages that respect those settings.

  20. there seems to be a bug where, despite the fact that i’ve deleted every last trace of a feed from feedly and google reader, it still shows up. when I right click the feed name, i don’t get the usual drop-down of subscription options. so, getting rid of that problem. also better integration of non-favorite feeds. i seem to be reading the same blogs most of the time, but i have hundreds of feeds. otherwise i love it. feedly is the first RSS reader i’ve really, really used.

  21. I wish I could view Feedly without installing an extension.

    I wish I could view Feedly ‘as is’ on an iPad without having a seperate app

  22. I wish Feedly made marking of entries easier. For example, under the image view, you have to mark all or none. They don’t mark as you scroll past and you can’t simply tell it to mark all on a page as having been seen.

    This comes into play for people who are like me and subscribe to a number of image feeds for inspiration. Daily I’m shown 1,000+ images that I quickly flick through. However, I have to do them all in one sitting. The only alternative is to mark them all read at once and miss out or have to re-view images later.

    The best alternative would be to add the ability to mark all on a page as read instead of every image. That way I can view as I have time without having to look at the same images again if I want to see them all.

  23. 1. Please, please, PLEASE darken the share, star, and mark as read and hide icons that appear next to each post title. They are so light and very hard to see. I have to squint and almost touch my 22″ monitor just to see them :(

    2. I’d like to be able to search only UNREAD articles from my feeds.

    3. Please remove the favicons from the organize sources page — they serve no real purpose. When I unsubscribe from a feed, it often automatically goes there — takes forever to load (even with FiOs) , and almost crashes my browser!

    1. @1 – SO TRUE.

      I asked for this ages ago and was told it would be dealt with. No change.

      I also have a 22″ monitor and half the time I’m not even sure if the icons are there or have been hidden as they’re so tiny and light. If you don’t want us to click the buttons, why not just remove the damn things altogether?!

    2. I Aggree with the suggestion and would recommend the read, (etc.) icons to be indented to the right all at the some distance, allowing us to more easily scrool, mark as read, and so on, without having to see where the mouse pointer is placed.

  24. 1.1 There are problems playing flash contents from Feedly in Chrome when page is zoomed in.

    1.2 Feedly is considerably slower in Chrome than in Firefox when page is zoomed in.

    2 It would be great to change the default theme of Feedly.

  25. Q1 -I wish the mark read, like and bookmark links were BOTH at the top and the bottom of each article.
    Q2 – I would like Feedly to work with ReadItLater and Instapaper which I use for saving my unread links for later.

  26. I am actually fairly happy with everything feedly at the moment, I actually recommend you alot… I am begging for an app for iPhone and iPad… Please please please!

    1. I too am looking forward to an iPad version. Even if it has to be separate app–I just can’t tell you how much I miss feedly when I’m using the iPad.

  27. Q1.
    auto-mark as read as you scroll any page

    a) some sort of “mark as read for posts older than one day” button
    b) allowing me to add a comment when I click the “share” button
    c) tumblr in the mini-side bar

  28. I read my sources differently, some of them immediately some of them at a long time. So the long ones builds up so if there was a nice feature that i can drag and drop these unread ones on a box that i could look whenever i want, therefore i won’t see unread messages because of them .

  29. I would like to save de page permanently in ONENOTE.

    The saved posts should be sorted as same in the same categories as the sources.

    I LOVEEEEE feedly

  30. I wish I could mark a “page” of articles read without marking all the ones I haven’t seen yet.

    For instance, I get hundreds of items on my Food topic page. It will show me however many, but the count at the top shows there are hundreds more.

    If I click the checkmark – it marks them ALL as read, not just ones currently visible on the page. I’d like to be able to mark those on the page as read, then click refresh to see the next page full.

    Does that make sense?

  31. – Disable conceptual menu when selecting text. i’m agraid to click on feedly now.

    – Combine “mark page as read” with “back to top”.

    – use feedly without a brower extension. feedly everywhere *O*

  32. Q1.1. Shortcut v opens the article in a new tab iso a new window.
    Q1.2. Remember logins to gmail & twitter, having to login to much now.

    Q2.2. Integrate my streams from twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. and let me interact with it.
    Q2.3. More intelligent message filtering. C.f. Google Search results: more simular results. Now I see articles or information more than once in different streams, it would be great if they could be compressed to 1 item with an indication that there are more similar items available if i would like them to see…

  33. Button to delete all visible article on each page.

    I have an overlook with COVER and save some articles. All the others I would like to be able to delete with one click. :-)

    This function would make Feedly able to help me getting done with Google reader blogs.

    What do you think?

  34. I wish Feedly kept you signed in longer. Right now I have to log in once a day, when really it should only have to be around once a week or month.

  35. 1. Wish I would make certain feed disappear from popular & must read

    2. Wish after reload of the page unread items from popular & must read go away

    3. Wish must reads was based on my viewing experience (containing the feeds I read the most)

  36. – filtering, sorting posts within a category
    – searching through several categories
    – improve search within favorites by filters and tags
    – changing the size of the column for the grid layout

  37. Android

    Delete saved items for good so that I can use feedly to replace instapaper.

  38. Q1 : It would be amazing if you could simply “drag & drop” either a URL or an open tab into the Feedly page and it would start up the subscribe task.

    Q2 : I sort of wish Feedly would be slightly more customizable as far as the look goes. Stopping short of full skins, which are often ugly and distracting, some friendly color palette selections would be cool.

  39. Q1) I live on the j/k/spacebar keys when reading and I wish the spacebar behaved more like Greader — when I’ve paged down with spacebar to the bottom of a long post it would open the next and I can keep reading new stuff without switching keys.

    Similarly, when I get to the bottom of unread items in a source, I would like it to pick a new source with unread items from the ‘featured sources’. I hate the “End of List” popup!

  40. flash videos don’t always play, or the controls are sometimes unresponsive after playback begins (Chrome 4.1)

    when pressing the g key, it would be nice if the shortcut keys for the navigation items (cover, digest etc, also the 0-9 number shortcuts for the labels) were revealed.

    I like the magic bar, but I would like the following navigation system too:

    Maybe after pressing g, if you pressed (say) h, then shortcuts for the sources list could be displayed. Therefore, to navigate to the third feed in the source list I could hit g-h-c.

  41. Q1) read latest layout (which recently stopped working for me), add/organize sources, share in facebook, undo read mark

    Q2)per feed personalized layout, i.e. my flickr feed should appear in digest as thumbnails, while other feeds as snippets etc.

  42. 1) Remove from feed button is not visible on single-line headlines when the blurb is too long. Move it to the left side, or have it clip the edge of the headline?

    2) Middle click opens a headline in a new tab even when the headline is closed (in Digest view)

    3) Be able to search deleted posts, or archive them

  43. 1. FINGER FRIENDLY MODE. For my tablet PC. Double the font and Quadruple the size of the tiny share/save/hide buttons.

    2. Blog plugin. I wish I could paste html on my blog that would show my Google Buzz Shared items and allow comments.

    3. Minor concerns. Video is buggy. The copy link doesn’t work in Chrome. Keyboard navigation is a little wonky. Search is useless; I have to search in Google Reader.

  44. 1. I’d like to be able to customize My Digest page

    2. I would like to be able to choose a theme

  45. No answers to the questions, just a tip/request from me.

    Please avoid feature bloat. Don’t pack Feedly so full of social media BS that it looses it’s way.

    Feedly is the best thing since sliced bread because of it’s gorgeous design, and simplicity, please keep it that way and just say no to feature creep.

    Thanks for a great product!

    1. We hear you. My first goal is to simplify things. This thread is important because it helps me understand what is important and what is broken so that we do it oversimplify. Thanks!

  46. I’d like a “mark all feeds as read” button. Sometimes if I haven’t checked for a few days, there are hundreds of unread feeds and I just want to start over.

  47. 1) Customize layout (different colors for different sections); More filter settings and search options (“search ‘keyword’ in my sources within the last 5 days”)

    2) Link similar topics in different news sources. So that I can say, e.g. “mark as: read all”. Or just to read a different opinion from another news magazine. etc

    Thanks for your great piece of software!

  48. If talking about the simplicity, I’d like to have an option to switch off displaying buzz, popular and karma sections, and prevent pop-up menu with do and search sections when clicking on the article text (I have a bad habit to highlight the text when reading, and the menu something disturbs)

    But still, I’m not complaining!) using google reader without feedly is impossible for me

  49. I would definitely love integration with Hootsuite. i.e a button to share via Hootsuite since I manage all my social media from there.

