Exploring some design changes

Here is a quick sketch of some of the design changes we are exploring. The key motivation is to align the desktop and mobile experience. Very early. Let us know what you like/don’t like.

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    1. Yes. hopefully, this will not look like a compromise. The goal instead is to take what we have learned about readability while designing the mobile experience and apply it to the desktop experience.

  1. Except the number of time share with colors.. is there any other changes?? My eyes are lost searching for new stuff!

    1. Hi Rick. You are right the grid system is the same. We are playing with colors to direct people’s attention. So in this design the page background is a solid light gray (instead of white) and the links are a sapian black. Using colors to highlight the share count and potiential other pieces of metadata we are working on. The color scheme of the background of the number of shares is not final.

  2. It looks good but this design would piss off a lot of desktop only users because of the removal of the at a glance, saved, shared and history links.

    I hardly ever use the category links and instead I am 90% of the time using the At a Glance menu. So if you want to redesign feedly that is fine but removing of those links is going to start an uproar. Even now if you unmaximize the window you lose the ataglance and etc features and that is massively irritating but until now it was fixed simply by maximizing the site.

    If this design is done on the desktop removing those options I may consider not using feedly as those options are the biggest part of how I use feedly.

    1. Hi Michael. The screenshot only shows the mode where the toolbar is at the top. Our plan is to continue to support a wide mode where the navigation bar is on the left. It is not clear what the navigation bar at the left will look like but it will continue to include at a glance, history, etc.

  3. Whatever you do, please don’t remove the at a glance, saved, shared, history and latest links. I use ‘latest’ as my default view because I have a lot of feeds and it’s good for skimming.

  4. I still don’t like the icons on the right of each articles. It’s not so beautiful (icons are larger than the border), and is sometimes longer than the article, so the box is enlarged.

    If you want to keep those icons on the top, why don’t you keep it on the top, on a “floating header”, like the Picasa Desktop app. Plus you can keep the title on scrolldown and more “stuff” (because it’s larger than a simple right border).

    I made an example to illustrate what I mean : http://bit.ly/di0SeK (tested on Chrome & FF3)

    Of course, my demo is really simple and could be improved on an aesthetic.


    1. Thank matt. This is interesting. Yes we are looking at changing the share bar back to something that would be at the top and have more colorful sharing buttons. (replacing scrolling with having 2 copies of the bar for larger articles, one at the top, one at the bottom). Your prototype is interesting. Will keep that in mind.

  5. Looks good. any chance you can stetch it for widescreen monitors. you widest setting is still short.

    and maybe show the actually “icon” or colorize it when you click an article and get the pop out article (that shows icons on right side).

  6. An other nice feature for Feedly (but not about the design) would be to have a full preview in the “box” of the article (by clicking on the preview button), instead (or besides) of having a jquery pop-up window which shows the entire page of the website. I mean, it could grab the full web-page, but just shows the main content (ie. the article), as does the Readability bookmarlket (http://lab.arc90.com/experiments/readability/).

    This could be done automatically if the rss feed show only a summary of the article, or at least manually. This way, no need to go on the websites to read the whole article.

  7. Whatevers are the colors ….

    … could you give me readable one-click delicio.us button back? Even as an option? With the current greys it’s on second level menu, and it’s really difficult to find when all those social buttons have the same color.

  8. And one more note: I don’t like the idea of strengthening the information about number of unread posts. Too much accent on those numbers spoiled fun in google reader (perpetual feeling I am thousands posts behind), don’t repeat the mistake.

  9. Would you please add a special feature in the cover to place the local weather picture? that would be a cool feature.

  10. There’s something about the colors, I can’t really name it… it’s too black/too bold for me i think. Looks a little overloaded… (but the colors have been changeable, right?)

    I personally would love a little bit of the feedly green in it. I really connect this type of green with feedly, maybe it’s not just me :)

  11. Like Matt I don’t like the buttons on the right of the article and I don’t like the buttons on the bottom in the current layout either. For me it’s the best to have those buttons on top.

    1. Not sure yet. We have done a few changes in the mobile interface over the last few days (people like the white background and the blue links). We are still experimenting. Once the mobile interface is finalized, we should have a better understanding of is/how we will make the desktop interface evolve.

  12. Can an option be added to include the Twitter feed in the main list of articles, rather than just a separate sidebar?

  13. I love it, especially the darker elements and the orange headers. It’s very nice! I say you go for it.

  14. Some colourisation options would go a long way. Currently the only thing that keeps me on feedly is that greasemonky lets me actually make it usable… IE higher contrast but still subtle colors, etc

    Have no interest in mobile feedly ty.

    Perhaps a regex capable system that can notify us of certain hits, sorta like gmail filter rule creator… now would be really handy!

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