Roadmap for Feedly v 5.0

With Feedly v 4.0 available on the Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Add-on directories and Feedly for iPhone submitted to Apple for review, it is now time to shift our focus on the next iteration (aka Feedly v 5.0).

Here is what we have in mind:

  • New iteration of the feedly mini toolbar (and cross browser support) [included in 4.x.340]
  • Feedly for Android Phones
  • New layout for the saved for later page [included in 4.x.336]
  • Automatically correlate an article to the twitter account of the author to provide richer bio information as well as to enable conversations.Use mini to overlay personalized search results on Google Search Results
  • A new on-boarding experience/digest page for non-Google Reader users (called top sites)
  • Better integration with Facebook
  • Bubble up most used sharing options to allow single click
  • Support for Read it later
  • Tag articles
  • Support for multiple themes/color schemes
  • Prevent a source from being featured in the digest/cover
  • Integration with the Chrome notification system (based on source, favorite, likes and keyword rules)
  • Group articles from different sources related to the same story.
  • Exclude articles from digest/cover based on keywords

Some bugs to look into:

  • Auto-mark as read on scroll issues [fixe in 4.x.340]
  • Adblock seems to block some of the images embedded in RSS feeds. Try to replicate and understand how the add-ons can be configured to work correctly together.
  • Incompatibility issue with HTTPSEverywhere
  • Incompatibility issue with BlackSheep

We are planning to roll out some of these incrementally over the next 4-6 weeks. Anything else you would like to see fixed/improved/added?

Author: Oliv

Co-Founder @feedly

163 thoughts on “Roadmap for Feedly v 5.0”

  1. Love it! Android app alone makes me eager, also wouldn’t mind better handling of Blogger-subscribed category in reader (maybe just ignore it), as well as send to Read-It-Later, a la InstaPaper. Thanks!

  2. I second the Android work. I’d like to see alternate display options, including but not limited to changing the font size and color and being able to alter the background color and perhaps incorporate a pattern. Black on white is classic but just as Gmail and iGoogle allow for this feature, I think Feedly would benefit too.

  3. I always notice some interesting posts on Feedly’s “pre-login” page. I’d like to see a page dedicated to posts/feeds related to those I already subscribe to and/or shared, not just the “Most Popular” page. Pretty much adding more exploration capabilities into Feedly.

    I’d also love to see more “magazine” or “newspaper” formatting in Feedly. I love the kind of design they have but hate the lack of personalisation and the whole “dead tree” thing.

  4. Anything what would make it possible to one-click bookmark on delicious…
    Of course people tend to have different prefs, so it would be nice if feedly just learned which of the bookmarking buttons I use and show always those I click and hide in submenu the rest.

  5. – Android app is a must
    – Intelligent filters (like more simular results)
    – Integrate twitter & fb streams (like seesmic / tweetdeck)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. All sounds great, Android app is number one for me. In the meantime I’ll have to play with the iPhone version on my wife’s phone : )

    Themes will be cool too.

    Loving the app guys!!

    1. We are hoping to look into Palm Pre 2 and Windows Phone 7 as part of the v6 train. The hybrid model we have for feedly mobile should make supporting additional platforms easy (at least in theory)

      1. Now a year went by. Any news regarding wp7? Feedly for iPhone is fantastic, so I hope I soon can enjoy it on my wp7 device! Thanks:)

        1. Agreed.. waiting patiently. I use iOS, Android and now Windows Phone 7 (so solid and reliable). Feedly was awesome because I could use anything and get the same consistent experience with it cross platform. Now I am trying to figure out how to use Feedly on my WP7 and trying to utilize read it later plugins so I can at least read stuff later via that (save for later via feedly doesn’t work everywhere), but feedly doesn’t have 100% read it later functionality (available in some capacity right now)

      1. I’m counting on you! Currently in my Opera 11 beta I’ve got Google Reader notifier extension, but GReader is extremely unusable and uncomfortable. Google needs to hire somebody to redesign their interface and you need to release v6 for me :] .