    The ability to copy a link in the Chrome Version of Feedly

    Last but not least, more keyboard shortcuts :) If I remember something else, will include it later ;)

  50. Saved Searches. It would be great to be able to have a saved search which would search my subscriptions. Posting these searches on the Digest page would be the bomb.

    1. I like this. A couple of other users have suggested trying to improve the search page. We can probably combine both and offer a new iteration of search/track. Will keep you posted.

  51. I wish you could delete all items older than….
    For instance sometimes when I add a new source it imports a million messages going back forever, and all I can do is ‘mark all as read’ which sometimes doesn’t get rid of them – meaning every time I go into that source it takes ages to load because there are 50 million feeds listed there (and if I tried to dismiss them individually would take me ages).

  52. I’d love if you could have multiple magazine-style front pages for different categories, or customizable layouts with certain areas devoted to whatever categories I choose.

    For example, most of my subscriptions are in two categories: news and comedy. Since the comedy sources have such an overwhelming amount of posts, they wind up dominating my front page, even when I only like a few of them. If I could make my front page mostly news with only one or two spaces reserved for the highest-rated comedy options, that would be perfect.

    Also, I wish new stories would fill in automatically when the read articles disappear, rather than forcing me to refresh the page to repopulate it with stories.

  53. Also the ability to stay logged in – I login to my feedly (running Chrome) via google, and despite all my settings set to save passwords and automatically stay signed in to everything it keeps kicking me out so I have to re-login every time I try to use my feedly.

    1. You are right: a lot of people have been complaining about getting logged out. We are considering swichting to oauth or client login to avoid this issue. Will keep you posted.

  54. Not sure where I’m going with this so bear with me, but I’d like so more smarts built into how feedly interprets my reading habits and spits them back at me.

    For instance, while I’m at work, I probably read more about social media and stuff than while I’m at home. So from 8AM to 6pm, my cover gives me more work related pages. From 7PM to 12AM, I want to see more of my pleasure blogs pop up.

    Also, how about some brains built into article grouping? I read Crunchgear, Mashable, and Joystiq. All of them posted an article today about Xbox’s Project Natal. I’d love it if when I read Joystiq’s coverage of this, I could mark the Mashable and Crunchgear articles as read too.

    Same thing with yesterday’s Twitter outage. The story came through umpteen times.

    Small things? Link copying in Chrome. Access to my gmail contacts in Chrome.

  55. A really small thing: a simple dislike feature to go with the like feature. I have a few feeds where I really like about 10% of their posts, but don’t really care for the rest, so some sort of post-content-based recommendation system would work really well for me, as opposed to taking each source wholesale.

  56. Mine’s simple: I wish I shouldn’t need to sign in to my Google account whenever I put my computer to sleep or hibernate. Don’t know if it’s a bug, security measure, or something else.

  57. 1. Filtering ability for rss feeds. I’d like to read the headlines feed of a general news page, but automatically remove the sports headlines.
    2. An option to automagically unify double entries coming in from different feeds on the same site. Some pages serve rss feeds for various article categories. Now, if an article is published in two categories and I have a subscription to both of those feeds, I get it twice. Happens a lot with arxiv.org feeds and newspaper feeds.
    3. More customizability for one of the main pages. I like to have things belonging into specific categories always appearing in the same places. Currently, I cannot create a page in which on top there are only news feeds, with blogs below that and webcomics to the left of the blogs etc. (or rather, I have so far been unable to figure out how to do it).
    In the beginning I actually used the organize sources view (!) to browse my feeds. because it is sort of organized like that (not really convenient, though).

    Everything else: perfect. Thanks for this piece of software which helps me every day.

  58. I wish there were filters. I mean positive and negative ones. Like if a content mentions “Paris Hilton” i do not want to read. If it mentions scarlett johannson I might want to read it. Seriously, this would be great.

  59. A Mini side-bar working with Chrome. A “saved for later” area, maybe : it’s sometimes long to find something you saved for later.
    Otherwise, I really enjoy using Feedly, thanks for your job !

  60. #1 Fix “Open articles in Feedly.” I would donate money to have this fixed!!

    #2 Allow us to hide the unread count on some feeds. Feeds are not all treated the same. Some feeds like “A VC” or “UX Magazine” I want to read every article. Others like Globe & Mail, the Guardian, BBC spit out hundreds of articles a week. I would rather skim those. I don’t need to be reminded that I’m behind because I’m not.

    Those 2 changes would be terrific! Thanks for asking.

  61. 1. options to make the interface look like a news paper (this would be AWESOME!!!!!)

    2. when you hit mark as read\mark all as read delete all articles except for ones that are saved


  62. The ability to hide certain feeds from your cover page that you wouldn’t want presented to you until you are ready to look at them at their respective page.

  63. when an article doesnt have a picture, you something like a google image search to find a matching picture based off headline or summary text

  64. – Subscribe easier to feeds and feedbundles
    – Easily share subscriptions between connections
    – Commenting across feeds and connections
    – Easily share content to many places at once (FB, Twitter, Evernote etc)

  65. 1. Make the Preview more focused
    e.g. gray out the complete background if the article is open in a preview.

    2. More Customization
    First priority: Fontsize
    Second: Colorschemes

  66. 1.1. When scrolling a page, only articles that go off screen are marked as read
    1.2. When scrolling to the end of a page, the entire page is automatically marked as read then the whole page is refreshed and returned to the top of the page

    2.1. Personalized Filtering of articles like RSSOwl
    2.2. Personalized Filtering of articles like RSSOwl
    2.3. Personalized Filtering of articles like RSSOwl

  67. 1) Closing the preview-screen (e.g. by clicking on the border as with the synopsis view)
    2) Excluding specific feeds from the digest etc.

    3) Keeping up the good work! Briljant concept!

  68. 1. Easy navigation through keyboard. I have many feeds, so it wiil be easy if I can have easy keyboard shortcuts for saving it for later or marking as read.

    2. The same bar that is in the top, at the bottom. When I reach the end of an article, i need to scroll up to mark it as read.

  69. 1) easy unsubscribe to sources — a “minus” next to sources
    2) improved filtering of feeds that have many, many posts — e.g. forum RSS feeds — I can’t subscribe to feeds that have too many posts b/c they overwhelm my “latest” numerically — a way to sample (only latest 10?) would be great

    @ clara +1
    @ Dex +1
    @ Cheryl F +1

  70. 1. Have the firefox icon show the # of feeds or articles to be read like the google chrome icon does

    2. Have feedly recognize if I am subscribed to the feed already. If I put this in my own category (e.g. News), I don’t want this feed to also show up in blogger following also. Maybe even have the ability to disable the “blogger following” category so I can organize the sources in my own category. Right now, if I put them in my category, they show up in both.


  71. Personally i having just come to feedly recently i find it an excellent tool there are a few areas that would greatly improve things for me personally.

    First off a ‘recommended’ or ‘liked by friends’ system would be great, with integration from social sites such as facebook i could see what my friends are interested in and quickly add new topics.

    A discovery system to showcase feeds that are of similar taste to ones you already subscribe to would be good, allowing me to broaden my feeds to find more variation.

    Personal portal, a page showing social news taken from facebook, twitter, myspace etc. Highlighting your name or important friends posts and letting you get a quick overview in the days of thousands of spam messages and applications.

    The only other thing i can think of that would radically improve things would be a bookmark import, take sites such as delicious diigo and google bookmarks, find topics of interest and new feeds based on the links then present a fully personalized portal for a brand new user.

  72. when you highlight a word and it gives you the option to search it in Google, it would be nice if that could be opened in a new tab when clicked

  73. Q1:
    – need a better way to calculate the featured articles, websites i read are not very much shared over google reader, maybe you can take into account on site comments, facebook, google page rank ?!
    – need ability to adapt to the page width, via an option for example. it’s a magazin page so take the fullscreen please
    – I think in the magazin layout, the number of featured items on the top is not enough. I tend to miss articles

  74. I’ forgoted… I think article preview isn’t really practical, websites tends to more and more cut posts, so this option is important and needs attention

  75. Top 3 Things I wish could be easier: 1) Refreshing a section of the Digest when I’ve read everything on show, rather than having to refresh the whole digest.
    2) Letting me automatically go to an item’s page rather than make me click on the feedly link then on the item header. I know that a lot of my feeds are just going to give an introduction to or notification of new content, so a button that lets me go straight to the content’s webpage would save some time.
    3)If there’s a blank tab open somewhere, Feedly should open into that tab instead of making a whole new one.

