Feedly Mini. Re-designed.

Feedly+chrome and feedly+firefox 4.x.334 include a new iteration of feedly mini. Like it’s predecessors it is centered around sharing and making adding a new source to your feedly simpler.

Here is what it looks like:

It is smaller (less than 24px and 4kb), offers source recommendations based on the page you are on and allows you to have all your favorite sharing tools with you on any webpage. It is available on Firefox and Chrome.

Thank you to all the users who provided us feedback during the design process.

Update 2: Thank you for the feedback. We just pushed out 4.x.337 with a few enhancements and bug fixes:

  • We are now honoring the exclude list and not showing feedly mini on pages which match the patterns you define in the preference page.
  • We allow you to change the location of the bottom by specifying a custom bottom spacing preference.
  • We added support for Tumblr
  • We fixed the layout bug related to the icons in the mini getting a border (Thank you Anna!)

Update: Here is a link to a Japanese article describing feedly mini.

Update 1: Wow! thank you for all the positive feedback.

Author: @feedly

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112 thoughts on “Feedly Mini. Re-designed.”

    1. We are looking into safari. The safari extension framework only allows one interceptor so it is going to require more work if we want to deliver the less than 4kb overhead per page constraint we defined for ourselves. Given how much demand we got from users for mini we decided to get Chrome and Firefox out first. As soon as iPhone and Android are out we should have the cycles necessary to look into Safari support.

      1. Another Safari users checking in. I use Safari, Chrome and Firefox; but I use Feedly in Safari. In fact, I use Safari just for Feedly. That’s all I run. I removed all the toolbars and the status bar, it’s basically just a Feedly application.

        That said, have you guys ever thought about making an Adobe AIR application for Feedly? I know a few other people who use Feedly like I do (basically use a separate browser just for Feedly because it’s so awesome).

        Just my 2¢.

        Cheers mates,

        Aaron Richard

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  1. It indeed looks nice, but here’s some food for thought:
    *) double-click on icon triggers default action (saves a “click, move focus, click” action)
    *) comment support is key, especially considering previously marked text on a page which is being auto copied to the comment text area (see here )
    *) option to turn off (“You might also like…”
    *) Keyboard shortcut (even a cryptic one would help)?

  2. [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/33az6zl.jpg[/IMG]

    Well this is looking weird, using feedly mini with firefox 3.6 – seems like a png problem, no?

  3. I can’t see Feedly mini though I’m using the last version of Firefox. I checked I have the option ticked in my Feedly preferences.
    Maybe it’s because I had also installed in my Firefox the Echofon complement (for Twitter)? I desinstall it but still Feedly mini is not visible.


  4. I don’t see the update, my version is “just” 4.x.331, and I ask for updates, but It doesn’t seems to fin any.

  5. Haven’t spent much time using it but sure looks great. Thanks for this essential communication tool.

  6. It`s looking great! But I`m missing one thing, the share via twitter was opening in javascript windows, and I liked to very much. Now it`s opening new window, which is slower and doesn`t close itself. Can we have that back?

    BTW Excellent work!

  7. I love the FeedlyPop. Finally I can browse to any page and send it anywhere I want without having to install separate extensions. Great work!

  8. I updated. Looks great. Started to use the feedly mini. But I have one problem. Feedly icon next to Home icon dissapeared and can’t get it back.

    1. Using firefox? You should be able to drag the home icon back: right click on the firefox toolbar, select customize, drag and drop the feedly icon back on the toolbar.

      1. Well, there is no icon in there. I uninstalled it and installed it again but didn’t help. My icon is gone. Is there any other way?

  9. Looks good, but i was wondering.. is there any way to stop the Feedly shortcut button being send to the firefox navigation bar every time i re-open FireFox?
    I don’t want keep moving back the button to the position/place i want it every time i open firefox.. It’s getting very annoying.
    This is what the console say:
    [feedly][extension] adding the feedly shortcut button to the firefox navigation bar

    1. Hello. Yes. Sorry. Some users had the reverse problem: the button was not being added so we temporarily changed the logic to re-add the icon if it is not included. We understand this can be annoying. Next week’s update will have a firefox preference option to no trigger the add code.