  7. I love Feedly.
    But *Really Really* love to have Middle Click on a link or something to open an item (original news) to New Tab (but still showing current page) in Grid Mode.

    Right now I have to click on an item to expand it first, then Middle Click on the title to open it on New Tab, then collapse that item, and go on…

  8. Can you improve the integration with is the only quick way I have to post on several social networks. The way the integration is implement right now means that when I click the icon I am redirected to the page. Unfortunately their interface sucks, I have to login first and their page has a small textbox that gives me little control on how I want to post. It would much better if I had a popup directly from my Feedly page with more control on what to do and then have the post sent through their API.

    Also, I would like to have my Feedly page be shareable and visible to others, the way other services like work.

  9. Still waiting for the return of “feedly mini” as without it there is not much to keep me using Feedly.” That last time I wrote to you of this I sas told to expect its return in a week or so.

    In general, the lack of stability of features I have become habituated to, that vanish at random intervals as you tweek this and that, is most annoying.

    1. Sorry. The mini retirement was necessary to allow us to integrate it with #newtwitter. We are working on it and aim at releasing an updated version at the end of next week. We are trying to minimize the impact of the design changes to the minimum but with more than a million user now, we sometimes fail. The reason we are trying to do these design reviews in the open is to collect as much feedback as possible before and during the change process. We will hopefully get better at it over time.

  10. Thanks for creating such a fantastic plugin guys!

    Recently I have been using Google Listen on Android, and whilst this is fantastic it does create a folder called “Listen Subscriptions”. It would be great to have the ability to hide certain folders, so they are not viewable in feedly – I keep accidentally clicking on a listen podcast and have to click “mark as unread”.


  11. Hey guys & gals, I love your service.

    Here is a list of problems I experience:
    Missing images in feeds (that appear if I use google reader to read them)
    Articles not loading (doesn’t happen very much, and I haven’t had it for at-least a week).

    Anyways, keep it up because this is an awesome product.

    Here is some ideas that you probably already though about, you ppl probably know best anyway:
    I think the widescreen orientation should fill the screen, without any empty grey space, but don’t truncate any of the text please. This will allow for a larger article. Also, when in magazine viewallow a setting that makes the selected article appear in-line at the top, rather than a fixed popup down from where the user clicked. Clean the sharing options into a single icon, make the icon a speech bubble filled with an email icon, twitter icon, & facebook icon; when the user clicks the speech bubble the current sharing icons slide out underneath it. Move the like & bookmark icons above the article title, so that their top edges touch the top edge of the article border. Remove the left + right parts of the article border, and make it so that when the user clicks the top of the border the article is minimized, and sent to a “read” pile/group.

  12. Hi :)

    In Google Reader there is an option in Parameters -> Send to
    to add a personalized link (e.g. WordPress,, Slashdot, etc.)

    Is it possible to add the same option in Feedly? (Not necessarily with the next release but later…)


  13. Would love to have an exclude option for the Filter, so you could enter/maintain a list of words that would filter out (and/or mark as read) any articles that had those words in the feed.

  14. I seem to have trouble using the Posterous icon. not sure if it is my setup or an issue with feedly. But it would be great to get that fixed…also ANDROID app.

  15. Would love a way to group duplicate or related articles, so I can mark them all read in the same time, or read them one after another.


  16. Also excited for an Android release. Currently using Newsrob for feed handling: highly functional but awful UI. But I really like how it uses all of the phone’s features as an interface (for example, volume buttons can move through articles). I recommend giving it a look.

  17. Agree with the bookmarking comments. Would be great to be able to sync the new Tagging feature with my Google Bookmarks tags (or Delicious, Pinboard, etc). User selects their bookmarking system of choice, then every time they Tag something on Feedly, it syncs to that system. That way just tag in Feedly with no need to leave, sync, or open in separate tab and bookmark through something else.

  18. MUST HAVE ANDROID APP!!!! Also, “Automatically correlate an article to the twitter account of the author to provide richer bio information as well as to enable conversations.” sounds like a really good idea.

