Feedly for iPhone – BETA 2

Feedly for iPhone BETA 2 is available in the app store:

It took us a little longer than we expected to get the mobile version out because we wanted to make sure that we had the right experience, the right technology and the right set of features. People who use feedly on the desktop have a very high expectation. We did not want to disappoint them.

The right experience because we adapted the design to the device form factor and the mode the user is in and made sure that the read/saved/subscriptions state sync across devices. You log in and it just works.

The right technology because we wanted to make sure that we are able to write the application once and be able to run it on iOS, Android, WP7, WebOS and MeeGo. It took us 9 prototypes and iterations to get to something that would be cross platform but feel as fast or faster than existing native solutions.

The right feature set because we think that instant personalization, curation, personalized search and cross platform support are key to delivering on our “feed your mind” promise.

More when we officially launch feedly mobile next month.

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25 thoughts on “Feedly for iPhone – BETA 2”

    1. Yes. Our goal is to release the android beta when the iPhone goes GA. On Android, we will support both the phone form factor and the tablet form factor. The specific date is either the end of February or the first week of March depending on how the last mile goes.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I will log that as a bug and will get it fixed for the GA version (aka 1.0.6). Please let us know if you run into any other problems.

  1. Honestly, I’m amazed this as been released. It seems like it’s hardly been bug tested at all. Within minutes here’s what I found:

    1) I added Instapaper details but there is no option to send anything to Instapaper.
    2) I removed the ‘Interesting read’ text for sending to Twitter but it ignore it and still puts it there.
    3) I added my Bit.ly credentials but it ignores them and continues to shorten tweets with Feedly shortener.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Regarding instapaper, once you have added your instapaper credentials, everytime you save an article for later (tap on the right of the article in the gallery shortcut or click on the save for later icon in the in-app browser once the article has been inlined), the save request is routed to instapaper and an “instapaper’ed” sign is shown

      Regarding bit.ly, the feedly URL shortener is powered by bit.ly. If you enter your bit.ly credential, when we get the bitly id for the URL using your credential and us that bilty id to create the feedly.com/k (karma) url.

      Regarding removing the “interesting read”, I am not sure we have tested with an empty string. Have you tried to put in another string? I will log a bug for us to try to review and fix this for the GA release.

      If you find any other bug, please post them here or email them to iphone /at/ devhd.com

  2. Also, it says on the app itself that it is version 1.04 even though on iTunes it says it should be 1.0.5. (I’ve deleted and redownloaded twice to make sure I have the latest version.)

  3. Very nice release. Noticed some stuff:

    1. Is there no way to view previously read items? I hit Mark Read thinking it was only marking items in the current screen. Turns out it’s for the entire feed/folder. This is one area where Reeder excels.

    2. App needs a way to submit feedback to the developer.

    3. Doesn’t seem to sync with Reeder. If I mark something as unread in Reeder, Feedly doesn’t see it as such. Whereas Google Reader correctly sees that Reeder marked the article unread.

  4. I downloaded Feedly for iPhone this morning and love it. Almost instantaneous loading of my feeds in a dead simple, lovely design. I sent several rss items to twitter, excited to share the articles. However, when I checked my twitter timeline not one of the stories were posted. A hunt in the app showed no way to setup a twitter account (something I’d done in my Feedly desktop account). What gives?

    1. Hello. Sorry. Yes. there is a bug in the Twitter login module. You need to tap on the top back back after selecting the tweet action to manually login to twitter. Once the connection to twitter is established…the tweets should start flowing.

  5. The most impressive thing for me is how quickly it loads my feed!
    But you gotta add sharing to Tumblr! That would be awesome.
    I would love to share pictures to my blog =)

  6. Great app Ed. I cannot find search or add new source.

    I agree expectations are high and waiting to get it right.

    I use the app every day

  7. Great app. :) but i have the same problem as Llapen. When I wanna tweet an article it doesnt show up in my timeline. And i didnt quite get what i should do to manually log on to twitter.

    1. Hello. Yes. Sorry. There is a twitter login issue in 1.0.4/1.0.5. It has been fixed in the 1.0.6 we submitted to Apple on Friday.

  8. Is there a way to “keep as unread” If I read it on my phone but I want to read it later and comment from my computer? I have to put it in my saved folder, go back and look at it, then remove it from my saved folder. I hate this.

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