Feedly for iPhone – Prototype 8 – Beta

Hello. We are looking for 10-15 beta testers for feedly for iphone prototype 8.

Feedly for iphone - prototype 8

We are looking for people interested in providing us feedback as we finalize the experience. We expect the beta to start on Aug 23rd and run for about 8 weeks – with weekly updates.

Apple is limiting how beta apps can be published so we are limited to 10-15 people at this time. We will probably increase the pool size in mid-September (at the same time we will be pushing out the Android version).

If you are interested in participating, please send us an email to team@devhd.com.

Update: Thanks. There seems to a lot of iphone users in the feedly community – we received about a 1,000 requests. We are going to try over the next 8 weeks to let as many people in as possible. Stay tuned.

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86 thoughts on “Feedly for iPhone – Prototype 8 – Beta”

    1. If everything goes well, Android will go out 4 weeks after the iphone version goes beta (but we are using a hybrid model where they actually share a big chunk of the source so our commitment is to actually release them at the same time).

  1. Android, mmkay?

    By the way, I had an iPhone for a while and now I have an HTC Desire.

    Sorry iFolks, but Android 2.x makes iPhone look like a phone for dumb people.

  2. I have a real phone. Please release an Android version!

    I’m also a developer, so if you’re interested I’m willing to help.

  3. iPhone? I always read iPhone…?
    Hurry up with the Android app please ;)
    (which became recently the Smartphone OS with the largest market share btw…)

  4. WebOS? Let’s get 99.93% of the userbase sorted first and worry about the small players later. If you have a BlackBerry you should be running a multinational corperation, not ready feedly.

  5. Very nice. But we need an Android version ;) So, boys and girls from Feedly, please have that ready the moment the Notion Ink Adam tablet starts shipping… :)

  6. Just submitted info for my iPhone 4, I’ve been waiting for this for say 6+ months! I’m so glad and excited!! you have no idea how much I love feedly.

    Thanks so much!

  7. I love my iPad, but hate that it doesn’t have a sweet iPad Feedly app… cuz this is my favorite way to read online. Please consider!

  8. Why release the iPhone version 1st if Steve is making you jump through hoops? If they share much of the same code, you should beta it on a nice open system *cough* Android *cough* and roll it out to Apple when it’s good and ready.

    1. Good question. The reason we are pushing iphone first is because we have been working on the iphone version for more than a year now (building both a pure native implementation and a hybrid proof of concept – as such, the core of the iphone version is further along). But we have grown to become big fans of Android (natural given our dependency on Google Reader and the performance improvements in 2.2) so like for browsers, our goal is to support both and let the users choose.

  9. I’d be interested in testing the beta version on my iPhone 4, if you’ve got slots still open…

  10. I bet I am too late to this party, but BOY would I LOVE to test this out. I review mobile apps and am a HUGE Feedly fan and have been tooling for this app for as long as I have been using Feedly. Pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’d love to be chosen to test the beta. I can’t wait!

    1. I would strongly suggest that, instead of publishing some of your personal data by posting those to this public discussion/blog thread, you send the relevant data to team@devhd.com, as explained in the original post, as well as deleting the personal data from your post.

  12. You’d better get on the ball if you want to compete on the IPad. There’s a new client every day it seems. Right now I’m using the Pulse and Flipboard apps.

  13. Can’t wait to see iPhone and iPad versions. Echo previous comment that there are lots of new applications appearing for the iPad that seem to do similar things to Feedly – but feedly still has the best overall experience.

  14. “If everything goes well, Android will go out 4 weeks after the iphone version goes beta”

    It’s over 4 weeks now. Any news on the Android version yet? Can’t wait to try it

  15. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for this… now i dont even have that enthusiasm on checking for feedly for iphone… this has been dragging a lot… perfecting the app is a good idea.. but it would have been better by providing frequent upgrades rather than creating version 10(!) directly….

  16. I can’t wait for the Android Feedly to roll on out – you folks are my favorite Chrome/Firefox add-on!!
    I’d be happy to test. (I have the HTC TMobile G2)

  17. Ok, I must agree with sirkanth! This is trailing like nothing I have seen before. The developpement of the feedly iphone App was announced in Sept. 2009 (http://blog.feedly.com/2009/04/30/feedlyiphone-kickoff/). Since then nothing really has appeared online besides some Prototype Videos and announcements during the last 6 months or so.

    I must be honest: If the release version of the feedly iphone app will not be THE major news & webcrawling app since the birth of RSS-Feeds it might just disappoint a lot of users!

    So let’s see.

  18. I got an iPhone recently and really need a good rss reader. I ues Feedly for desktop, but at the moment, am having to put up with a relatively basic free RSS reader. I don’t want to buy the premium ones now, hoping Feedly for iPhone will be out soon, but I’m getting tempted into just buying another app for now. Any rough release dates? days? Weeks? Months?

  19. Please count me in. I have been using Feedly for iPhone for over a month and happy to help test this next release. I’m on a pre-paid plan with ATT in the US, and only using the Feedly app over Wifi. Main annoyance for me is not being able to cache or save articles to read off-line. Really looking forward for an off-line mode!

    Keep up, –Mel.

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