  76. Ajax interface, so I can drag & drop my itens anywhere on the grid, specially on the cover.

    The cover needs to be more customizable, i.e.: I want only “animation” to show on that area, etc.

  77. unless i missed the setting for this – I want to mark as read the results of a search, e.g, I’ve already read everything announcing Elena Kagan is the President’s Supreme Court pick. I want to mark everything with “Elena Kagan” as read.

  78. I wish to see the old day news paper style in terms of design.
    Another thing is widescreen format as most of the monitors as widescreen nowadays.

  79. 1) –Commenting on articles as I share them/after. I wish there were a comment box at the bottom of every article. Only some articles seem to have them, and then only if someone else in my circle already commented on it.

    –on small screens I often don’t see an At a Glance button, or can’t get a column down the left of options. I miss that when I’m on my netbook.

    –selective sharing with certain people instead of auto-sharing with everyone.

    More customization

  80. The only feature I want to see is a setting to “mark auto-read after ___ days” for everything. When I don’t read an article, it’s because I’m not interested in the title…it’d be great if it didn’t sit there for a month. This is something Feedly could implement to improve on Reader.

  81. Simpler:
    1. Do not open the message in a dialogue box covering the other posts, but within the page to facilitate browsing.

    2. Add a add source button (can be as small as a +) so that I can add sources quickly without calling out the main menu.


    1. When clicking a RSS feed subscribe button in websites using firefox, an option to add to feedly is given and can be set as default.

    2. Priority to be given to each feed so that I can organize and put them in the exact position I want. Now I can’t put them in my desired order and have to look for them.

    3. A customizable view for different feeds. Now within one page just one type of view can be applied. But for different feeds I might want to use different views. Just to take an example. Within the same category, some sites do not have pictures and I get to see the “default” ones, which makes no sense to me.

    Also, for cover and digest they are also fixed in positions. Would be great if I can move different blocks to different positions.

    For feeds with very long names I could not find the subscribe button after clicking preview. Please make it appear again.

  82. Before developing new features it would be ideal to make feedly work on all major web browsers, i.e. Chrome & Safari.

    You’re doing a great job feedly team! Keep up the good work.

  83. 1. Reading articles within feedly
    2. Minimizing articles once i click them
    3. Some kind of intelligence or ranking to bring the right articles to the top, whilst eliminating duplicates.

  84. Would be great to have more keyboard shortcuts.

    Specifically I’d love “n” and “p” to take me to the next and previous articles just like in Google Reader.

    Love your work guys…

  85. I’m pretty amazed with Feedly’s performance and usability, but it’s got a few problems.

    1. A feature that expands articles without going to the site when it is only a short intro. I know there’s a Chrome add-on that does this.

    2. Saving my session… Everytime I open Chrome or even sleep/wake-up my computer, I have to re-login to Feedly. All of my other website sessions are saved.

    3. Having articles show up in both Featured on the Digest and in the category area. It’s okay if it’s displayed in both, but if I mark it as read under Featured I want it to be marked as read below as well.

  86. I wish there was no 20-articles per page limit….infinite scroll is the way to go. And the optional next button.

    1. I was going to suggest this myself. I’d like to be able to set how many articles are loaded per page.

  87. an option to display all articles within a category, as opposed to unread only. this used to be the default behaviour, if I remember correct, but now there is only a tickbox filter that says “unread only”, but it’s completely useless. whether or not it’s selected, only unread articles are shown.

    this should be so simple, please please please do this.

  88. 1. Share with multiple sources without having to repeat (muli-select feature)
    2. ability to view Videos within Feedly without having to leave the site
    2. Ability to Schedule sharing.

  89. 1. i want to read full story , as follows.

    Google Reader Full Feed ://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/ngjdkiihbphbiaeaaghhlacjnoekdcfe

    google reader full feed changer ://userscripts.org/scripts/show/19949

  90. I’d like to be able to control how many articles are displayed per page. Ideally I could specify any number of my choosing, and let the user decide what is an acceptable balance between time to load (during which I can be off in another tab or something) and the convenience of never, ever having to click another ‘next page button’ again.

    More control over the appearance would be very much appreciated as well. In particular, as I spend a great deal of time staring at the computer screen, and a significant portion of that time is staring at feedly, an option for negative colors would be very helpful. Either allow setting colors of text and background, or a simple ‘invert all colors’ toggle would suffice.

  91. It would be nice to be able to TAG articles that are being read on the fly. You could add a Tag Icon beside the (Share / Save for Later / Mark As Read) grouping. Then TAGS could be grouped and viewed on your Organize Sources Page.

  92. 1) easier way to share on FB, Twitter; Refreshing a section of the Digest when I’ve read everything on show, rather than having to refresh the whole digest; auto-mark as read

    2) completely costumizable page; browse feedly of other people; classify sources

  93. 1) OpenID/OpenAuth instead of extension. But I can live without it.

    2) Faster subscribing. The preview takes too long, I’d love an option to skip the preview and subscribe directly. Also, mass subscribing would be nice… Maybe another extension just for subscribing??? I’d love it!

    3) The line wrapping goes crazy sometimes, because of large images, and I can’t really read all the words… a fix would make my day! =/

    I had lots of other requests, but I dug deeper and realized they’re already implemented, so my requests are all lame!


  94. I’ve enjoyed using feedly tremendously so far. I don’t really need anything more. Whatever you do in the future, please always make available a basic version with as few features as possible. Do not go down the path of bloat-up-the-software just because you can. Thank you.

  95. Q1)
    1) More options on where I’m posting, social network-wise.
    2) Video viewing.
    3) Read full articles.

    Q2) Better sharing options would be nice, also, adding a comment to something I share would be even better.

  96. Just one thing I can think of at the moment…

    I think the share buttons and “minimize”, “mark as read” and other such links would make more sense navigation-wise at the *bottom* of articles in feedly.

    This way, after a person reads an article they don’t have to scroll back up from the bottom of the article to use one of those buttons/links.



  97. I think the icons of “save” and “publish” are too bright. sometimes I cant see them.

  98. I had to think very long for this, actually. Feedly is kind of perfect as it is. But, uhm, I guess some kind of visual feedback for certain commands? Like, pressing V when you have a lot of tabs open could seem like it doesn’t actually do anything. Other commands are a bit like that too.

    Oh, and I don’t know if this is a bug in feedly or a “feature” in Firefox, but if I use V to open new tabs too many times, the popup blocker will start blocking and REFUSE to let me open any more unless I close feedly. So some new routine for that I guess?

  99. Have the “mark page as read” option at bottom of page, or combination of “mark page as read” with “back to top.”
    Have a “read later” feature, with a separate section for posts marked this way.
    The option to set up some sources so that when I click on them, it instantly links me to that page, rather than opening the preview window first and then linking from there.
    See comments in blog posts, or have the ability to comment.
    The ability to change the theme or even just the color scheme.

  100. I wish I could choose the element on the page to share (like in Yoono).

    I wish I could more easily see the Facebook post on my wall, that I’ve just shared. (also like in Yoono)

  101. I’d love to be able to upload the html file (or something else) to a server, so that I can access it from anywhere (e.g. from my iPad or iPhone).

  102. 1. Android! I already love Newsrob but feedly could make my mornings a tad more enjoyable :D

    2. Mini Feedly for Chrome. As i switched from Firefox to Chrome i realized how i hated bookmarks and really almost depended on the star in Google Reader. Please make me able to star any website again…

    3. I wish i could exclude certain categories or feeds from displaying on any aggregating page.

  103. (First of all, sorry if my english isn’t really good)

    Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly? (example: I wish I could more easily share an article once I have reached the bottom of a document, etc…)

    – Keyboard navigation. I don’t know why I haven’t discovered the keyboard shortcuts, I love to use gg to go easily to the feed I want, but when I use Shift + v to see a preview of the feed, I must use the mouse to focus on that preview, otherwise, if I touch any key, the preview goes away. Then, when I finish reading in the preview, I must also use the mouse to close it, I haven’t found a key that does this for me.

