Feedly+Twitter Integration Offline until Sunday [Back Online]

Twitter announced the New Twitter today. We are taking the feedly+twitter integration offline for a couple of days to transition to the new twitter @anywhere API. Thank you for your patience.

Update / sept 19th, 2010: we just pushed out feedly 3.x.304 for firefox, safari and chrome. This update offers a new iteration of the feedly + twitter integration based on OAuth and the Twitter REST API and should work all users (old twitter and new twitter). You can get 3.x.304 from http://www.feedly.com

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6 thoughts on “Feedly+Twitter Integration Offline until Sunday [Back Online]”

    1. I am sorry you fail to see the value of Twitter. Obviously, there is value as there are millions of users. I use it to get info to my 10,000+ follows about subjects of the day. Now if you happen to be one of those people that leave all to God’s Providence and the World News is of No Consequence to you or yours, then my hat is off to you. I know there are many people in the very town I live that are oblivious to what is going on in the world at large and really would not pay two cents to find out. They own televisions but only watch particular Movies and only G rated movies at that. Never pickup a news paper and never watch the news. They go about their day to day lives keeping to themselves and doing as they deem necessary to their lives. To them voting is not of consequence either. There is a very large segment of our country that is just this way and are not motivated by the news of the day or the consequences that their ignorance of reality brings. However, God Bless them as they walk through their cloud of oblivion.

  1. zichi is the token grouchy old man for today apparently.

    “Things are bad! Things used to be better! New things scare me so I rail against them irrationally! I’m out of Depends!”

  2. I hope that while you do that, you will also fix the problem with gMail integration to send pages which stopped functioning for me a while back and results in a “Cannot send mail at this time” error every time I try to use it. It’s the most convenient feedly mini feature.

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