126 thoughts on “New iteration of the Feedly Icon/Logo”

  1. I really like that you’ve chosen to go with the open collaboration route, Edwin! I think having a memorable glyph as you said is a really good idea! So many people I tell about feedly just never thought about RSS in a magazine like way. It would be awesome if we could make people think of feedly when they see the RSS icons on blogs and websites!

    Any word on the actual development release? Is it possible to get nightly versions of feedly like Minefield with Firefox?

    1. Re: timeline, we are looking at October (may be sooner if things accelerate on the ipad front). Regarding “nightly” versions, we are looking into offering weekly previews as soon as the foundation is in place.

  2. I think the mind map is a great way to visualize all the things that Feedly represents and encompasses. Creating a logo can be quite a challenge and always comes with a lot of criticism (both positive and negative). You want something that stands out and is distinctive, but doesn’t turn people off.

    I think the first question you want to answer is, do you want to incrementally improve the current logo or do you want something completely new?

  3. The mindmap is an interesting tool. it looks to me like the best logo ideas are on the periphery of the map, which is a bit counterintuitive (and therefore interesting).

    One value that you don’t adequately represent in the mindmap is “sharing.” (you hav ” social media”, but need to focus more on the act of sharing).Feedly destroyed my print subscriptions because the act of reading content that I can’t share seems so much less valuable to me than reading content that I can share. My new rule is “if I can’t share it, I don’t read it.” ;-) Maybe an octopus that both pulls content in and sends it out?

    That said, there’s something to be said for the simple letter “F” . My “N” glyph at twitter.com/nimblebooks has served me well and stood the test of time. Also check out the 300&65 ampersand project at http://ampersandampersand.tumblr.com/. You’re fortunate in that “F” is a letter that tends to have a lot of good variations.

    1. Often the most interesting ideas are the ones, as you said, that end up on the periphery. Not the immediately obvious, and often never explored unless you use a mind map or some other tool to get there.

      On one recent logo project, I ended up on a Bee/Hive theme based on a project for a Silicon Valley tech start-up. Totally not an obvious consideration, until you see the link on the mind map, then it becomes very strong.

      You’re right about the ‘share’, I did touch on this in the Purple stream, close to Feedly, after Personal. And this got me onto Twitter and Social Media. It certainly is something to explore further and this map is by no means complete.

      Edwin just felt it would be valuable at this stage to open up the ‘brainstorming’ on the map to see what else can be contributed.

      I am fond of the Octopus link, that’s quite a strong link to me. But it’s all down to how to visualise it. Also, whatever we come up with, needs to shrink down to such a small size, like the icons for Safaris, Chrome and Firefox extensions.

      So whatever we do, needs to be scaleable in this way, and this actually does impose it’s own visual limits.

      A nice example of this Octopus link is Laughing Squid a Web host and popular blog.

      We have already looked a few ‘F’ style marks, which are all in sketch form with a few mocked up examples. F is easy and practical and was my first choice, but… if we can find a more ‘cunning’ way to visualise Feedly, something with more soul and personality, this would be the desirable outcome.

      Hence the mindmap. :)

  4. I like the simple “F” in a stylized way that somehow conveys that it’s related to RSS. Since you want it as an icon, it’s going to be really hard to convey a ton of stuff. Associating it with RSS is probably the best way to go.

    1. About half of our users start feedly without having used an RSS tool before. If we go with F+RSS, the advanced half will be getting it but I am not sure how the users new to the concept will react. When you use an iPod/iPhone to listen to musique, you are not exposed to the concept of MP3. To me RSS is like MP3: a super important technology but not something the user should care about.

    2. We have explored a few stylised F/RSS icons, but as Edwin says, I think the idea is to not focus too much on the RSS nature as a theme.

      I can see the value in this. More importantly, the RSS symbol, although official, is just everywhere. I know this serves a purpose, but I think the challenge is to ride above this and be a little more ‘creative’.

      Think magazine rather than protocol. It’s a softer feel we are looking for. :)

      But there are arguments for both sides, my first ideas DID include the RSS as it seemed the obvious connection. But after hearing Edwin’s thoughts I can see the flip side.

