New Iteration of the Sharing Toolbar – 2.x.294/2.x.295

We received a lot of negative feedback regarding the “floating sharing toolbar”: “too gray”, “interferes with the reading experience” and “not compatible with entire content inlined view” were the biggest ones.  So we decided to go back to something simpler and more colorful:

Sharing toolbar in 2.x.294
Sharing toolbar in 2.x.294

This change is included in the 2.x.294 update we pushed out this evening. We hope that it addresses most of people’s concerns. Thanks for the feedback.

Update (Aug 12th, 2010): we received some good feedback in the comments, including “it sux to have to scroll all the way back up for longer articles to be able to recommend or share”. So tonight we are pushing out a new update: 2.x.295. In that update we include a second sharing toolbar at the end of articles which are 850px+ long. We also included the suggestion of using transparency to tone some of the colors of the sharing icons down.  Thanks again for the feedback.

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35 thoughts on “New Iteration of the Sharing Toolbar – 2.x.294/2.x.295”

  1. It’s too distracting when you read feeds that do not have a massive image at the top (like in the screenshot above).
    Like, really distracting.

    1. Maybe just fade them out a bit, and make it more vivid on mouse over would do the thing.. but don’t put them back in Gray!!!

      1. I like the idea of toning down some of the icons by using a transparency filter. Will try that in the next iteration. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I could not find the previous post on the redesign of the share toolbar. Could only find one comment from the last post about it from a user who presented this prototype:

    A few concerns:
    – Most users will only share to 1 to 2 social places right? (What do your numbers say?) Showing all the options each time is overwhelming. I like how before you had the Twitter and FB out of the share box and everything else neatly in the share box.
    – It’s really nice to constantly be able to access the minimize, close, like and bookmark buttons.
    – To me the right side toolbar was part of your personality. Sure there could be ways to enhance it. Maybe it does not need to sit right on the article, maybe you could look at increasing padding, etc. I think it would be worth looking more into it and experiencing a few things.

    1. Hi Marine,

      The minimize is constantly present: clicking anywhere on the border will minimize. So you do not need to scroll back to minimize.

      Regarding which sharing options people use the most, we actually looked at our logs and pick the top ones. But I agree that this is personal and the best thing to do would be to have a preference knob to let people set which of the sharing options should be above the fold and which ones should be after the fold. May be we will be able to put this in in one of the coming iterations (once the mobile version is out).

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Actually… I loved the old sharing toolbar… Why? Now I have to scroll back to the beginning of the Post to hide it… The old vertical version of the toolbar was “following” me,… A very good Solution, if you read long Posts. We can talk about the design, thats right and I might be the only one, who loved it… BUT: Bring the old one back, please!!

    1. Hi Jorg,

      I understand that the previous design had some benefits (this is why we explored it) but given that feedly is a reading tool, distraction was to high a price to pay (and distraction would have been a lot more if we brought the colors back which is something a *lot* of users requested).

      You point about “having to scroll back up sux” is well taken. And we need more work:

      The first thing we did to address this was to make sure that people do not have to scroll back to minimize: if you click anywhere on the border of the article, it will minimize.

      The next thing we need to do is to be smarter and replicate the sharing bar at the bottom of the page for article which height > 1000px. We have a prototype of this running and should be able to push it out in one of the coming iterations.

      Currently, we do not have the option to hide when you are at the bottom of the article. But it it was a popular request, we could look into designing it in.

      Thanks for the feedback (and your patience while we try to figure this out).

    1. Yes. The next button had to go. We are continuing to explore ways to bring it back. Regarding close, clicking anywhere in the border will actually minimize the article.

  4. i miss the “minimize” button on the right …. to minimize when i’m reading the middle or bottom of the article…

  5. I actually liked the “Scrolling” share bar, I just wanted the Icons to be colorized (which you did). I also don’t like having to scroll up again to “share”. I fail to see how the scroll got in the way? As stated, you can’t please everyone. any chance of a “Blog This” button? Also, any chance of customizing the font color (such as “minimize / hide” ) to make them darker (easier to see).

