Design Milk

Design Milk is one of my favorite blogs (and a great example of the kind of talented/passionate bloggers who inspired us to create feedly). Here is what Design Milk is going to look like in feedly for iPhone 1.0.6 and feedly for Android 1.0.7.

More as soon as the app has been approved by Apple! Have a great week end.

Author: @feedly

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8 thoughts on “Design Milk”

  1. The android has more marketshare than the iphone, so why is its development getting a back seat to the iphone. Im assuming your staff is mac fanboys?

    1. We started the development initially on the iphone because it has a more powerful Javascript engine and hardware accelerated CSS transitions. Android has since then caught up (2.2, 2.3 and 3.0 are good steps forward) and we have been working very hard in porting our streets framework from iOS to android to be able to run feedly on android. A few more bug fixes and we should be able to have a beta.

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