  5. Only animal I saw on your map is Kangaroo. Maybe it’s because I was raised on a dairy farm, but an animal is what comes to mind for me when I think of FEEDly. Too cliché? People love puppies–just sayin’ ;) I’m seeing a dog with it’s face buried in a dog dish. This will be a good one to watch! Thanks!

    1. An animal link would be great if we can find one that can be adequately visualise and shrunk down to a 16px format and still retain the core aesthetics. Which is the challenge.

      An animal or character certainly has a lot more personality and more importantly, people can relate to in a much stronger way. The very nature of iconic character is that they posses soul and tug at our own childhood memories or experiences.

      This would be a ideal solution if we can find ‘that’ animal/character.

    2. I think Oyster can be the icon of feedly.
      Feedly is all about FILTER news STREAM for everyone, so maybe I think it’ll do the job.

  6. One of the aspects of feedly I like the most is the ability to quickly navigate/jump across a large number of sites. #expedition #travel #navigation. May be a butterfly could help capture that + our focus on a clean/beautiful interface.

    1. That’s a great connection, expedition and travel. Just so long as it does not look like a travel agents. :)

      And equally, any animal logo not to look like a zoo. :)

      I will play with the mind map and add ‘travel, navigation’ and see where that takes us imagery wise.

  7. Great brainstorm going on here with the mind map and the open comments! Edwin, the examples you gave (evernote, android, digg) all share a simple logic and delightful execution. Each one is a solid mark, and none of them push very far from the center of the mind map, so everyone “gets” them. The concept of feeding — and being fed — really strikes a chord with me as a feed reader and a human being. Like the mother bird (or dog :) feeding her young, we have all taken part in this story. Keep the ideas flowing!

    1. It’s just about ‘simplify, simplify & simplify’, there many more examples like DIGG and Android, so these are what I focused on, as a reminder to myself to keep it iconic and simple.

      Feeding seems to be a common theme throughout, and I not sure if you can see, but actually ended up on ‘chef’ on the mindmap. So seems to be quite a diverse theme.

  8. Very interesting conversation here. My first introduction to a mind map, BTW.

    That said, the ideas/images that are strongest in my mind with relation to Feedly come from the nourishment theme – eating or being fed.

    The first image that comes to mind when I think of nourishment is a woman’s breast. But I don’t think I have to explain the many problems with that as an icon/logo. LOL!

    An expression that comes to mind is “brain food”. I like this expression in relation to Feedly since it invokes both the nourishment theme and the learning theme; the latter of which I don’t see on the mind map. Hmmm…

    That leads me to the image of a flower sprouting from a brain; or the top of a person’s head; the flower representing the result of nourishment.

    Well, those are my initial thoughts after reading through this discussion. I’m sure I could go on for hours thinking of other things but, ironically, I have a headache. *sigh*


  9. First of all, good choice with Graham. I’m the guy who coerced you into making Fuzz.com chicklets a few years ago. :)

    I have a couple of ideas expanding upon the “brain food” concept. One is a funnel into the head thing. The other is perhaps riffing off of the food pyramid in someway. Here are a couple of reference images from a quick search:

    Good luck!

    1. Ah, the food pyramid. A classic image from grade school.

      The funnel into the brain thing, however, immediately brought to mind trepanning. (Something I’ve long been interested in due to my migraines.)

      That led me to the image of the “third eye” and the general ideas behind it from various sources.

      Oh, and now I’ve come back to the beginning, but now I’m seeing the “third eye pyramid” thing. I don’t think we should go in that direction. :-)


  10. I understand the challenge in conveying the message via an icon – small enough to be intriguing on the browser bar.

    How about a prominent F served on a steaming hot plate? Or, the same F on a folded magazine/newspaper? Just a thought..

  11. You could convey the “RSS” aspect simply by making part or all of the icon “RSS orange”. Will be perceived as clever by those who care and subliminally effective for those who don’t.

    1. Update: Graham pointed out that a couple of companies are already using the asterisk as their icon and that there is not obvious way to engineer something with it that would be different enough.

  12. Typography Inspiration


    Very similar to the pattern Graham is using on “imjustcreative” I really like this. Simple+Stylish. The bolder font allows of inner treatments which opens the door to dressing up the logo for different occasions.