      1. I don’t think it’s necessary to automatically re-add the button (or at least this kind of unexpected action should be off by default). There’s a reason why Customize Toolbar is there…

        P.S: I don’t need the feedly button as I have feedly pinned as an app tab :)

  10. It’s rather small and unobtrusive, but clearly you can do better: what about an option to have it as a toolbar/add-on bar (Firefox 4) button as well? Then it can accompany Ubiquity on my add-on bar… (Make sure to make it an overlay in the same tab, as per the current behaviour.)

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  12. I love the update. However, is there a way to tell Feedly NOT to display the “Feedly-Mini” unit? Some meta tag I can drop in my page header?

    For example: we are in the process of redesigning the GROOVESHARK application, and we have player controls that live in the lower-right hand corner of the page. The new “Feedly Mini” is now obscuring these buttons. Check out this screenshot for an idea of what I’m talking about SCREENSHOT. Thoughts?

  13. Please add Google as an option. My hope is to get the same functionality as the Google share button inside feedly (Share in Reader or Buzz). Click, type a comment, Post.


  14. When I add domain names to the exclude list as instructed (flickr,tumblr,someothername,etc), I still see the Mini showing up on those pages. I’m using Facebook and believe everything is the latest version, updated, etc.

    Any ideas?

  15. I see no feedly mini. I’m on windows xp, latest chrome and i’ve updated to latest feedly.
    i’ve switched on mini in prefs, switched it off, then on again. still nothing.
    Why? :(

  16. I am a great fan of your solution from France, and spread it around me.

    I have a strong preference for the bar on top in the header.
    I like the new button, even if i a agree it’s intuitive, you have yo be used to notice things and click on it.
    The tumblr button is maybe more intuitive.

    Otherwise, i loose my “result box” from feedly when i search something on google. Where it is ? this function was one of the most useful : a kind of doble search large and in my favorites in the same moove.
    Thanks for your answer.

      1. Hmm. Sorry about that. We might have introduced a regression in 4.x.338. Can you please confirm that you are logged in? Do you see any error messages in the Chrome console (there are two consoles: 1. the console for the page you are visiting which you should be able to load by right click on the page -> inspect element and selecting the console tab in the opened inspector and 2. the console of the background page which you can get to at chrome://extensions -> developer mode -> click on background.html)

  17. Same problem as Vishal. Running on the latest Chrome dev version (9.0x) I was able to see feedly-mini until today’s update.

    1. Hi Spyros. Sorry about that. We might have introduced a regression in 4.x.338. Can you please confirm that you are logged in? Do you see any error messages in the Chrome console (there are two consoles: 1. the console for the page you are visiting which you should be able to load by right click on the page -> inspect element and selecting the console tab in the opened inspector and 2. the console of the background page which you can get to at chrome://extensions -> developer mode -> click on background.html)

      1. Hi, Edwin. Thanks for the reply. I am logged in and chrome console does not report any warnings or errors.

  18. I’m sure you’re probably working on this but I wanted to post again about this behavior…
    1) In feedly read a great blog post & click the header to open the original page and make a comment.
    2) While on the blog notice a section called ‘Hot Stories’ or something similar.
    3) Click and read a few of the Hot Stories.
    4) Close the browser.
    5) Later… Open feedly. Without fail many of the Hot Stories read in step 3 are featured in feedly.

    So here’s the request. Let mini track the read status of blogs read outside of feedly.
    You’re probably already working on this. Heck, it may be in this version. Guess I should test before posting… :-P

  19. 1. i miss the way how we could email the site, this blue little box that appered nicely. With that the feature of sharing via email makes sense, on the contrary to the popout window… It discourages me to send via email.

    1. Yes. Agreed. The benefit of using the native GMail window is that it was working on both Firefox and Chrome and it was important for use that this new iteration worked on both browsers. In the next iteration, we are looking at offering a feedly experience for email, facebook and twitter. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. We looked into Buzz comment support last night but the Google Reader Note bookmarklet did not work. Will revisit this at our next iteration. Thanks for the feedback.

