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Ask.com published a note today mentioning that they are going to shutdown bloglines. If you are a bloglines user and looking for a new RSS reader, we have tried to make it very easy for you to try feedly and see if you like the experience or not.

The feedly onboarding wizard includes an “import bloglines” option. Click on it, login to bloglines and that’s it – feedly will import your sources and categories and organize them into a magazine like start page.

Feedly is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can download it from http://www.feedly.com

If you have any questions, either leave a comment here or ping us on twitter (@feedly).

If you know any bloglines users, please help us spread the word. Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “Feedly for Bloglines”

    1. Hello Norwee. We have not had the resources necessary for supporting Opera yet. It is in the roadmap. Will look into it once iphone, android and ipad versions are out.

    1. Hi Bogdkad,

      The feedly onboarding wizard should be automatically triggered the first time you run feedly (if you do not have any sources defined in Google Reader).

      If you are not seeing it, it could be due to the fact that you have sources defined in your Google Reader.

      If you have sources defined in Google Reader but do not care about them and would instead like to import your bloglines and overwrite the Google Reader subscription list, please follow these steps:
      1) Login to Google Reader
      2) Click on the settings>subscriptions
      3) Delete all your subscriptions
      4) Restart the browser.

      On restart, feedly will detect that you do not have any sources defined and will trigger the onboarding wizard, which will have the option to import your bloglines sources and categories.

  1. Yes, could someone provide some better detail? I also could not see any ‘import from bloglines’ link when I went to the site. In fact, it set itself up with my Greader information without asking me anthing. I can’t find a trace of a Bloglines setting anywhere in Feedly…

  2. How does Feedly’s “import from bloglines” deal with kept articles on Bloglines?

    I have thousands of them as I’ve been using Bloglines since Day 1…

      1. That’s a big shame. So far, I’ve not found a single online RSS reader which will somehow import kept Bloglines articles :-(

  3. Where to start with the problems with Feedly and this post on their blog? Since they aren’t answering the above questions, I will:

    First, Feedly requires a Google login and imports any Reader subscriptions you have, whether you want them or not.

    Second, there is no ‘onboarding wizard’ available during signup.

    Third, there is no way to remove your unwanted gReader subscriptions and access the Import Bloglines link – so to answer comments #2 and #3 above, this screen is not available.

    Fourth, if you thought you could do a workaround and export your subscriptions from Bloglines, Feedly offers no direct Import OPML, you have to go back to Google Reader to do this.

    Fifth, there is no support whatsoever for importing saved articles or ‘kept new’ articles from Bloglines. So, to commenter #4, you are SOL. And there are no tools from Ask.com to do what you need.

    So to summarize, this entire claim by Feedly about it being easy to try Bloglines is completely FALSE.

    With all the reliance that Feedly has on Google (for accounts, for feed management, for OPML import) you might wonder if Feedly actually does anything but lay out gReader subscriptions in a different way. I haven’t seen anything beyond that.

    1. bloglines 2 feedly: sorry for the frustration. Will clarify some of your questions in the post. Please see the response to Bogdkdad and Bloglines Lover regarding how to trigger the on-boarding wizard. Also: yes: feedly is a Google Reader client and uses the Google Reader subscription database as it sources of truth. If you are not a google reader user, you will not see it. If you are a google reader user, you will. Hope this clarifies.

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