  13. I actually like the current icon… Having to choose an idea from the mind-map, I’d maybe pick seeds or the watering can.

    BTW, feedly is my “gateway to the web (R)” – you could use this idea for the icon ;)

  14. Sorry for being off topic (just delete if inappropriate) but what’s the iPhone app’s name? I couldn’t find one called ‘feedly’. Have you only submitted it to the U.S. App Store? (I’m from Switzerland)
    Thanks in advance!

  15. I think you guys should make the new logo something like a brown cardboard Chinese take-out box (to represent food\feed) with a big F on the front!

  16. This is just my initial thought. Figured it might help you keep thinking yourselves.

    Take the ‘F’ and use the top two lines of the ‘F’ to act as the top two lines of the RSS logo. Slant it a bit, and then create a smaller line on the right side of the letter to form an upside-down triangle. Style it a bit to make it look like a pizza having been eaten.

    The pizza symbolizes food being eaten. The ‘F’ shows Feedly and RSS. Style it to be simple it will be effective.

    Personally, I don’t like the idea of a food item being shown. But this is just an idea that came to mind and could be used to help you out. Something more desirable, to me, would be similar to what you’ve already done with the current icon.

  17. For me feedly means:

    * Read from everywhere share to everyone
    * GoogleReader/Netvibes perfect replacement
    * Spare time favourite webapp

    Maybe it could inspire something.

  18. Hmm… When I think ‘feedly’ I tend to think of fish. Fish can be a little like a butterfly, the way they swim and move around from one thing to the next. It would also make a nice character for you – the feedly fish.

    Fish can also be both big and small, so whether you’ve got a big story or just a small tidbit that suits.

    The fluid medium in which fish exist I think also works well for you. The stories that pop up on feedly could be represented by bubbles in water :) You could have your little feedly fish swimming around collecting all the stories :)

    In addition to that, I think you could get a really nice design that incorporates both the fish shape with the letter ‘F’.

    Just an idea :) Thanks for opening this up for discussion :)

    1. I’m impressed! I really like all the little fishy details that you came up with, and I think they would be great for Feedly.

      When your first mention of fish, I pictures feeding fish in a typical round fish bowl (like I had as a kid). That’s a nice image.

      Your mention of “fluid” made me picture water/waves.

      I also had an image of fish as food, and a fish hook, but that seems cruel now. :-)

      As for fish logos already out there, the most well-known may actually be the “Jesus fish”. When considering the online world, I can only think of Babel Fish.


      1. Glad you liked it & thanks for the reply :) I really do think it could be quite a cute & apt motif.

        And, like you say, I really can’t think of anything in the online space that has a fish.

        I also like the idea of the fishing hook (maybe there’s a way to represent it so it looks less mean). Someone fishing for all the latest stories and trying to catch the best feedly fish is giving me some beautiful mental images.

  19. It’s late and I’m tired but I just had to get this out of my head. It’s only a silly little mockup but I could see this kind of concept working quite well (with big changes in style obviously)

  20. A basket ?
    A nest ?
    An ‘F’ in a nest ?
    A green ‘F’ in a nest ?
    Tiny RSS icons like eggs in a nest ?

    Good luck to you all :)

  21. I believe that doing any icon with a distinct F shape would be a mistake because it is so synonymous with Facebook. Perhaps if you went down the road of imagining the RSS symbol as a ripple in a pool, that could look nice.

  22. To me Feedly organizes the chaos created by the abundance of information AKA information overload.

    The logo should express the freedom granted by using Feedly.

    1. I totally agree!

      I like the idea of RSS but when I tried using it before via the usual methods I found it no more convenient than simply going to the websites where the feeds were coming from.

      I actually prefer newsletters. Good ones that actually have nice intro paragraphs to articles. So I don’t waste my time clicking on links to articles that turn out to be a waste of time. (Some RSS feeds lack intro paragraphs, and I don’t subscribe to many of those.) But good newsletters are hard to find and newsletters in general are becoming scarce.

      Feedly has allowed me to escape from the chaos of the internet by bringing stuff to my attention that I’d otherwise have to scour websites for. Sites that are either too large in scope or simply badly organized.

