Feedly 3.x.314

We are pushing as part of 3.x.314 a new iteration of the grid view. Here is what it looks like:

We have also enhanced the featured section at the top of each category pages to take advantage of this grid when the featured articles are visual.

3.x.314 is available for download at http://www.feedly.com

Author: @feedly

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8 thoughts on “Feedly 3.x.314”

  1. Come on guys, only a “Mark as read per day/this day”option is missing + Older first mode = perfection (or at least for me) so while you reading go marking these read days, scrolling down or switching page won’t be needed.

    Thanks for such great extension like feedly’s.

  2. Please, please please: Don’t take the “Do you want to know more?” like feature of the mini bar. The main reason why I use and recommend feedly is because the Mini Toolbar let me discover new stories about the things I search in Google or Wikipedia, for example.


  3. please dont change the buttons so much. it gets confusing. a UI upgrade is fine, a change in button placement is not.

  4. — I really hate the new +add. The previous with preview was so much better.

    — Organize sources is still a pain to work with. When you delete a source, feedly goes there automatically. Even with high-speed FiOs it nearly crashes my browser every time and takes forever to load.

    — I miss seeing my unread count at the top of feedly. I dislike having to jump to the bottom of the page to check, and then to refresh the page for a new number.

    — I really, really miss my feedly mini. It’s such a pain to have to use the Facebook and Twitter bookmarklets. Twitter’s doesn’t even capture an address half the time :(

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