  6. Ouch, I liked the floating buttons – I was using the “minimize” and “next” a lot. Just a minute ago I opened a long article in feedly and had to scroll down to the bottom to close it – and since scrolling in my feedly is a very slow affair (always has been, I have no idea what’s causing it, but it’s happening on two machines) it’s very annoying. Maybe another way to close or go to the next item could be introduced? In the rightclick menu? Or menu shortcuts?

  7. Before my detailed comment…
    Please bring back a “Share with note” button for Google Reader. I use it constantly on feedly mini and the old feedly sharing toolbar. Or is it there and I’m missing it somehow?

    OK, now for comments on the new design…
    The feedback here on the blog is funny being a user from pretty much the beginning of feedly. The exact problems you solved with the scrolling toolbar are back. :-)

    My original suggestion was to make the toolbar smaller and put at the bottom and top of an article. When you came out with scrolling toolbar I thought it was an elegant solution that kept things clean and solved most complaints. I can get used to either way; but prefer the scrolling version. However, if you keep the static version around it seems it should go on the bottom and top of an article if its height is X percent of the screen. ie- it’s annoying to scroll all the way back to the top after reading a good article just to share it and scroll back down.

    I love the iterative design process and that you listen to users. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Share with note is still there. Sharing with note and posting to Google Buzz is the same thing technically. Given that buzz is becoming a lot more popular, we are using the buzz icon so if you want to share with note, please use the buzz icon.

      Regarding your suggestion to have the toolbar both on the top and the bottom. Yes. This is something we will be integrating in in one of the following iteration for articles whose height > 1000px. Thanks.

        1. Good point. I will talk to the team to us a more generic Google icon instead of the Google buzz icon in the next iteration. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Updated in 2.x.295: we received some good feedback in the comments, including “it sux to have to scroll all the way back up for longer articles to be able to recommend or share”. So tonight we are pushing out a new update: 2.x.295. In that update we include a second sharing toolbar at the end of articles which are 850px+ long. We also included the suggestion of using transparency to tone some of the colors of the sharing icons down. Thanks again for the feedback.

  9. Is there a way to add sharing sites? I’d love to be able to pick the sites I can share to from feedly.

  10. While I respect that people have been complaining and you’re trying to keep everyone happy – I’ve gone from being obsessed and in love with feedly to irritated and annoyed with your latest changes.

    You took my fav feature away (where if I’m reading I can permanently dismiss an item with one click on the X which is on my screen regardless of my position in the post – making it super simple to get rid of articles that are wasting my time). Dismissing is now a 2 step process (minimizing and then dismissing) or alternatively I can waste time doing loads more scrolling.

    Also unimpressed that every time you try and ‘improve’ feedly, it seems to stop working altogether for me and then I have to uninstall and reinstall. Granted it doesn’t take long but it’s frustrating no less. Maybe I’m the only one having the problem – but I suspect not. I should point out I almost never complain about things – but complainers have ruined my fav feed-reader so I now feel the need to complain in return.

    Bring back the feedly I loved!!!

  11. Please bring back the right side floating toolbar ,at least as an option in the preferences !
    I miss “the next button” a lot !
    I have switched to the older version of feedly in my firefox just for that toolbar. Now I got to shuffle between Chrome and Firefox !
    Am not happy !

  12. Regarding “share with note” I thank Edwin K. for the hint with the Buzz Button. The overall design looks very good to me. And just for the record, I hated the vertical variant :)

    Best and thanks for making feedly.

  13. I liked the floating toolbar way better…. :'( , there should be an option where we could choose at least between them.

  14. Really like the new share bar. Couple of things though:
    1. Please, please, please add Pinboard support (
    2. It would be great to be able to disable all of the options we don’t use, or at least reorder them (it sucks to have to constantly click the more just to access Instapaper).

    Thanks for a great product!

  15. I agree with Cam, Manuel and Tony.
    It was awesome to be able to jump to the next article or minimize/close it or even sharing it without having to scroll it all up or down.
    Maybe you could add an option, on the Preferences page, so each person would choose which design suits better their taste.

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