  19. As a future improvement, I’d love to see a feature where feed items about the same thing (determined either algorithmically, or crowdsourcedly) are grouped together under a single representative title.

    For example, if I subscribe to feeds from Engadget, Mashable, Ars Technica, Gizmodo, etc. and they all put out an article about “The new Macbook Air”, I’d love for Feedly to be able to group them all together under the heading “Articles about the new Macbook Air”.

    I’m not technically minded, so I don’t know whether this is realistic or even feasible, but it would definitely save me a lot of time looking through duplicate articles in my feeds.

  20. It would be great if there was a way to scroll through articles and have them open sequentially in the main window. I find it annoying to have to click something on screen or on the keyboard to move to the next article, when I really want to just keep scrolling. It’s not exactly easy to get an elegant implementation here, but it could make reading much smoother.

  21. I use Feedly a ton, mainly for the ability to quickly process large masses of news articles. Some important things for me.
    – Please bring back the indicator for the number of articles left unread in the topic area.
    – AutoRefresh when I clear out a topic area.
    – There seems to be an intermittent logout error. I believe I see this mostly in Chrome.

    Thanks, and I love the app.

  22. New user, so i don’t know what’s been discussed before. But based on my first impressions:

    – a way to mark a section read at the BOTTOM of the section. (right now, i seem to have to scroll back to the top after reading it)
    – a way to filter out items that i don’t want based on keywords / topics and to limit the number of items. Or alternatively have keywords that are important and bump the post to the front page.
    – a way to exclude some feeds from ever showing up on the digest/frontpage.
    – surely it’s better to make an online version with mobile capabilities than have to make all these different apps/extensions and maintaining them? That way i could log in on public pcs without having to use my google account.
    – a one click link to allow me to bookmark to diigo/evernote/readitlater
    – the main issue i have is that some of my feeds update at much higher rates than others – yet aren’t always more important. For example the BBC news feed is very high volume, as are the craigslist feeds, but i don’t actually want to read every article. Only the latest ones. So if i come back after 3 days i have 250 unread BBC articles – but i actually just want to see the latest 20. But they take over my page!
    So I guess what i need is some way to mark a feed as “show latest only” and set a post limit. Then all the unread posts wouldn’t pile up. Does that make sense?

    1. There are some really good suggestions bill. Will review them with the rest of the team. Regarding not letting high volume feeds take over your feedly, feedly includes the notion of must read feeds. Have you tried to mark some of the low volume feeds as must read?

      1. I’ve actually done the opposite, i’ve marked almost everything as Must Read, excpet the ones i don’t need to keep up with. But that might not be the best solution – i haven;t been here long enough to figure out all the ins and outs.
        It’s mostly great though!

      2. A simple global setting might be “Mark items as read after x days. (Default: never mark as read).” I have the same problem after a long weekend, especially if it wasn’t really newsworthy.

      1. Aye, found it! Thanks.

        Hmmm. My feedly button (that green guy next to my address bar) currently points to the glance page (which no longer exists). Any way to alter that?


  23. There are too many share/bookmark buttons! I would love to turn-off, hide, or bury the services I never use, and keep those I do. Seems like a valuable user-setting to keep Feedly simple (but open to different users’ bookmarking habits).

    Many thanks!

  24. to put it more clearly – feedly is kinda like my daily newspaper – but right now if i miss a week, it balloons to 400 pages and tries to make me read all that old news ;-)

  25. Top 3 asks from Feedly

    – dedicated app for smartphones (x android / iphone / symbian)
    – Additional Social Media Integration (Yammer?)
    – remember social media interfaces (no login into twitter/fb/etc) with every new session

  26. – Android client is on top of my list.
    – Keyboard shortcut for marking a page read.
    – The ability to turn off unused functions (buttons).
    – I love Feedly

  27. Is the Android app still coming in November?

    Any chance you’re looking at early November for a release??