      What are some known symbols for “order”, in the sense of it being the opposite of “chaos”?

  23. Wow! This is great. Thanks for all the feedback. To compensate people’s time, the 10 most creative comments will get early access/unlimited access to feedly for iphone, feedly for ipad and feedly for Android! If you want to participate, please make sure that you are using a valid email address.

  24. I think you should avoid using the “F.” As someone else mentioned, the “F” is pretty well owned by Facebook these days.

    I like the idea of a stylized, spiral “pile” of magazines. I think you want to emphasize the “digest” feel of Feedly, since that’s what really sets it apart from other readers. I was kind of inspired by this image (although it would, of course, need some alterations): http://www.recyclart.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/magazine-rack.jpg

  25. When I think of Feedly, it’s a bit of a mind map to begin with. I think ‘information-navigation-exploration-communication’, and really, those are four steps to knowledge.

    How about a stylised cartoon thought balloon, with an overlaid cartoon speech balloon? I think this gets across knowledge and discussion, two things Feedly actively promotes.

  26. Wow, there’s some fantastic ideas coming out of the mind map! And it’s so interesting to hear how everyone uses Feedly in different ways!

    For me, I love Feedly because of the aesthetic qualities, and because it’s so easy for me to share articles I like within my social network. For that reason, a ‘web’ is the image that comes to mind, as I think the items shared on Feedly diverge throughout different networks as people share and comment on them. Perhaps a web with an ‘F’ over the top?

  27. I threw together a quick concept here that brings together some of the elements I believe are crucial to a compelling logo. It has a linguistic connection with the “F” shape as well as a functional visualization from the RSS imagery. It evokes a “shelf”/”organization” look as well as the “radio waves”/”communication”/”information” vibe.


    It’s not the Facebook “F”, of course, so it can be set strongly apart, but for the same reason that a letter is so powerful there it can work here. The concept can definitely stand for some cleanup and colorization depending on whether you want continuity with the green color, etc. But I believe the idea is solid and can establish a strong icon brand. Hope you like it!

        1. I personally like your first version more. It “radiates” more, which brings to mind waves – be it radio waves, water waves, “making waves”.

          And I think it’s quite distinctive from the f-secure logo.

          My only suggestion would be to place the two “waves” closer together. The current spacing when compared to the space between the bottom wave and the exclamation point makes it look “off”. It’s especially noticeable if you shrink the image down.

          Good job, nonetheless!

          1. Yeah, I absolutely agree with the spacing issue. Unfortunately I kinda hacked it together from another image and can’t manipulate it to that level of detail.

  28. hi, i started using freedly 3 days ago (i love it, i wish i discovered it sooner)

    I agree with all those that say feedly is more than an RSS reader, of course the main selling point is the experience, and we know (from products like iphone) that experience is a really BIG selling point.

    so i think when you design the iconography, you need to work away (or build on) the idea of RSS feed

    I can’t remember the specifics but there are many companies that ‘play’ with their logs and slogans, so i think the idea of an ‘F’ works great for icons and favcons, however, i strongly believe, that you need a bigger (more detailed mark)


  29. When I think of Feedly, I think of many things.

    I think of a portal that allows me to aggregate all of my news sources in an single place, a replacement for the static newspaper that’s not only rapidly updated, but also interactive as well.

    I think of a portal that allows me to visualize trending articles in the web-sphere as they are released, allowing me to concentrate on the most popular digests at a glance when need be, but also allowing me to drill down into the nitty gritty.

    I think of a portal that allows me to see the news without the noise of loud advertisements, wildly varying site themes, or an overabundance of inane article comments, like a magazine without an jarring full page ad every other turn.

  30. sorry i just remembered the example that i love

    if you see the designed T – you know is twitter
    if you see the designed bird – you know is twitter
    if you see the designed ‘twitter’ – guess what?
    THEN there are time when you see everything together (the bird and the text)

    also i think you should keep the colors: green and white, as the audience may need to feel the continuity

    one more thing: years a go i used to use a customized toolbar – and the developers asked the community to create youtube videos to promote ‘their favorite toolbar’ (i did not enter that competition) – but i think that you may be able to create a really strong bran – because i am proof that not everyone knows about freedly


  31. Some great ideas coming from everyone, I personally would go with a icon of a round circle, representing our planet, in blue, with a yellow F in the centre. Simple, to the point, and not confusing.

