What happened to “Feedly for iPhone”?

In february, we blogged about “Feedly for iPhone – prototype 7“. That was the first feedly+iphone prototype we felt good enough about to show to the outside world.

feedly for iphone - prototype 7

We did four months on alpha testing/iterations on it (Feb-May). We collected 3 pieces of feedback: 1) people like the fact that there is no configuration needed – it just transparently syncs with the feedly on your desktop the first time you log in, 2) people love the simplicity of the navigation but 3) people raised concerns about the lack of density.

So we are back to the drawing board, working hard on Prototype 8. We hope to be able to share more soon.

Update: Our plan for prototype 8 is to have it available both on iPhone and Android so that we can get a wider alpha (and Android users do not feel left out).

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32 thoughts on “What happened to “Feedly for iPhone”?”

    1. Hi Jasper,

      We thought very hard about that. There are three roadblocks: 1) apple makes it very hard to push “test” versions out – limited to 100 user and a lot of overhead. 2) we care deeply about the mobile space and want the first impression to be a positive one. 3) given that we are a 5-person company, supporting that version would have had impact on the release.

      So all in all, we have decided to do 25 users focus groups until we get to a point where a majority of those users are satisfied.

      We know it has been a long wait and apologize for that.

  1. Please also consider the Android OS. I wouldn’t be able to stand another wait after the iPhone version is released. I need it on my Nexus One!

    1. No. Our understanding is that Android is a lot more flexible when it comes to testing – hence our motivation of building prototype 8 for iphone and android in parallel.

  2. how about density in an iPad version and keep the iPhone version simple?

    Scrolling through menus of all your feeds on a small screen is kind of annoying and you can already do that in google reader mobile (to see quite how annoying it is).

    I find on a phone just being able to see what is new while you are on the move is more useful than something that requires you to browse through it to find the content.

    1. We will focus on iPad once iPhone and Android are out. You are right that menus and navigation are not the right answer. We think that we have something that can address density without impacting the simplicity of the navigation. It will be interesting to see if it flies. More soon.

  3. And what about the android version? Google isn’t as blocked as Apple for test version, you can put pretty much anything!!! I can’t wait to try this out!!!

    1. Yes. We are working on parallel on Android for prototype 8. We might be able to leverage the more open Android appstore to get a wider beta for prototype 8

  4. And of course, I’ve gotta shout out to webOS devices. No overhead cost at all to make a development product for them, and takes about 30 minutes to port an iPhone app over to the OS.

    Just saying…

    1. We are looking at WebOS. Love the fact that they use web technologies as their foundation. The current barrier there is that they do not support hardware accelerated CSS transitions and transformations. Soon hopefully.

  5. I am eagerly looking forward to the iphone app. Love feedly on the desktop, can’t wait to take it on the go.

  6. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the future of Feedly in the mobile space. Sign me up for the Android beta, whether that turns out to be an installed app or a web app, I’m game!

  7. “Update: Our plan for prototype 8 is to have it available both on iPhone and Android so that we can get a wider alpha (and Android users do not feel left out).”

    good good…Android love is a must. :)

  8. Would love to be part of the Android test group, I’ve been waiting for feedly mobile for ages.
    I’ve got test experience and use your chrome extension pretty damn heavily.

    1. Hi Jared,
      The iphone version should work on iphone 3G, 3GS and 4. On Android, we are developing using 2.2 so it will be 2.2 and +.

      1. Right now about 60% of android smartphones are running 2.1 eclair and it seems to be final update for many models, please do not abandon these users.. There are quite strong competitors for feedly on android platform, like Newsroom (not synchronized with google reader, but great interface) and FeedSqares – and both running even on 1.5 cupcake. The preview of Feedly above looks great – I can’t wait for beta – keep up good work!

  9. Got an approximate timeline? I seem to remember something about “a few weeks” way back in February, and the lack of any timeline now makes me wonder if we’re looking at another 4-6 months or more before we see anything in the App Store.

    Just wondering if I should keep being patient or if I should be taking a more serious look at other options (like maybe my6sense). I like Feedly, but its lack of an iPhone app makes it hard for me to know what’s best to do about reading RSS on my phone. I haven’t been using anything over the last few months because I didn’t want to use something that didn’t sync with Feedly.

    1. Definitely agree with you. How long will we have to wait? Just to know if it’s worth looking at other options

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