    : D

  28. Integration with a curation service would be really cool. I’d prefer Amplify (, because their clipping/curating tool is really cool and their community is the best in the curation space, but they don’t have an API yet. Don’t know about, Storify, Keepstream or the others now in this space.

    Or maybe you could develop your own curation tool within Feedly. :)

  29. I agree that the Roadmap looks great, especially integration with Read it Later. I would like to be able to exclude certain sources from showing up on my digest page, sort of the opposite of “must read.” Maybe a “read less” box? Some sources show up all the time, even though I don’t have them marked as “must read.” I wish I could prevent that from happening. And it would be nice to be able to delete/unsubscribe from more than one source at a time (on the organize sources page). Feeds often go dead, and it’s a bit tedious to go through them one by one in order to delete them. It would be nice if I could select more than one at a time. All that being said, Feedly is awesome!

  30. 1: oldest first.

    2: for some reason, my friends’ shares don’t appear on feedly. They show in the right-hand panel as having new items and the items are counted, but they don’t actually appear on the page. That’s been going on for a while and at some point was fixed for like 3 days, then came back… I’m on Chrome/Linux if that matters.

    3: “mark read on scroll” is very flaky, could use some love. It marks one item somewhere in the middle of the screen. It should instead mark all items that are gone up from the screen. (Yes, that means it won’t work for the last page, but I’m fine with that.)

    4: yay for finding the original twitter feed. I’d love it if when I “recommend” a post from, say, BoingBoing or Wired, that became a RT of their twitter. But it’s not really too important.

    5: “mark page read” should mark items visible on the page, not the whole source. This is one of the reasons I switched to Feedly to begin with and it works beautifully in the cover, but for some reason it’s different on other pages (category IIRC?). Also, viewing a source shouldn’t default to seeing everything, for similar reasons.

  31. In the Buzz section, I would prefer if the notes, the ones people sharing items write, is displayed above and not below the blog post. The note often contains a sentence or two that can convince me to read specific post, or just mark it as read. Hence, it would be of greater help if displayed on top.

  32. feedly for iPad please?! have tried many different readers and nothing comes close – the iPad is screaming out for feedly.

  33. For me, the best use of Feedly beside reading the news every day, is the option to save aside articles I want to view later. But, what would be more awesome, is to allow to categorize the saved articles.

    by the way, are there any projection about dates of the arrival of v.5 ?

    1. Yes. We will other two ways to categories saved item: based on the categorization of the source the item belongs to and based on manual tags you will be allowed to apply to articles (see tagging feature in the list). Thanks for the suggestions.

  34. An option to have the feedly icon sit on the status bar instead of the navigation bar would be really cool!

  35. I’d like to see:
    – integration with read it later;
    – number of unread in Firefox;
    – integrate with Readability to improve the reading experience;
    – choose what to show on cover page

    Love Feedly!

  36. Instead of an Android App why not a mobile friendly version of the site?
    In that contaxt, I would appreciate to have deep-linking available that would bring me directly to the page of a tag. I have several tag-related GR shortcuts on my Android desktop I’m using all the time.

  37. Android apps and better networking flexibility with facebook is welcome.

    As a suggestion, In your homepage, the popular section, you could try to bring in more categories, photograph from other sources as well. See if it is possible to linkup with reader’s flicker accounts with permission, if required.
    Let the popular section engage the readers more with its diversity.

  38. Like other people have been saying… Im really keen on android, but also what Ronen Mendezitsky said… being able to save things in to categories and in addition to that a way to get feeds out of these saved categories so you can easily put them on your blog…. (for those who dont really like al that social stuff)

  39. Actually, there’s one thing that I miss a lot. When handling frequently-updated feeds, which I sometimes don’t keep up on a daily basis, they tend to accumulate hundreds of posts.

    As it currently is, I can only mark as read:
    – Individual articles;
    – Entire pages (which include 320 or so articles)
    – Entire feeds.

    This makes it browsing through the feed painful, because either I have some time available to actually go through at least one full page, and mark it as read, or otherwise the next time I’m back to the feed I’ll still have all the articles showing up – even the ones I had already screened and found uninteresting.