  32. Reading comments it seems for the majority of us, our interaction with the content we capture is transitory and similar to the nature of the content itself…. latest news comes down the pipe, pick and choose from what is available and disregard the rest. Next visit starts the process again. Secondary uses are more varied and while they will have a place at the table one wouldn’t put them at the head . For a logo I would play with visuals to reflect a vortex; pieces of an ongoing and unending spiral of information.

  33. Given that there are plenty of social media services utilizing letter logos, and to a significant degree “f” logos in particular (Facebook being the big ol’ obvious one), I’d think that it might be wise to just eschew the “f” logo idea altogether.

    The idea of establishing a unique brand character interests me. I’d suggest a chicken/rooster, based on these points:

    *Feedly => chicken feed. Ya know?
    *Chickens/roosters are symbolic of the morning and waking up. Feedly is a great resource of interesting news to hit up first thing in the morning.

    The more I think about using a chicken as a logo idea for Feedly, the more I think that it’d work really well. You could experiment around with either a chicken character or a silhouette of rooster, as seen on the top of barns.

  34. There are a lot of different aspects we can show. Stick to the basic human instincts and you should en up with something to contain alot of useful things inside. i.e. pomegranade or box while pomegranade carries a lot from the same object, the box can contain different gems. This should be the way to show versatility.

  35. I run Feedly evreytime a day so what is it REALLY



    All these termes allow us to find the LOGO

    wich is an F bordered by flux and with a fresh and fast colors
    Not like RSS wich is to point & radiant

    it need to own the mashup and treeview concept

  36. I first thought of a “fork” icon or some variation thereof… playing off the “feed” in feedly of course. Unfortunately, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

    1. Yes, I thought spoon, handle up. Is that already taken? Either that or a momma bird’s beak with a fat worm.

  37. Using what’s on the periphery of the mind map, I think a running (hopping) kangaroo with the RSS feed logo in its pouch would be creative and show that Feedly brings your feeds to you in the same creative way.

  38. For me, I visit feedly whenever I’m drained and want to find inspiration from some great sources across the web. Those inspirations lead to ideas which leads me to think that a light bulb with an F inside of it would be a great logo. The light bulb would be a source of light/inspiration or the obvious cartoonish representation of whenever one has a great idea.

    I think it would work really well as an app icon or even be small enough to iterate in the URL bar. (Just make sure it’s not an incandescent)

  39. to me, feedly is a home with large windows and a door always open.
    i keep my stuff, i look outside for inspiration and inspiration comes in, no need to knock

  40. the first specific thought i had was the word ‘feedly’ with the fork of the ‘y’ replaced by the RSS logo radiating upward.

    i think of feedly as a way to wrestle the huge amount of data i have in RSS feeds under control and to easily share things i uncover there with my friends. so control, orderliness, ease, sharing and community are things that come to mind when i think of feedly.

  41. to me feedly is an inspiration every day. to wax lyrical: it’s like a flower, a thing of beauty that grows on and feeds of the living soil that is the internet. It’s changing colour every day, allows for surprises… it’s fractal in that way…
    I just stumbled across this

    so maybe that is a way to go….

  42. It might be nice to go the utensil route: Fork shares an “F” with feedly and may be an easy word connection. A fork with spaghetti on it! Spoons and wisks are also nice because of their edible connotations. I like to eat my feeds and I haven’t had breakfast yet.

  43. The map is well plotted out, and has some interesting ideas. If you put some of the branches (I’m thinking Personal and RSS as they are the primary focuses of Feedly), you’d have a killer image idea. Right now, I’m thinking of a person (alright, Helvetica Man… how dull), but with an RSS symbol for a head. Or, perhaps an eye, with the RSS symbol as the iris. Something that conveys that it’s embedded in computers/internet, but is rooted in being a personal/human experience. Right now my ideas convey somewhat the opposite.