    – Something else about keyboard navigation. When I use n to navigate through the different feeds, I would prefer that those are not marked as read when I pass over it, sometimes I get a little confused.

    – Sometimes when I read a feed in my digest, in the featured area, it isn’t mark as read, so when I go to the source page, for example, the feed is still there. That’s kinda confusing sometimes.
    Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with but currently doesn’t (example: I wish I could click on an image and share in on Tumblr or Facebook).

    – I wish I could tag saved news. I use to have some tags to classificate my starred feeds in GReader, and I can’t use them in feedly

    – I’d really love an iPhone app with feedly clean design and nice sections. That would be great. I know it’s a lil’complicated, but you should think about it :P

    – I’d like to have an option to see the comments in the feed, if any (and even make a new one)

    Sorry if I was too extended, but I really like feedly, hope I could help you :)

  104. A night “theme” or version would be nice, with a dark layout.
    A layout option like the video grid one but only 2 articles wide, with bigger images.
    And most of all, google calendar integration, ability to view and add events.

  105. 1. Would feedly ever work with Opera? Currently I am using firefox and opera because of feedly, otherwise I would be using Opera. Is this in the future, or even possible?

    2. Themes/skins for feedly. I love its function and its form. Being able to skin it to match some layout or scheme I maybe using that week would be great. The extension already kicks ass, but well designed scheme (maybe allowing aero for transparencies — optional of course because I doubt everyone is willing to expend system resources) would be like kicking ass while wear a suit.

    3. A shortcut/button on the taskbar in windows 7 with a jumplist to common features (go to the digest view, cover view, preferences)

    4. I wish, feedly was more tablet friendly, as in it resized for a portrait layout or had a tablet view.

    Thank you in advance

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  107. 1. Be able to auto-load entire articles in feeds that have truncated content, rather than opening the preview window first and linking from there. – Original suggestion @ barry@cocodeep.com // April 30, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    2. A way to save the current snapshot of a webpage to be read later, even if the page has been removed. (Maybe use Instapaper) – Original suggestion @ leaase // April 30, 2010 at 9:01 am

    3. A way to select multiple feed sources and edit their category

    4. 2. An option to automagically unify multiple entries coming in from different feeds on the same site. Some pages serve rss feeds for various article categories. Now, if an article is published in two categories and I have a subscription to both of those feeds, I get it twice. Happens a lot with arxiv.org feeds and newspaper feeds. – Original suggestion @ Daniel // May 11, 2010 at 9:47 pm

  108. I like feedly so much I have stopped thinking about enhancements a long time ago.
    There is only one think I currently miss – automatic feed translation into English. This is something GReader has.

  109. 1. Mobile version
    2. With the slick newspaper style layout, why not integrate page turns to different categories

  110. Although feedly gives some hottest news in RSS, it can not give the news that user are most interest since it does not consider user history of likiness and shares.

  111. *many google reader items never shows up
    *I want to see new feeds first (filter), grouped
    * zoom button for big LCD’s

  112. Feedly is great!

    maybe a minor improvement:

    1) Sometimes you can’t click on the icons such as for ‘mark as read’ aso. because the feed subject is to long. You need to click once to get the preview.

  113. The usability of feedly is already very good. Most comments I read are very technical details.

    There is only thing I would like to get improved: managing the every day growing count of posts from my feeds! This is less a technical questions but about concept.

    I think there could be a better concept
    – to let less important feeds vanish
    – better visually outline recommended articles
    – emphasize those articles read by other users who read or recommend similar articles like me
    – consider twitter links to the article also as recommendation
    – let me add a list of keywords to outline probably more important articles

    But anyway, great service already

  114. First layout idea:
    To many icons in the layout! Get rid of the many “share” icons, but make one button which offers a dropdown list

    Second layout idea:
    when opening a post you overlay the feedly site you create a very similar looking window. When you darken the background the reader can better focus and find the window again. I’m always lost when switching back from an other tab

  115. * A Read-it-later button (in Chrome and Firefox)
    * The ability to make some sources always show up on my digest page; and some sources never show up. Sort of a must-read must read choice? Or like on Facebook, show more about, show less about, etc.
    * Add Digg to share sources? Put sharing at top and bottom of entries.
    * A darker theme choice.
    * Easier to see mark as read, like, etc. buttons next to entries.
    * Marking a search topic as read.

    I like the preview article the way it is! And I LOVE feedly. Improve things by all means, but don’t ever change.


  116. Thank you for great Feedly!

    – Pause subscribtion. Not unsubscribe but pause. Sometimes there’re too many feeds and I have no time.
    – Design for 1680×1050 resolution.
    – Sometimes pictures of news don’t shows up :-( in picture grid.
    – Configure Like button level. For example there’re very many feeds with 1 like, so it could be not really interesting but it already colored. I would like to color headlines when it has for example at least 5 likes or something.

  117. A beautiful app for the iPad. That’s all I’m really looking for. The Chrome extension is beautiful and functional as it is :)

  118. A better way to share, not using the list in the google adress book or avoid using buzz and still be able to share articles.

  119. A maximally customised design for any given resolution if that is possible, would really be fantastic to see.
    Also what gives on the iphone app submission plans when can we get to see it… :-)

  120. Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly?
    1) Clicking on any of the 3 buttons for ‘mark as read’, ‘share’, and ‘save for later’ are pretty hard for people with eyesight problems (like myself). The buttons are rather light in color and tend to blend into the background.

    Please make it possible to color them a different color so we can stop clicking blindly all over the place searching for them. :(

    2) Reading a very long article means you have to scroll all the way to the top to mark it as read. Please put those 3 buttons at the bottom, too!

    3) Please expand the display of categories. Let me explain. I had a lot of categories. However, I noticed it would only display 5 of those categories on the left, no matter what, and I couldn’t figure out how to get to the other categories (which did still have unread pages). I ended up having to remove a lot of categories and lumping a lot of pages together in some categories to make them accessible from the category list.

    Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with but currently doesn’t (example: I wish I could click on an image and share in on Tumblr or Facebook).
    1) The “copy link” link doesn’t work if you’re using Chrome. Please let us Chrome users be able to access this, too?

    2) I wish we could choose themes/ colors/ skins for Feedly.

    Thank you very much. I <3 Feedly. It's the best reader I've ever found and I look forward to seeing the changes you guys make in the next version.

  121. First of all, thanks for a brilliant product!

    1. I would like a scrapbooking and tagging feature so that I can store and retrieve useful bits of information later

    2. I want to tag my saved posts and search them later according to tags and sources

  122. Since I use feedly for keeping track of manga updates, I always use the “latest” page as my main page.

    1) Since I have a lot of feeds, deleting one of them is quite an annoying task. It’s hard to actually find where to delete them, and then I have to find it in a 3-column list.

    2) Right now I can choose “mark as read” for all, or “mark as read and hide” individually. I would love a “mark all as read and hide” function for all the feeds, because right now my latest page is immensely long.

  123. First of all, the version 2 is great… that’s why I don’t really wish things to be easier (it’s perfect now !!!)…. but if you ask, I only see 2 things :

    1) Possibilities to se all the sources il the right column (instead of opening “Organize Sources” when we click on the “xx more”
    2) A web version (even a basic one) to have the great sensation of feedly without installing an extension… when we’re not at home !!)

    But, some things could be add… maybe…
    . I Wish it will be possible to have widgets (personnal notes, weather, facebook, TV guide… like in Netvibes)
    . An iphone app !!! ;o)
    . Skins (a darkest)


  124. Share and item without the feedly host in it. I don’t know if it’s for some statistics of your or something else, but it doesn’t often work properly and anyway I don’t like to see my shared links to be a feedly links.

    Stil… I love Feedly :)

  125. -I wish I could eliminate any of the share options I don’t use (avoiding the “NASCAR effect”)

    -I second the request to exclude any category from cover or digest pages

    -More size option for the photo view (S, M, L)

    Otherwise, great work.

  126. A fluid layout, specially to support screen resolutions up to 2000 px width, would be great!

  127. The problems with feedly (on firefox):

    Sometimes you can’t read the articles if the width is too important…
    The please login to twitter first textbox is too fast I don’t always have enough time to click on it!
    The loading of articles is sometimes a bit strange (doesn’t loads artivcles even if there is unread articles….)

    Anyway Feedly is fantastic!