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  21. I already installed the new version of feedly mini and I’m still missing the “do you want to know more” feaure the older version had. It suggested not just sources, but articles in the sources you already had. I liked that feature so much. Please, please, get it back, maybe as an option, but that improved very much my google and wikipedia searchs.

  22. In addition to my earlier comment about the shortcut button issue,
    what about if you add this button into the url bar?
    you know, just like the “+F” blue button to add a source
    here an screen shot: http://goo.gl/phYLu

  23. I use Feedly over one year and half, I’m completely fan but I’m a little bit disappointed by some details of the new iteration.
    – According with some previous comments, the pop-up to use the sharing option by Twitter is not really useful. I prefered to have a javascript/iframe window on the same page, so far. Less pop-up we have, better is the user experience. Really.
    – Same feeling about the “Recommend” option : I hope the iframe box will be back to comment the link before posting.
    – I’m excited to see your search experiments. I used Feedly as a “second” search engine in my feeds. And it was really useful.
    – I volunteered to be beta-tester for the Android-app :)

    Just a few words after my reply. You have a powerful app, which have a real advantage : a clean and discret design. Forget toolbar and huge button in the future : keep the Feedly-mini as well. Less is better.

    1. Hi Furtif,

      Thanks for the candid feedback. You are right that the previous twitter and share with not experiences where a little more light weight/better. The benefit of the current approach is that it works across browsers. Now that we have something out for both firefox and chrome, we are going to look at ways to improve the experience.

      Stay tuned on the search side.


      1. Thanks Edwin.

        Just an other question about the new way to interact with Twitter.
        When I use it from the Feedly desktop, the link is shortened with bit.ly (good point), no changes compare to the old version. But from a page on the web, it’s always passing by the twitter pop-up, and the t.co system. :/
        So… I have to copy the URL, go to bit.ly, short the link by myself and copy again in the pop-up. Not useful at all.

        (Ok, honestly, I don’t like the new interaction with Twitter ;) )
        I suppose there is no possibility to use temporarily an old version of Feedly now ?

  24. Wird behaviour detecet when clickon on the feedly near flash objects. The opoup window remains behind any SWF object in the surroundings… I can provide you a screeshot if needed (and if no one has provided feedback in this direction). Good job!!

  25. I recognized that when I am not logged in the feedly mini appears even though I prefer it to be disabled. Only after I log in it disappears. This seems to be unnecessary as feedly should save prefs no matter if I am logged in (I am the only one using this machine).

    Keep it up

  26. I cannot email the page using gmail from feedly mini anymore? Why this has changed? Such a useful feature. Please bring it back. Thank you.

  27. Ok, i just discovered it is possible to put gmail on the feedly mini toolbar.

    But, after pressing “email”, it opens gmail in a new window. Why did “gmail” not open in the same window as was the case before. It was so much more convenient and time saving. Please BRING IT BACK.

  28. I’ve only used Feedly for a couple of weeks, but already Feedly mini has become a “must have”. I tend to use Safari the most because on OS X so many other “must haves” are more functional in Safari than in other browsers. That said, here’s another +1 for asking how soon will you have it out on Safari?

  29. Well i agree with others, there should be a way to remove feedly mini while i am not logged, and i prefer an option to not show it in the page but in my toolbar if possible.

  30. i just installed feedly and feedly mini on my chrome. feedly works fine, but feedly mini says that i’m not logged on and so it won’t add any new websites. i don’t wanna have to go back to google reader to add the feeds to read on feedly. what is going on?

  31. Any update on the mini for Safari? It’s been a couple of years now, and although mini is showing in prefeences, and set to enabled, its not showing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    1. anyone else feel the options set up, looks “unprofessional”? Maybe swctih personal stuff, just to personal and under the hood to advanced? just my opinion.

  32. Can you tell us why you remove the save for later option in feedly min..i know you guy been busy .;but could you take some time to explain why you remove your most valuable feature??

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