  44. Why not work on the things that dont work with the reader? Instead of wasting time on the logo

  45. A new logo can be refreshing, however, be sure to incorporate elements of the original. Too often people are quick to radically change the logo that so many people are fond of and accustomed to. The green “triangle-thing” is minimalist and I readily associate it with Feedly. To venture too far from this design would cause confusion (albeit somewhat temporarily)

  46. In my opinion, I would try and keep the logo as minimalistic as possible while retaining the original color scheme with the green. A unique simplistic logo would be great, but something other than an RSS icon which is becoming too generic. I think a newspaper or magazine iconish look would work well for the new logo design.

  47. KEEP that fresh green, i love it.

    and that is a great news that you’ll refresh the logo.
    can’t wait to see it, i hope i’ll be not disappointed, cause i spend a lot of time on feedly XD.

  48. It seems from the idea map that you are leaning towards a.kangaroo as the icon. This would be amazing, especially if it has a stylized F coming out of the pouch. I was also thinking maybe a stork? A stork would connect to just as many of the ideas on the map as a kangaroo would and maybe more if you want to consider the more obvious ” special delivery of your rss feeds” angle feedly has.

    Just trying to think outside the box :)

  49. Whatever you do keep the green color & minimalism.

    I saw someone mention a fork so maybe a green fork would look cool? A green F with a white fork taking a hunk out of the “F”….

    1. This is a key issue, to keep the logo simple, clean yet stylish in keeping with the general look and feel of the Feedly experience.

      Tempting to get really creative, but the most appropriate solution will be a ‘confident flavour of subtlety’.

  50. I’ve done ID work for years myself, and always struggled with the mind mapping methodologies, as they can be great or begin to over complicate the situation. In this case I fear it’s beginning to get a bit crowded with the diagram above… so I took a stab at parsing the challenge down. Feedly is an essential tool for me personally so I asked myself what it is that Feedly offers – something no other service can.

    Feedly isn’t responsible for the content, or the fundamentals of the technology but excels at what it does best – a well thought out user experience for reviewing feeds. So I tried to focus on that. It’s smart, easy to use, and simple.

    Some early sketches from the concepts:

  51. I’m not convinced of the feeding/consumption aspects – they seem to stem from the RSS Feed terminology, not from user experience.

    For me, feedly is magazine-as-filter: it organizes the parts of the web I find interesting and presents it in one skimmable, visually interesting interface. It’s the smallest branches of the mindmap, Collections and Magazine, that ring true.

    Visuals that come to mind flow from days of doing newspaper layout – grids, galleys, puzzles – what makes feedly unique among RSS feed readers is the elegance of its layout – turning chaos into minimalist order.

  52. Hi there,

    sorry but I did not read all the posts… I just wanted to drop my idea in here :)

    Feedly is feeding my world .. so what about a mix between a pacman and world ??

  53. Hi there,

    sorry but I did not read all the posts… I just wanted to drop my idea in here :)

    Feedly is feeding my world .. so what about a mix between a pacman and world ??

    Pacman is being feed and feedly is feedin my world ..

    Does it makes sense??

    Hope so

    Best regards,


  54. I like the idea of a simple tree starting to sprout a branch and a few leaves. Or possibly just the branch and a few leaves, either all can be one color or you can make each leave a separate color.

    Keep up the great work, I love Feedly so much.

  55. I *love* the fork idea! It’s got alliteration, ties in with “feeding”, can be very simply rendered yet very easily recognizable, and, turned sideways it brings to mind both the letter “F” and the RSS symbol.

    As for the idea of getting away from the “feeding” theme in order to distance Feedly for RSS, while I agree that distancing it from RSS would be good, the “feeding” theme will always be evident unless we also change the name. It is, after all, called “Feedly”!

    That said, what I’m seeing now as the perfect icon/logo is the head of a white fork as seen from the side (just showing the beginning of the handle) on a green square with nicely rounded corners. No broken tines to make an actual “F”, and no further detailing. Simple, effective and distinct.


  56. Hi. I must reiterate that there are lots of cool, thoughtful ideas shared here. Kudos to everyone that’s chimed in. Apologies if I’m repeating ideas that already have been suggested, but I haven’t had a chance to read this comment thread completely. Here are random thoughts of my own in no particular order.