    1. Other great thing that could be added is an offline mode… Just being able to load everything the morning before living and then be able to read/star/delete in the tube without internet connection.
      That would be really good

  128. Hi !
    Thanks for the great tool ! It helps me comply with today’s too much information on many subjects that is often discribe as one of the biggest internet flaws.
    Some features that seem great to help me go through all this information :
    1/ A tool to sort articles from different blogs talking about the same subject. May be done by checking tags and / or twitter related hashtags.
    2/ If many people share an article, might be good to emphasize this article by a gradient of different colors. Today, if one people or one hundred share an article, it appears with a blue. Maybe light blue for one and dark blue for one hundred could help find the most important / interesting articles.
    3/ iPhone / smartphone version coming soon ?

    anyway, thanks a lot for this incredible tool I am uing everyday on different computers :)

  129. Hello!
    First of all;

    – the tags would be great… but something with the videos would be nicer because that’s the most copied on the various blogs. You already can tell me if there is a video in the post I can’t see yet so in addition to the tags telling which links are in several posts and putting that in the ‘most important’ section would be great:D
    – costumizing! for me, having the option to switch lay-out quickly would be great: the musicblogs I visit look best on your ‘overview’ option but the news look better in opera mail…so?
    – -I third the request to exclude any category from cover or digest pages!

    I probably have more but this was al I could think of off the top of my head and from the few comments I’vé read!
    Feedly is awesome

  130. Q1. I wish “mark all as read” would work easier and have an easier way to distinguish read and unread elements.
    Q2. I wish to have easier access to “must read”, which I always forget where it is.

  131. Q1. Saved itens order and separated by publish date of the article (as before, I dont know why you cut off that!)

    Q2. I would love a mobile version for android!

  132. how bout a “like” button so i don’t have to go to Google Reader and “like” it from there? (“like” is different to “share”).

  133. Q1 On the extension, add a button to add the current blog you are looking at to feedly.

    Second the Google Bookmarks integration, but perhaps also integration with Google History to further refine subscription suggestions.

    I also like the idea of having several customizable magazine pages, so for example you could have a cooking page, news page, IT stuff page, all layed out slightly differently.

    Q2 I second the development of an Andriod version. It would also be could if this could function as a podcast player as well. Currently Google Listen integrates with google reader, but I find Listen a bit poor to use.

  134. Hi all!!! This is a great oportunity!! =)

    1) I would love to have the categories on the saved section. I mean, I have tons of saved feeds but when I go to the saved section I get a huge list with all the results!

  135. It would also be good if the back button worked, so if you accidently click on a post and instinctivly click back, it just closes the box you just opened.

  136. Q1a. Easier movement between articles, like next and previous buttons, would be immensely helpful (even though the shortcut keys exist).

    Q1b. Ways to categorize saved articles.

    Q1c. Better distinction between read and unread articles.

    Q2. Quicker ways to mark sources read without actually viewing them, to catch up after a few days of non-use.

  137. I wish I could read the whole article by just clicking on the title without having to use the “preview” or opening it in a new tab. For some RSS feeds it works but not for all of them. It’s quite a burden having to open so much articles. Thanks for listening!

  138. 1) Mark all read should mark the whole category read at once instead of marking one by one – it freezes the browser if you have a really big number of articles (200+)

    2) I wish it were integrated with read it later; I wish it would show the unread count on the categories bar on Firefox; I wish it would allow me to configure what to show on the digest page.

    Thanks and good work!

  139. 1) I usually use the Latest view, and I wish it was more simpler. I hate it, that the categories on the right side always change their order, once I click on a feed. I don’t understand why it’s doing it, but it’s quite annoying.
    Also, sometimes the content in a post is too wide, and it flows out of the container, and I can’t see the rest of it.

  140. I’d like 3 things:
    – An option that allows only articles with pictures to be on the “featured” list. (Since the random standard pictures usually dont match the articles)
    – An option to make articles that you just read disappear from the digest instantly and be replaced with some other article
    – I would LOVE to see an android app :)

    Keep up the good work, I love my very own, customized online-newspaper :)

  141. 1. I would like to have the share buttons below the article, so after reading it don’t have to go up and share it.

    2. It could be awesome if you develop a mini-feedly extension for Chrome, notifying the new post on the list as soon as it arrive.

  142. The thing I would like feedly to do the most is:
    – allow a chronological view rather than newest first.

    I like to look at all posts in order and am constantly going to the bottom of the page and scrolling up. Despite this feedly is still the best reader I have found, hands down.


  143. 1. Remove items after a customizable amount of time lying around unread – to prevent clogging.

    2. A “save for reading later” option

    3. Get entire content from truncated feeds.

  144. Constatand log-in. It seems that every time I go to Feedly I have to close it and re-login again, and again, and again. I don’t get it Google Reader maintains my login for days at a time.

    My pc does go to sleep every time I close it and grab it to go to a mtg etc. But I’d think lots and lots of people do this. It’s getting to be unusable, Chrome won’t save the PW so I can’t even use that as a workaround…

  145. Continuous log-in. It seems that every time I go to Feedly I have to close it and re-login again, and again, and again. I don’t get it Google Reader maintains my login for days at a time.

    My pc does go to sleep every time I close it and grab it to go to a mtg etc. But I’d think lots and lots of people do this. It’s getting to be unusable, Chrome won’t save the PW so I can’t even use that as a workaround…

  146. Hi!

    I wish the integration with google reader was tighter. For instance, the way the folders are handled i find nice on the feedly->greader direction, but when editing sources in greader, the categories in feedly are seldom updating as expected (vertical order of the folders, content of the categories).

    Thanks for the consideration and the great work!

  147. I wish you could add an option to filter which sites would the mini-widget appear/not appear on.
    Also please fix bugs of the firefox addon such as incompatibilities with other addons more regularly.

  148. Good job so far!
    – Opening an article in a background tab instead of a foreground tab (so firefox doesn’t switch to it).
    – Managing feeds. Kinda clunky drag n drop doesnt work so well.
    – Getting content faster. You know what articles the user is likely to read, pre-fetch em.

    – Help me focus on the content ;)

  149. A more orderly and intuitive “saved” pages interface, more in king with what shrook or net news wire supplies… where I would click on the saved and it would sort them under the name of the blogs as an extend-able click bar, or file versus just having the mess of them in there en masse.


  150. I would like the option that when I click the number next to a feed which marks them read that it will mark them read, remove the feed, and jump down to the next feed. It saves one click, but would make it a lot more easier to use.

  151. 1) Wish the delete boxes were more pronounced easier to see and delete!

    2) Wish it were easier to share on Facebook, Twitter as well as easier to maybe save articles we like in specific customized file folders.

  152. 1. feedly for iPad

    2. when using the mouse to scroll down to the bottom of the page, I have to click the “mark as read” link and the right, and then move to the left to click “next”. I wish there was one link to “mark as read and go to the next page”.

    3. when sharing via tumblr I wish there were more options available such as publish now, queue, and add tags.

  153. Just wondering, is there a way to unsubscribe from all feeds within a category using one click? That would be great!

  154. I wish stuff I read would actually go away.I wish I could turn off Amazon feed.I wish some of the snippets were not so short.
    Tasks Facebook feed,E-mail feed, iTunes feed

  155. Would love to be able to filter out a specific news story or topic. I hate having to skip over 40 articles about an iphone prototype for a week straight. Would be nice to just say “hide this article and ones like it”.

  156. Feedly seems designed to show you the articles you’d be most interested in or that are most popular. Personally, I like to read (or at least open and skim) every article on my feeds… and sometimes the chronology is important… thus I most prefer the Latest view. Google had Next and Previous buttons that I could just click on to page through everything from oldest to newest, but Feedly doesn’t seem to have such a feature, so I’m constantly clicking and scrolling through each article.

    To summarize, it’d be nice to have better support for viewing all articles from all feeds, oldest to newest, and navigating them in sequence until they’ve all been opened/read.

  157. It would be really nice if there was a browser icon that would show up when there is a new, unread feed.

    Also, it would be nice if there was a “mark all as read” feature so that when I subscribe to new feeds, I don’t have to go through each past feed and mark each one as read. Or, just do away with the showing of old posts when subscribing to a new feed.

    I feel like the subscription management page needs some help, but I don’t quite know how to explain it. It just doesn’t feel very user-friendly sometimes.