    Could you add something like a “Mark as read all articles from the top until this one”? Any other suggestions would be great, too. The current “Auto-select on scroll” does NOT work as expected.

    Regards, and keep up the great work.

    1. Something like this would be useful. Also, for the same reason, and as i mentioned before, some way to stop posts building up.
      (only showing current posts, or something like that)

  40. Just throwing it out there, Feedly for Symbian^3 please. :)
    I’ll be a happier panda with that.
    Keep up the good work!

  41. Would be awesome to be able to send articles via Google Apps account even if you are logged into a regular gmail account. If this is already possible, would love to learn how!

  42. I would love to see sort of Evernotes Integration , Where we can literally make a digest of all saved Items , which could be saved as PDF/printed/shared.

    A better Search would be also on top of my list.

    I am pretty satisfied with UI and Categorization.
    Would love to see an App for Java/Symbian Phones as well.

  43. I would love stronger twitter and facebook support. They are part of the information I want to read, and it would be cool if twitter and facebook were able to be featured on the cover, as well as my “for real” news sources.

  44. … group similar articles.
    That is the feature I have been wanting since the earliest days. I picture something like google news or techmeme. I’ll probably only read one article of the group, so a nice-to-have enhancement will be an easy way to mark read all of the articles in the group.

  45. It would be great to have a seamless experience across platforms, so if I have an article open in Feedly for Firefox on my work computer, my home computer remembers that when I get there (Android too!).

    While implementation might be a challenge, that would really set Feedly apart.

    1. Hi Stephen. That should already be the case. Read state information is sync across all different instances of feedly you might be using. It should automatically sync every 5 minutes. You can manually sync by clicking the reload button.

  46. This sounds great! I love what we have right now with Feedly for Chrome, but Feedly on Android. We need a much better news/rss reader experience. I am very eager and excited about this. I would love to beta test if that was ever the case.

  47. I’ve been craving Feedly for Android since the moment I got my Android phone. This would be completely huge for me, considering how bad the Google Reader mobile interface is.

  48. It would be nice if the categories for dropping subscriptions would always stay ordered the same way on the organize subscriptions page. I have quite a many categories and seems like they keep moving around after each dropped subscription.

  49. more than 60 images per page …. i have a lot of feeds… should be an option to have more images per page viewing

    bring back the full image in the feed when going over picture images

    plus i noticed the total number of updated images doesn’t show up anymore .. i would like to know the added total of new images i’m going to be going through not just at the right where i have to add them up my self or estimate the amount

  50. There is a strange bug in the latest version of Feedly on Chrome Beta. When you press “Save for Later” button, it simply disappears. I can observe it for a while already.

  51. Two things:

    1. Maybe this is too much of a longshot, but I’ve been using Feedly for quite awhile and my sources are pretty disorganized. Due to some bugs before, I have some sources categorized multiple times and so I see the same article more than once. An “auto-organize” or “organizer suggest” function that gave some common categories and tried to plunk each source into one would be a sweet feature.

    2. Improved article sharing/following capability. It’s difficult to tell people who want to share articles back and forth with me how to do it, so we tend to do it over Google Buzz when RSS would make it much easier. How to be followed by someone who I don’t want to see articles from still eludes me.

  52. I’d love to see a “jump to top of post” button to hover on the post as I scroll. That way, when I finish a post that I want to bookmark, I can just click to jump back to the top of the post where the bookmarking/saving mini toolbar is. I much prefer having the bookmarking toolbar at the top of the post, but I’d love to have a quick way to jump up to it so that I can save/share a post from my reader.

  53. One of the things that I would like to see is filtering based on the number of shares / recommendations an article has received, i.e. “Only show articles with more than X recommendations for this feed” which would help tremendously to filter down high volume feeds.

    Also sorting feeds by oldest first is something that I’ve seen mentioned before and would be a nice addition as well.

  54. Oh, I almost forgot. It would also be kind of interesting to better be able to gauge the popularity of articles than just “100+ recommendations”, which is a very limited number, especially on popular feeds.