    The mindmap is a great tool for brainstorming ideas, and it captures a lot of what makes Feedly such a useful tool. But the map can be extended farther IIMHO. It largely identifies terms associated with how Feedly works and what it does. For instance, it digests RSS. It feeds you information and satisfies your appetite for it. It helps you share the information it feeds you. And you can personalize the way you interact with it.

    But the mindmap doesn’t capture some of the qualities that make Feedly special to me and I imagine other users, too, such as:

    – The simple elegance of the way it packages and presents information. That same elegance needs to be expressed in the logo. (Yes, I see minimal on the mindmap, and minimalism can be elegant, but it also can connote something that’s sparse and utilitarian. Feedly is anything but.)

    – How Feedly can be almost synonymous with the concept of curling up with a good book. At least for me, that is. Feedly gives me the same feeling of anticipation I get when opening to the page I left off when reading a thriller or mystery novel. I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to discover next. And just like a good book, I can’t put Feedly down because iI keep discovering more useful, interesting stuff. So maybe the concept of discovery is another element to consider when brainstorming the logo.

    – The fact the Feedly is constantly evolving is another great quality. I look at a lot of Web-based tools and apps, and it’s rare to find one that’s updated as passionately as Feedly.

    – Feedly engages me, and I can engage with it, just like I am now in sharing my suggestions. So perhaps the concept of engagement is worth thinking about.

    – Essential is another word that pops into my head when thinking about Feedly. That’s because Feedly is the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I check at night, with the exception of email. Feedly and email are the only Internet tools that are essential for me to check when I begin and end my day and regularly during it. Twitter, Google News, etc., they don’t even come close.

    – Feedly has a wonderfully passionate and engaged community. That also might be food for thought.

    Overall, Feedly lets me create an elegant, personal (as described on the mindmap) news-reading experience tha’s unsurpassed on the Internet. I’m not sure how you capture experience in a logo (maybe an RSS symbol, the letter F and a heart shape blended together in some creative way), but I know you’ll figure it out.

    Good luck!

    1. Love your work so far Lee! Especially the first fork design, that’s particularly cool.

      I’ve had a quick go at a design related to the plant / nourishment idea. It’s just in Paint, and I can safely say that I am not a born designer! Could you take a look and see if you can do anything with it?



    1. The happy pill idea is awesome. It also goes with the “daily dose” concept.. and with feedly, people are being fed the news that they want, in the form of a well thought through layout.

      yup. works for me.

    2. Very, very nice! I hadn’t thought of the “pill” image. Scales very nicely too! My only suggestion would be to increase the space between the two arms of the “F” a bit.

      Brings to mind the pills in science fiction that have replaced old-fashioned food. Seems appropriate since Feedly in a web thing, and the web in a “future-now” thing.

      Also brings to mind psych medication which affects the mind. While peoples opinions of psych meds may differ, the mind/brain image has been brought up before with regards to Feedly.

      On a lighter note, the pill (not “The Pill”; don’t know how that would suit Feedly :-) ) also brings to mind Alice in Wonderland and the pills to make you smaller and larger. Ties in nicely with taking control of things using Feedly.


  57. Wow, so many comments, thoughts and ideas.

    Taking me a while to go through them, inbetween working on the project, so will reply as and where I can to comments.

    Loving being able to read how people view Feedly and what mental imagery it conjours up for them. There is a lot of variety here and for that reason, it will be tricky to keep everyone happy with the final design.

    With any suggestions, keep in mind ‘simplify, simplify and simplify’. Minimal, clean and a subtle touch of style.

    The idea is to generate a feel of ease of use, to make sense of the chaos of the sheer number of feeds one can accumulate.

    So the Feedly logo ought to inspire one to feel that Feedly is an intuitive application and will not ‘add’ to information chaos and overload, but will help bring order and sense.

    Keep ’em coming.


  58. Very nice with this method and after looking at the mindmap and using the service for quite a while, feedly does being structure to the otherwise caotic rss-feeds I have tried to read thorugh with rssowl etc. I woudl see the logo using the RSS.waves put in a container, sort of stopping them from goin nuts and being uncontrolable.

  59. Nothing wrong with the old one. The Mona Lisa is a classic because it is all at once familiar and reassuring. This new one is too busy. Tries to hard.