  158. Feedly is awesome and one of a kind, I’ve introduced it to many of my friends and they love it too.

    Recommendations for simplifying feedly would be (1) making the copy link button accessible to all browsers; chrome can’t use it. (2) Access perhaps as a truncated version on the ipod would be nice too. I know it sounds silly but being on the go i would love to be able to get the summaries I’ve been getting from the digest to briefly skim over while i’m on the bus so offline saved access would be cool (2.5)… but thats probably just me being dorky. Another curious thought to add for simplifying things is if there could be an option (3) for saving clips of text and (4) highlighting and a (5) separate print option so you can (6) print or email the clips out with web address, author, and rss name like bibliography mla form after each article

    I realize its a jumble of answers to 1 and 2 but if any of these came out I’d be psyched.

  159. for sites like photobucket it would be great if i was subscribed to a search feed like “hockey” and i could see not just the latest users hockey category feed but also to be able to explore all folders from the user within feedly, so i don’t have to go into the photobucket site at all.. Maybe list the images about 60-100 per page

  160. being able to add multiple rss feeds via copy and paste a list..

    not sure how to create an xml file from just a list of rss feed urls i have in notepad.. it would be easier if i could just copy 100 rss urls and paste them all ..

  161. 1) Make it easier and more obvious for me to see my can’t miss reads. IE, I always read Paul Krugman’s columns. put them right at the top so I can’t miss them.

    2) Feedly for the iPhone

    3) smarter sorting of my categories and feeds. i subscribe to a bunch of stuff, and anything feedly can do to point me to the good stuff is a huge help!

  162. oohhh and since there is already a button to feedly… maybe if there was a second button where if you found the proper address on your url bar to the rss feed you want, mebbe it can clip that and add it to the rest of the rss feedies with a little pop up to type in the proper channels and what nots?

    <— feels like she's asking Santa for flying hydrogen propelled rocket shoes for Christmas… in royal purple/ ermine… nix the sparkles.

  163. Feedly is awsome!

    Q1) By now, it’s ok for me.
    – ReadItLater integration would be absolutely amazing.
    – Loading GReader’s new feeds without having to reopen FF.

    Thank’s for the really good job.

  164. 1. Don’t ask to log me in every time I open Firefox. (Feedly is my homepage.)
    2. Add a way to integrate private feeds. (GMail comes to mind.)

  165. I wish the keyboard shortcuts bug would be fixed. I tweeted the bug back in march and @feedly acknowledged but no fix yet.

    I use “j” to cycle between the items on a page, especially in the digest view. When the same item occurs into more than one section – typically the item occurs once in the featured section and is present again in another section say “blogs” (in my case), then “j” will not go beyond the second instance of the item and articles after that second item cannot be read using the keyboard shortcut.

    See screenshot here:

    Video showing the bug here:

    Have quickly grown used to feedly but have had to jump back to GReader because I am a keyboard kind of reader. Would love to know if a fix is in the works so I know I can come back to feedly.
    Good product.


  166. Q1) I wish after watch video, I could just click then type in my message, and then choose which web2.0 service I wanna send.
    without jump out another windows~~

    Q2) I wish I could choose full-screen when I watch youtube videos~

    and thank you for the lovly feedly :)
    love it so much!!

  167. Recently read articles would be amazingly nice. For those times when you close one and then want to go back.

  168. When marking articles as read in the overview, they still appear in the categorys. So I have to click twice to get rid of them.
    Sometimes I want to scroll through the feeds of a blog to remember things of the last entries. That´s a bit complicated in Feedly.
    Non the less a great tool

  169. I’d really like to be able to filter things or at least to mass “mark as reads” on a search. For example, I really don’t care much about all those iPad articles, since I don’t have one. Being able to batch dismiss things would be wonderful.

  170. 1) * Adding subscriptions

    2) *organising your own cover by drag and drop (which blogs go where)
    * be able to see what people you follow have shared
    * skins

  171. I’ve only just started using Feedly but it’s great.

    Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly?

    Select all- for removing historical posts when adding new feeds (better yet, an option when adding a feed that asks if you want to import historical posts)

    I’d like to be able to drag and drop different parts of the digest to different areas of the page and have them save their location/state

    Recommended feeds based on currently subscribed

  172. Q1.1 – I wish it were simpler to take the actions available at the top of a post when I’m at the bottom. i.e. – Add keep as unread • preview • copy link, the thumb up • share • delete box, and all the external service links to the bottom of the posts in addition to the top. Maybe streamline the “actions” into one clean “actions bar” that is easily displayed at the top and bottom of posts.

    Q1.2 – I wish it were simpler to filter out duplicate/similar stories. It would be great if feedly only showed a from my preferred source (or the one that’s been shared the most, or some other metric that helps determine which one I’d most likely like to read) and helped me to ignore the rest. I’ve been trying out BuzzBox lately and they do a decent job of this.

    Q2.1 – I wish feedly would help me read feeds on my Android device.

    Q2.2 – I wish feedly used a more consistent AJAXy type user experience for all of the external sharing services instead of spitting me out to an external page for most of them.

    Bug Report
    feedly’s Preview functionality is great to quickly read a full post or the comments from a post. Sometimes the preview pane doesn’t word wrap the page correctly. Add Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood to feedly, Preview one of the posts (shrink down the browser width if your screen fits the whole thing correctly). The preview pane will not wrap the text. Click Open in New Tab, and the original site word wraps as expected.

    feedly is amazing. Congrats for creating such a high quality product.

  173. I would like to see a functionality that lets you organize your saved items into folders or categories. Currently saved is all in one looooong list.

  174. If you are thinking of making any theme changes, please lets us have the option of choosing the original design. I like the simplicity and beauty as it is now. Still, I would love the option to choose from a few different styles, and support for higher resolution monitors.

  175. 1. Nothing that hasn’t been said already.

    2. I would really love it if the unread sources could be organized by the number of articles in each source. If nothing else, it would be nice to have that option available for those of us who would use it. :)

  176. I would love to send e-mails via Google Apps, not just gmail. I always click the gmail icon and get dissapointed, since my personal and work emails are all Google apps based.

    Thanks, love Feedly a ton1

  177. I wish I could click any where outside the focused story to close it, rather than aiming for the gray border.

  178. Some things I’ve been thinking about:

    1) I wish Feedly was more active in cycling articles. Particularly on the Digest page it seems like articles I don’t read will stay in their respective sections for a long time after repeated opening and closing sometimes up to a week even though I know there is either new articles, or articles from other feeds that could be displayed even if they are not new. Since I imagine some people like this persistence I’d like to see an option that controls how aggressively it changes articles whether they have been read or not.

    2) I’d like to see Feedly be optimized for viewing web comics. Basically I like Feedly to pull in my comics from various sources display them much like you see in a newspaper comics page.

    3) I’d like to be able to share articles from Feedly (and mini-feedly) directly to Newsvine.com

  179. 1. I’d like more options, or more power over, how the page looks.
    For instance, I’d like the option of having the latest article from each subscription, instead of a few from one source and none of the latest from another.
    And the ability to arrange the page to my liking. Or at least a few more layout options.

    2. A sign out button that isn’t in a drop down menu.

    3. Maybe skins for the Feedly header to make it look like an old school newspaper? With an option to link to your weather forecast even?

  180. I’d have to second Tim (a few posts up) on being able to close an article by clicking anywhere outside of it, rather than the gray border being the only way to do that as of now.

  181. Change to full OAuth for all related services that need for integration, even for signing into Google and also Twitter. I hate it when feedly does not recognize the cookie properly even when I already have Twitter signed in. This resulting in I cannot Tweet items.

    And also fixed the entire Firefox crashed in between Google login and feedly page.

  182. I’d like to read as many posts as possible for each blog. I often go 3 weeks or more between reading some blogs, and I want to catch up on more than the most recent 5 posts.

    Also, when I sign up for a new blog, I’d like to be able to read back through to their very first post using feedly instead of going to their website.

    Thanks. I love feedly.

  183. I like to read my fave blogs and also share them and I hope you include sharing mechs on feedly…

    one thing that I gripe about is that feedly tends te be more laggy sometimes.. it must be the program that you are using but feedly runs a bit slower… the change the programming on feedly to make feedly much more smoother on other older comps and macs…

  184. 1-Find it ALL quite simple and elegant :)

    2- To display the statistics provided by the google reader on a more appealing and clever way, just like the you’ve done with the feeds.