  55. I am very interested in the source limiting from the Cover.
    I wish there was a way to deactivate a source…like keep it in the sources but make it not show in Cover or in Contents (At A Glance / please stop pointlessly renaming sections)

    I do have a suggestion that I would like to see come to fruition…

    I tend to save items a lot and I noticed that I can easily save and unsave an item by hovering the item and links below display for easily saving (example #1) but if I display content in “Grid View” there isn’t a way to do that except for opening the item and then clicking the save button. I would like for the hover feature to be added to the Grid system like in Example #2.

    Example #1:
    Example #2:

  56. one option would be very interesting to view bookmarks saved as bookmarks with a choice on the subject or selected folder.

  57. 1. Still do not understand why you can’t add IE support – especially now there is IE9. Means I use Feedly about 50% less than I would otherwise. I could care less about device support like iphone and android – those are platforms where I do not spend huge amounts of time tracking what’s going on.

    2. Allow some level of more flexible user weighting to what gets considered important (rather than the current important versus not how about a sliding scale)

    Some of the exclusion, tagging stuff is great as well as grouping. Love all that

  58. I would be very happy to see support for color schemes. Just a simple module that allows users to enter their hex code of choice for the background and boxes would be great, like the ones for links under preferences.

    Thank you for switching the positions of “hide” and “minimize” on the expanded article views! I don’t accidentally hide stories anymore. :)

  59. Oooh, grouping articles that are the same story = awesome, thanks a lot for that! With following some pretty noisy and sometimes-but-unfortunately-not-always-redundant feeds (eg Engadget/Gizmodo/CNET/ZDNet/Slashdot, Slashdot/Boing Boing/Wired), the grouping would make it actually possible to read everything on busy days :-P

  60. I’m testing feedly from time to time.

    Right now, what is a major disappointment to me is that I can’t like items like I can in Reader; and since likes are central to my usage of Reader, I can’t subscribe to feedly’s way of helping me sort through my news. That said, did I miss the feature? Does it exist although I couldn’t find it?

    Otherwise, I feel very disoriented in feedly, but I’m willing to try it to see if it could become even better for me than Reader is. Well, maybe I’m not part of feedly’s target users : I’m subscribed to more than 100 blogs. Is feedly specifically designed for a more typical number of subscriptions?

  61. Nice list.
    Careful with the ‘too much’ functionality trap. Feedly is nice because it has a clean and simple interface, adding too much functionalities might ruin it.
    Other thing I think might be worth looking at is improving the ‘behind the scenes’ intelligence, where feedly learns and know what kind of news it should show (and highlight) in the frontpage (and sections). I don’t know how it works right now, but a keyword/tag intelligence would be very nice (ex: the user reads or likes posts with the words Android and Nexus One, so when an article with both words appear it should go directly to the frontpage and highlighted). Maybe it is already like that, maybe it is too expensive to develop, maybe not. :)
    Very nice work you’ve done here guys! Congrats!

  62. hi guys, just wanted to say how much I love my feedly. I haven’t been this organized in years. A small request, I’m sure not the first time you’ve heard it, however, would it be possible to think about adding an option to view thumbnails larger? I subscribe to a lot of art sites and use my “gallery” setting 90% of the time, larger thumbs would be HEAVEN. Thanks guys .. GO TEAM! :)

  63. While its great to have access to content that I have tagged in my RSS feeds, it would be nice to really see “related articles” to the current article i am viewing from “similar rss feeds” that I am not currently subscribed to. I know google news kinda does this for main stream articles but it would be nice for the articles that are part of the feeds i am watching.

  64. The ability to set up a watch list based on search query parameters and display results as if it was an rss source with the different views available would be great!

    Super product by the way, real eager for an Android version, even better if it has offline capabilities! They are no decent RSS offline reader integrating with Google Reader on Android. Nothing like Byline on iPhone for example.

    Keep up the good work!

