We were able to get our hands on a XOOM device. Time to see if this is as bad as what the Sensha team is reporting.

Update 1: It took us 9 hours to get streets up and running on Android 3.0/XOOM: The browser in Android 3.0 is a great step forward from Android 2.3. The experience feels slightly better than iPad 1.0: better screen, better fonts, smooth CSS transitions…Looking forward to getting it into your hands. More in 10 days.

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11 thoughts on “Xoom”

    1. I agree. Let’s see the android beta already.

      Each and every time there is more news released on this blog on the progress of the android app, the forcasted dates come and go with no app. I gave up on it ever coming and installed Pulse reader on my galaxy tab. (which, by the way, works with versions of android earlier than 2.2, so I’ll soon be installing on my milestone as well)

      If Pulse reader develops a chrome add-on, I’ll be giving up on feedly altogether. Far too much “coming soon, I swear!”

        1. I agree with Alex, although my frustration threshold is higher. Pulse can’t process google reader folders and is not for me because of this. I’m using the galaxy I9000. The only thing I sorely miss is your feedreader. Still waiting equanimically :)

  1. I am really liking it on the zoom. I would probably like to have a real home page rather than it just taking me to the first page for the first category and associated feeds. Probably some kind of summary, similar to what it looks like on the nav popup.

    1. Hi Eric. Thanks for the feedback. If you go to feedly on your desktop and mark some sources as favorites and then reload feedly on xoom, you should see a home landing page. Enjoy the rest of the week end.

  2. Hi,

    I have a galaxy tab and I love uding feedly. However, I would like to be able to access feedly 2.0 on my gt using the screen interface for larger screens (xoom interface shown above). Is this possible?

    1. No sorry. We have a special gt interface: the gt has a 1.5 pixel density so the logic number of pixel is 1024*800 divided by 1.5 This is why we had to create a new design specific to that size. The xoom design requires at least 1024 * 768 to activate.

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