  185. 1) Client for Symbian browser and/or addon on Opera mobile/mini

    2) Capability to share the feeds between laptop and mobile

    3) Capability to view favorited contents in the various feeds…

  186. My main problem is page size. If i have not been on a couple of days, i have a couple of hundred posts to catch up on.

    Would it be possible to set the amount of articles displayed on the page?

  187. How about providing pagination for SHARED and HISTORY categories? If there are more than 15 entries, scrolling down and up is a hassle.

    Or, how about creating two columns, one for the current page, and the shows the gist of the second page? I know ‘m asking too much, but these things run in my mind when I use Feedly.

    How about grabbing thumbnails from the posts instead of some random monotonous one? Thumbnail of the article page is enough too.

    Hope I’m not too very unrealistic in my suggestions. Lemme know if I am..

    Good luck on your redesign!

  188. I would like to be able to open blogs easier by clicking on their blog title (not just post title) either in the post, or via a list (i.e. organised sources, but a new page with the ability to simply open the blogs you’re following).

  189. I would like to be able to categorize the saved items. It is difficult for me to go through my saved items to search. If you provide tags for the saved items like Google reader, it will be really great.
    It is really an amazing website.

  190. Just echoing some of the previous comments:

    1) Tags. I use feeds for work. In Reader I’m able to tag items, then those tags become their own feeds I can share with coworkers, clients, etc.

    2) When I hide a post (especially a featured post), I’d like if a new post popped up.

    I’m sure I can think of other tweaks, but in general, I’m very happy with Feedly.

  191. i would like to put save and share button on both top and bottom, otherwise i have to scroll up to the top after i decided to share it or save it.
    secondly, could you load the entire news or article automatically? i would like to read the whole news inside feedly, not open another one. thanks for your work!

  192. -It would be good to have the control to handle the width for take advantage the resolution of my screen.

    -It would also be a good option to see those who share the feed. Not only the number of people who share the feed.

  193. 1) Sharing improved, First I miss the share with comments, and second share through email.

    2) If feedly would could group story by relevance across tags that would be a big time saver. Example Ipad release day everyone had the same articles after reading one I you had the details.

  194. For the expanded view of an item I think the “share”, “save”, “close” widget should be placed at the bottom of the expanded window so it is easily accessible without the user having to scroll back up to it.

  195. 1) I’d like a way to see which feeds I haven’t read any posts from in xx days – to review the usefulness of the subscription

    2) I’d love a way to differentiate between “mark as read” cuz I read it all and “mark as read” cuz I didn’t care to see/read it

    3) combining 1 and 2, I’d love a way to see how many items in a feed that I’ve marked “don’t care” – to review the usefulness of the subscription

    4) an option for getting some “style” to the page – themes I guess

    5) way to filter out posts by keyword in the title so you don’t see them – ie “sale” or “contest” if I don’t care about those

  196. It’d be great if the site had some ajax enabled features, like loading in the next articles once you’ve marked one as read already.

  197. Idea for the future.
    Integrating with browser history so that watched items are being auto-marked as watched in Feedly as well.

  198. -Instead of adding some weird pictures, take the one on the site…I mean the original site.

    -Gets your feed in the lenguage that you want.

    -scratch the read one and add a new one…

  199. 1. More and better search options. It’s not so easy to search for a keyword in the RSS-feed of one website via Feedly.

    2. Create the possibility to collect items out of different RSS-feeds which use a certain keyword. In other words: the option to create pages around one keyword. The page collects all messages out of different RSS-feeds that use that specific keyword. (Maybe this is already possible, but I couldn’t find it).

    3. Did you know a service like ‘share.opml.org’? Would be great to have this in Feedly as well. It helped to find new and interesting RSS-feeds and also to get to know other people having quite the interests in similar RSS-feeds.

    Keep up the good work!

  200. Top 3:

    1) Make it easier to jump to the page of origin, or open the link in a window within Feedly

    2) selectable sort for articles

    3) layout themes

  201. Oddly enough, when viewing articles in the overview mode, the ‘x’ keyboard shortcut does not work. Such a simple thing, but it’s remarkably inconvenient, especially for long articles, lol. I don’t know if this is the case in other browsers–I have Chrome.

    Also, I would love a little more leeway on being able to control the colour scheme of the site. I like the clean and sharp layout it has now, but grey on grey is a little hard for me to read. I’m more of a black and white person.

  202. 1) Read It Later integration
    2) Easier organization of each category (move a category or delete a source in a category or move a source from a category to another etc.) : I have to go to “organize sources” and to scroll down into the category to edit it
    3) Add a view menu where related subjects are grouped, to avoid reading x times the same articles

  203. Q1. Youtube integration – I want to watch YT embedem movies directly in feely

    Q2. It would be nice to middle-click on rss header and open link in new tab (chrome)

  204. I’d like to second this:
    – Opening an article in a background tab instead of a foreground tab (so firefox doesn’t switch to it).
    – Read It Later integration

    Also, I’d like to see an option to better use the full screen especially wide-screens

  205. The Share/Save for Later/Mark as Read controls next to each title are near-as-dammit INVISIBLE! Make them bright colors or something! Not everybody has 20/10 vision anymore.

  206. >> Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with

    Some kind of algorithm, that enable me to mark an article/post with “I don’t want to read articles of this kind”.

    E.g: I am subscribing to SmashingMagazine, but I am not that interested in articles about Apple. So every time there’s an article about Apple I would press a “not interested”-button. Eventually articles about Apple will be filtered out.

    Maybe based on tags in the articles or some other keywords.

    – Carsten

  207. dont know if this has been mentioned – but I would love a way to sort posts in chronological order since my last login – like the ‘latest’ option but in reverse as I click the links to posts to open the actual blogs and I get confused if a blog has more than one new post since my last login

  208. 1. Theming. Color themes for entire pages (not just links)
    2. Cover page: when closing (hiding) a hot story (one with a large picture) the blank area remains on the page until I click ‘Refresh’. It would be nice if blank gaps were automatically filled with new content (just like it works in other views in Feedly).

  209. The most annoying UI issue for me is not been able to close an article at the bottom, once you finish reading. The sharing options would be cool, but is something you do for *some* articles. But closing is something you have to do on *every* article.

  210. 1) Better prioritization of preferred feeds
    2) Duplication of feeds reduction – my feeds would be reduced to a fraction of their current unread status if the duplicate feeds/stories were mostly or completely hidden/eliminated – Many of the duplicate stories are sourced from the same base story
    3) Ability to adjust the look and feel of each feed instead of just each major category

  211. 1. Share an article _with a comment_ easily from the bottom of the article

    2. Help friends and colleagues link to my account so they can see what I share and I can see what they share — this should be one button like inviting on LinkedIn (easy)

    3. Organizing sources — it is always buggy for me if I use the “blog” category and I get the same article more than once

  212. Q1) what are top 3 tasks you wish were simpler in feedly?

    FEED LISTING Feeds from a specific feed source/blog site shall have a tab or a subtab group
    SHaring on Microblogs and Facebook pages and real blogs as well. An easier and more ergonomic way of sharing a whole blog post or a part of it into microblogs like Tumblr, Plurk and Twitter and Social Networking and blogging sites as well
    BEtter Reading interface. less hassle on checking and reading latest posts. more options on how we could read the post.

    Q2) what are some of the tasks you wish feedly would help you with but currently doesn’t

    THEMES. for a better comfortable look, we users could get to choose the colors of our feedly home.
    CONSOLIDATE. Consolidate unread blogs posts per month or week that we could easily read and check. a feed that kinda looks like “latest” tab meets “at a glance”

  213. how about 1 click to read an article instead of
    1) see the same one line in a bigger box
    2) see a preview of a paragraph
    3)see the actual article

  214. Q2) Organize the posts have chosen to save. I have many now, and are VERY annoyed that i cannot organize them in ANY way.

    Have just started using feedly two months ago – it has made my life easier…. :-)

  215. How about a way to have the feedly experience on HTPC devices. I remember the original version having a screensaver type of functionality – if the same could be done in a way FrameChannel displays news/weather etc, then my TV-connected laptop could be used to render these feeds in the same “magazine style” experience.