  65. the ability to create a customized “latest” list. I’d like to have a latest list that includes only sites that directly generate their own content as opposed to aggregate. that would help with being the first to forward things!

  66. “Group articles from different sources related to the same story.” Sounds very exciting! Looking forward to this feature!
    Suggestions: Integration of Instapaper, preview-feature of a whole article (simular to firefox-addon coolpreviews), ability to pre-filter feeds (similar

  67. As to the instapaper/read it later-integration: what do you think about integrating those lists (saved items) As if they where rss-feeds? It would be a lot simplier to read them via feedly! (i bookmark lots of articles right from the webpage into readitlater. So later, i could read them via feedly along with my usual feeds. That would male a lot of Sense to me. Hope you think about it. :-)

  68. It would be great if one were able to mark individual entries for mass deletion/hiding/etc. without having to read them. This is especially the case for stuff like Craigslist feeds: occasionally one user spam-posts, or multiple filters turn up the same posts, and you know without seeing anything but the title that these entries are duplicates, or are very similar posts by the same poster. Having to manually delete/hide/read all of these entries is pointless and exhausting, but I can’t just “mark all as read” because that would remove things I actually care about reading as well. (I think this functionality may partially be covered by the “group the same story” thing you guys mention, but I am not sure if that would catch and group, for example, the girl in my area who’s posting 6-8 Craigslist ads for the same room a day.)

    On another note, the teaser for the Android app looks exciting!

  69. Just got the iPhone app, which I was waiting for for a while. Overall I am impressed with the speed of it, and the general ergonomy works for me, except for the following point: the news previews don’t pack enough infomation. On 2 thirds of the news, the headline is missing too much text. I think that the current 2 lines layout for headlines is not working. All-in-all you could easily gain space for content by reducing your margins. I’ll be happy to discuss further by email if what I say is unclear. Keep up the good work!

  70. I’d like to see the videos from my dailymotion rss-feed integrated to feedly, like the one from youtube.
    And support for foreign langages ! I’m ready to contribute for such an amazing add-on (french).

  71. I’d definitely like to see an individual setting for feeds that automatically marks-as-read items older than a definable time. It’s a hassle when you’ve got a lot of feeds to go through and click “Mark all as read” or etc, especially when you want to save individual items. Great program, that’s really the main issue I have.
    Also, a hierarchy of Labels/Categories would be great – there are items that belong in “reviews” , but only “music” reviews, for example, and instead of sticking them in “music” and “reviews” it would be great if I could create a music category and then a review sub-category.

  72. I’m just about ready to dump Feedly – I hate the new format – you took away the page in the right top corner where I could click and see all my subscriptions and easily edit them. Now I can’t find them all in one place except under “Contents” and that only shows me those that have unread items in them…sometimes that feature lets me edit, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve wasted 40 minutes trying to edit my subscriptions…and I’m getting a little (no, a lot) annoyed. I’d like less technology and a simpler way to navigate…

  73. I would absolutely love to see an automated timed sharing option to Twitter for certain links I recommend. There’s an iPad app I can show you as an example

    Basically, I’m thinking it would either be an option to “Share recommendation ever 15 minutes to Twitter” or it would be another sharing option at the top of a post with an additional sidebar group… or possibly a mix of both.

    Pure sharing gold.

  74. Why the hell are you killing this fantastic product. Over the last two years every ‘innovation’ has made it worse. I’d much rather have had you add versions that work on Windows Phone 7 and IE and other platforms than all the fiddling with spacing and look and feel and what seems like updates to the algorithms that float content to the top – all of which have made the core worse. I find myself using it less and less and looking for alternatives more and more. Even with two years of faffing about you still have a noticeable lead so instead of trying to out flipboard flipboard or whatever the heck you think you are doing, please focus on making the very best way to filter and improve google reader and have it run on the most platforms. Please.

  75. Windows Phone 8 version is a must!!!! come on, its really not that hard. Easiest platform on the planet to write for.

  76. Currently it appears like BlogEngine is the top blogging platform available
    right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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