  60. In my mind, Feedly is info ready when you want it. Beauty, design, inspiration, randomness, like an open hand with feedly written on it outstretched offering help, like a treasure box (with FEEDLY on top) opening to reveal treasures within, like an old fashioned icebox fridge opening to show lots of goodies inside … I love feedly! It’s the only rss feed reader I have ever kept using.

  61. Just started using Feedly, and so far am blown away. It feels like when I first discovered Google Reader for myself, and it spread like wildfire through my friends and coworkers.

    Likewise, anytime anything is shared, that spreading of information which is at the heart of RSS, it mimics the spread of a fire: spontaneous, combustible, and full of energy and latent potential.

    I agree with what others have suggested, incorporating ‘F’ as the heart of the image, and adding some sort of elegant, simple, and organic fire or flame (not necessarily orange/red) that would carry that intrinsic value of RSS feeds spreading like wildfire.

    My two cents.

  62. After reading through this thread, and giving it a bit of thought, I put together a rough idea. Let me know what you think.

    You can view the logo comp, with visual explanation here:


    1. Very nice! If it can be scaled down and still look great as an icon it would be great! Kudos!

    2. Oh my god this one is awesome, Feedly team please look at it.
      The idea and the look is absolutely fantastic, make me cry, so simple idea and so beautiful result.
      I can’t imagine have this in my navigation bar or on my iPhone springboard.

  63. I was thinking about using the F as a fish – like fishing for information or a fish caught in a net because I use Feedly like a huge net that I toss out to find interesting news that nourishes me. I liked that idea until I read the “Fork” idea. Love that. The fork needs to have little fingers/branches/lights on the ends – forking out in all directions to find nourishment for curious minds.

  64. The fork needs to have little fingers/branches/lights on the ends – forking out in all directions to find nourishment for curious minds.

  65. Congratulations on your effort so far, I think that at least you have made a very good start. My opinion is that the letter F may already be used by far too many companies already so it might not be that distinctive. If I may give a proposal, I would say consider using the RSS Lines as a base/body to create the icon (it might be an animal with theses lines as the body etc.)

    May I ask if there is a specific program used to automate the process of creating the diagram?

    Thank u.

  66. When I think of Feedly, I think primarily of the ability to aggregate a large about of input. In a way, this is what the mind map visually represents well. Just look at the shear number of input sources, the variety of ways information can easily be gathered, experienced and shared.

    To me, that is what Feedly does. It makes the massive world of the internet a little bit smaller and more manageable for me while at the same time making it visually appealing, primarily because it is minimalistic in design. I think the new logo should fall in line with that idea–nothing busy. Something that represents flexibility and information.

    Just my thoughts.

  67. I deliberately did not read all the previous comments so as to not spoil my own opinion.

    Have you or anyone looked into integrating the F into a rolled up magazine or newspaper representing the news feed? Maybe some throw back to the newsy days and a bundle of papers stacked into an F.

    Forgive me I am just brain storming on paper. Feedly is a feed for us to be able to combine all our favorite sites into one magazine type gui. What if your were feeding an F into an image of a persons ear or a opening head with a partially exposed brain?

  68. On the subject of feeding, gardens, watering cans, etc., how about a small seed with a seedling sprouting out of it? You even get a nice rhyme – feed – seed.

  69. Going in the theme of feeding & nourishment…along with the watering can idea, what about a tiny green plant growing from a pot with the leaves made to look like a green F?

    Another idea is a simplistic little monster/animal with it’s mouth wide open– ready to be fed.

    I like the concept of feeding to represent Feedly. They directly work with one another.

  70. Even so it would be great to find something not related to the RSS -Icon, I just scribble a few logos.
    I found the horizontal bars of the “F” and the bars of the RSS-Icon so inspirational, I just had to do these…


    It must be a logo, not an icon – if you know what I mean. And that is also would I don’t like about my scribbles… ;-)

    The problem with this logo is, that every pixel counts. Most of the time people will see it in their bookmark-bar in 32×32 or 64×64 pixels.

    most important mind-map words for me would be: sharing, receiving, incoming, sorting, overview, magazine-like

    …and it must work with/represent the clean minimalistic appearance of the feedly site.

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