  216. Also, one button click to mark page as read and reload (instead of having to do that as two clicks)

  217. I am always in the ‘latest’ section, and continually hit ‘shift-m’ to mark them all as read.

    It would be amazing if everything was marked as read the moment I clicked a feed. No need to hit keys or click the ‘check mark’.

    I used Feeddemon for a long time… and I would move from feed to feed and every time I did, the previous feed would disappear.

  218. Obviously. primarily integrate Gmail.
    Secondly the mini toolbar that works so well in Firefox.
    Thirdly, fix the shortcut in Chrom to open the feed’s original source.


  219. I’ve been teaching small biz clients to use Feedly for it’s many wonderful ways to keep on top of what’s happening online in their area of interest — but the Windows folks are very frustrated because they can’t keep it running.

    They tell me there are constant crashes in Firefox (windows) with Feedly, to the point where it isn’t usable – is there anything more you can do about this?

    I would like it to be easier to add new feeds and I’d like more options at that time (such as length of time to keep displaying posts.)

    I’m a strong Feedly advocate and use it myself hours per day.

    Thank you!

  220. 1) Allow the option to add a personal or public note.
    2) Improve search.
    3) Mobile integration.
    4) Organize the saved feeds.
    5) Ability to close a feed at the bottom rather than having to scroll back to the top.

  221. I’m sure many people here, including myself, would like more keyboard shortcuts! I’ve read a few comments so I think these suggestions should be addressed whereas my suggestions would just be redundant.

  222. 1a) Editing my feeds and which category they fall into.
    b)Visiting the website the article is in- yes, I know it is be easy but every time I click on a headline I expect to be taken through to the blog/ website it comes from. I want there to be the option of reading it in feedly, not the
    2a) Save articles for later- there’s so much coming in every day I rarely get a chance to read 3 articleds. I often miss good stuff.
    b) I’d like a daily digest- like a brief newspaper with random selections. Either a pdf or a web page/ something i could read on my phone.
    c) make it more magazine like, something you can browse easily.

    1. Hey Ed,
      You can already accomplish some of those things in feedly.

      1a) Click ‘Organize Sources’ at the top of feedly. Drag and drop around… done.

      1b) Click the word ‘preview’ link found under the story headline.

      2a) Click the ‘Save for Later’ button at the top right of any article (in the grey box between the ‘thumbs up’ and ‘close’ buttons). These will all be saved in the Saved area in feedly.

  223. 1) It seems that articles on my digest and other pages will linger for days if I don’t read them (its not like I do not have plenty of feeds to pull from to keep things fresh). I’d like to see an option to rotate articles from my feeds more agressively (I don’t care if things come back up through the rotation or even repeat, just so that more stuff – even older stuff has a chance to come to the top).

    2) I’d like to see a “comics” layout that can display the latest webcomic from a group feeds in a style similar to the comics page in a newspaper.

    3) I’d like to be able to post articles directly to Newsvine.com from feedly.

    (I may be repeating myself here, but I can’t find the original post I thought I made)

  224. Was going through feedly this morning and noticed some changes. More specifically noticed that I didn’t have a preview button anymore. What happened?

    That was probably my most used feature, hope it is just a bug or something.

  225. Hello,

    I am posting again to say that putting the Save for Later, Share, etc. buttons to glide up and down the article pop up makes it very nice and convenient.

    I would like to request, though, that the “Mark as read” button also be included to the lineup of buttons gliding up and down? If I’m not mistaken, it was placed on the left side of the minimized article window, so that you need 2 clicks to actually mark an article as read (click once to minimize, then click the Mark As Read button).

    Loving feedly and I hope you still keep up the great work!

    P. S. I hope you still keep in mind possibly adding the ability for us to select colors/ skins/ themes for feedly.

  226. After rereading my suggestion I realized it was slightly confusing so let me reiterate.

    It would be nice if you could hide certain feed categories from appearing on your cover page, say funny pictures of lolcats, you wouldn’t necessarily want on your front page since they’re just for fun, when you are looking for laughs then you could go to your page with those feeds leaving the front page primarily for breaking news or the like.

  227. 1. ANNOTATION
    Please, can we have it back?

    2. Clipping
    There is no clipping tool that clips detail out of a feed post easily and allows me to share a part of something or email a part of something. All that information and there is no service that allows me to clip any of it out!

    Great, feedly gives me access to information and absolutely no way to categorize it as to what I now want to do with all the info overload. All I can do is ‘save for later’. My save for later pile is an anxiety attack. I wish I could organize it better.

  228. Add an option to Feedly where you can mark ALL feeds older than a certain date/time as read.

  229. 1 – PUSH notifications!
    i would love to be notified by feedly when breaking news occurs when my rss feeds are updated. please add live feed notifications similiar to gmail notifier or echofon twitter FF add-on!!!

  230. Add a “next” button near the links on the top right of the preview screen. So some RSS resources don’t provide the full text and you have to browse with preview option. It’ll be easier for people to switch to next and previous items.

  231. There is a lot of unused space in some views (for ex. in top navigation mode and with “Latest” view with “Entire content inlined” ), with the left and right occupied by large empty spaces (the sources are listed on the right, but they could be moved top, with a drop down menu or something, to make more orizontal room for the actual content).

    And for someone who doesn’t use the social sharing stuff, an option for disabling the showing of social networks icons (twitter, facebook, delicious, etc) would be preferred. For example, in the latest version, the headlines in the “Entire content inlined” view are pretty big, in parte because of the social icons that i can’t disable.

    And also about the social aspect, i wish there was an option for disabling the random comments that appear for some rss news (from people on twiter, etc). I’m not interested in reading comments from people i don’t know and care. As it is now, they take some visual space that could be used for other rss feeds.

    In short, make more space for the actual content, less white empty spaces and put an option for disabling the social features.

    Thank you.

  232. I have to agree with Dan, I don’t use the social networking part of feedly either and would like to have the option to disable things.

    I also would like see the option for the background color of feedly. Maybe add a color picker in the preferences so we could change the color from white to our preference because the white is very bright sometimes. I don’t think you need to add themes, just something small to customize it.

    Thanks for making feedly because it is THE best reader out there, no question.

    Thanks again


  233. I would love:

    1. live updating instead of having to refresh.
    2. A stock ticker at the top.
    3. more customization
    4. app like weather or something would be cool too

  234. Hi, I’ve been using and loving Feedly for less than a month! Here’s what I miss:

    1. Ability to tag. I use a tag named “want-one” in my google reader for stuff I want to buy :-P that’s the only thing I had to give up when switching from GR to Feedly.

    2. Twitter reply; when I see a tweet I want to reply to I have to open twitter.com.

    3. Other minor twitter niceties: I’d like the option of having the twitter links use https (or maybe just do that by default); I like the new RT support but I’d like to see who RT’d a tweet, because it’s weird to simply see a tweet from someone I don’t follow; and I’d like timestamps. Possibly the last two could be only on mouseover or clicking on the tweet or whatever.

    4. Group the items from GR friends shared items in a section somewhere in the cover/digest. I kind of did that by hand by creating a page and putting all my contacts there, but a separate section (maybe similar to how buzz is handled) would be nice.

    5. Option to disable the toolbar thingie on Chrome; I don’t need it, since I keep Feedly pretty much always open in a tab.

    Thanks a lot, you built almost exactly the reader I’ve been dreaming of :-)

  235. I would love to have Opera support implemented. I find myself in the same situation as other users which use mainly opera and then firefox just for feedly. I would be very very happy if that could be achieved.

  236. 1) (far) more layout options. legebility makes a good reader app. either like igoogle/bbc/etc drag and drop or six more layout options.

    2) change or get rid of the tacky no-pic-pic-preview-pics. that is sooo 80ies, so american, so memphis. no solution, but a work-around.

  237. I absolutely love feedly for its clean and easy surface. It concentrates on the text, rather than the frame. Big kudos for the design.
    There is however a function I would really LOVE to have. I am a non-native speaker of English and I have to look up vocabulary quite often. I would really appreciate, if the translate option would lead to a vocabulary list, that could be exported or even learned online within my feedly.
    Also a link to a playlist of the vocabulary looked up so far to be heard while I am surfing and to learn by listening would be great. Just daydreaming here, but still…
    Thanks for all the hard work that makes my rss reading experience soo much better every day. :)

  238. Thx for your work. Article Tagging please!! Without any classification, the data is almost useless. This has been requested since 2008, and never answered. Wouldn’t mind to pay for it

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