Feedly 3.x – getting ready for Firefox 4.0

Firefox 4.0beta is maturing well. The latest includes some interesting features (panorama, faster javascript/scrolling, etc…). It also includes some extension API changes so feedly 2.x does not start on it. To address that problem we pushed out feedly 3.x (which works both on firefox 3.6 and firefox 4.0).

Author: @feedly

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7 thoughts on “Feedly 3.x – getting ready for Firefox 4.0”

  1. It’s a lovely new browser, but my Feedly icon disappeared when I upgraded, and it isn’t in the Customise toolbar list (the sidebar is working though). Any idea how I can get it back?

  2. It’s crazy fast! Nice job.

    I would have liked to seen something done about how difficult it is to see the currently highlighted item in latest view though.

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