Feedly 3.x.303

We just pushed out build 3.x.303. It includes some changes to the filtering logic. As a result, the recommendations in the digest and the featured articles should have a higher proportion of more recent articles.

Note: 3.x.303 also fixed a loading issue reported by a few users in some edge cases where there were not enough articles to build a digest.

Author: @feedly

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8 thoughts on “Feedly 3.x.303”

  1. klado : +1
    when you click mark as read and then all the source is clear… you don’t understand XD.

    i like the new colors of the 3.x version :) .
    but i’m still waiting for the replacement images back on article without one (like the “Self-delusion” article just up)

  2. I appreciate the work done by feedly. However, I think that the button of the old version is more clear (especially the mark as read one). Also, I can’t find the mini toolbar which used to float at the right side of every tab, I miss that function so much! I could not save the pages I read on any website anymore. I really hope that this could be included back as soon as possible. Thank you.
    FYI: This situation happens in Firefox.

    1. Hi Rainbow. Yes: the mini toolbar is back in the labs for 2 weeks to allow us to integrate some of the v4 design changes we have been working on.

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